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  1. Fordbank

    47832's fleet

    That's some collection,Tom. By the time you get to the age of some of us old timers you will have amassed half the model locomotives in the country! Cheers, Andy
  2. Hi Paul, Great photo. It's photos like this that attract me to model South Sidings. I'll add it to my collection. It also tempts me to extend my period from '93 back to'91/92 as the wagons then were less homogenous. Of course I would also then feel justified acquiring a couple of 37/5s in Railfreight Red Stripe. Dreams... Regards, Andy
  3. Hi Jamie, One of the many similar to this I suspect:-
  4. Hi Paul, In truth it will probably be a while before I seriously consider building more rolling stock. I've got some serious grass and foliage work to do first. However every now and then I get tempted to throw the timetable in the bin and start weathering or detailing a particular wagon or five. The arrival of the new Polybulks made me want to see what they looked like on the layout. I wonder what John Gavin would charge for a PIA to complete the Dowlow trip working. The other day whilst looking for an easier option than a rake of ICI hoppers I began to trawl the Internet for some pictures of JTA box wagons when I came across a picture of what I thought was a rake of POA box wagons in South Sidings. They were well battered and would make a great modelling subject. After a lengthy trawl for images of similar box wagons I had only found three pictures of their use at Peak Forest. Then by chance I was re-reading your Speedlow thread and I saw your rake of future PSAs. I don't think I'd heard of PSAs til then, but it gave me the clue to finding the wagons on Paul Bartlett's wagon pages. I think I'm hooked, but will I have the commitment/patience to cut them down by 2mm? Would anyone but you notice? I'm still trying to find out the last time a rake of PSAs worked out of Peak Forest because I suspect that they are more your period than mine. Got any idea? Of course the two other alternatives to building PHVs are a rake of ex Yeoman POA hoppers (and have't you got one of those ,too!) or butchering the autoballasters to make up a short rake of Tiphook Rail hoppers. But I think grass and bushes are easier for now. On Speedlow, if you are setting it up at a Hazel Grove open evening or club night do let me know as I would love to see how it is progressing. Regards, Andy You will know where I'm going with this photo.
  5. ICI PHV hoppers! I wish I had some. Paul could help me out - he could build me some, but he keeps hiding in Bolton, and playing with Speedlow. Building some ICI hoppers from kits is probably beyond my skill level, but unless the long rumoured RTR models materialise, I may have to go and seek guidance from Hazel Grove. Thanks for the encouraging comments, Andy
  6. Size Matters. Peak Forest is 18ft x 10ft with a big hole in the middle. One long side is scenic, with some rather hard to disguise tight curves at either end. Hence the tunnels! But in deference to Jack and his quest for a layout in a shoebox, detail matters more. Just take a look at New St.
  7. A few more photos... Class 60077 returns empty to Peak Forest from Acton Former Buxton Volcano, 37419, heads the daily trip from Warrington to Dowlow. A quiet day on Peak Forest South Sidings. Just a couple of long standing residents.
  8. ....and a few ideas on detailing fueling depots... This is the former EWS depot at Peak Forest:- . And this is my take on it so far ( lots of detailing and weathering still to do!):- More photos on my layout thread 'Peak Forest Revived'. Andy
  9. The layout is looking good. I particularly like the angled over bridges at either end and the long retaining wall. I think Locos and rolling stock always look good against a big retaining wall. It really pays to weather it carefully. As for depot signage I have used the following... Andy
  10. Sorry Jamie, no track plan to hand. I'll try and get round to drawing one out, as I've not mastered any digital format to date. Meanwhile A few more photos, and then I had better get back to actual modelling...
  11. Test 13 Result. Upload of 3.12mb image as attachment successful!
  12. Test 13 Upload image of 3.12mb as attachment with Chrome browser.
  13. Test 12 Upload 2.58mb image as attachment with new Chrome Browser installed.
  14. Welcome to my thread for Peak Forest Revived. Peak Forest is a 4mm scale OO gauge layout inspired by the real ‘Peak Forest for Peak Dale’ station on the former Midland Region main line from London St Pancras to Manchester Central. The real Peak Forest station closed on 6th March !967, and on the 1st July 1968 the Midland’s great route through the Peak was closed. Nevertheless the area around Peak Forest contains some of the largest limestone quarries in Europe, and thus continued to generate huge volumes of rail borne stone traffic. Peak Forest Revived is based on the conjecture that the popular campaign in 1968 to keep open the Peak Line had been as successful as the illustrious campaign to preserve the Settle and Carlisle. The period modelled is the decade from 1993 to 2003, and although for reasons of space the layout cannot accurately reflect the scale of the Peak Line it nevertheless seeks to capture the connection between railway and landscape. Progress on the build of Peak Forest Revived has been woefully slow: it has taken three years to achieve its current state as layout building has inevitably had to fit between other interests and family commitments. Cold winters have contributed to the slow build as the layout resides along one side of a sometimes freezing double garage. The current (January 2014) state of build is that all track laying and ballasting are complete, and the DCC wiring, and electrically operated points, operate reliably. As can be seen in the photos below the basic scenic groundwork is in place – landforms, tunnel mouths, bridges, etc – but playing with messy ground cover, and adding scenic details is probably the next stage. At present all locomotives and rolling stock are ‘ready to run’, so are in desperate need of weathering. I also hope to build some key rolling stock, although the prospect of constructing a rake of the iconic PHV ICI Hoppers will likely put off this task until some time in the distant future. Meanwhile a few more photos….