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  1. Faversham Model Railway Club. Two day exhibition on Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th September 2017 at The Abbey School. London Road (A2). Faversham. Kent. ME13 8RZ 18 layouts. 13 trade stands and 3 societies plus sit on train rides (Weather permitting and at a small additional cost). On site free car parking. By train approx. 8-10 minute walk from Faversham railway stations up side exit (London bound side).On site refreshments available. Disabled access. Admission: Adults £5.00. Children 5 and over £3.00 under 5s free. Opening hours: Saturday 9th open 10:00 to 16:30 and Sunday 10th September 10:00 to 16:00. Link to web site: Exhibition details
  2. FAVERSHAM MODEL RAILWAY CLUB EXHIBITION. Saturday 12th September Faversham Model Railway Club hosts its first exhibition. Seventeen layouts are on display, of which four have been featured in the UK model railway magazines in the last eighteen months. Eleven trade stands and three societies are attending. Venue is the West Faversham Community Centre. Bysing Wood Road, Faversham, Kent. ME13 7RH. Free on site car parking or in Sainsbury’s car park opposite (Local agreement with Sainsbury’s to allow parking). The venue is on main bus route from Faversham town centre or main line railway station. Busses 3, 3A, 3B 3X and 333. Disabled access to all halls. On site café offering hot and cold refreshments. Open 10:00 to 16:30. Admission is £4.00 Adults, £3.00 Seniors and £2.00 Children* over 5. *All children must be accompanied by a paying adult or senior. Visit Faversham MRC Exhibition '15
  3. Hi There is basically three options where Electrofrog points are used... 1) Use straight from the box and add two insulated rail joiners (IRJs) to the two Vee rail ends then instal extra rail feeds after the IRJs 2) additional to 1) Fit some form of point or point motor operated change over switch then feed the frog rails from the switch. 3) Cut away the factory fitted two short link wires that bridge the two gaps underneath the points closure rails (latest Peco) or if no gap is provided carefully cut through the two closure rails between sleepers. Then bond each of the stock rails to its adjacent closure rail somewhere between the gap and the switch rails pivot. You can also extend the two bonding wires taking them below baseboard to the bus wires or rail feed wires so as they act as dropper feed wires to the points rails. Note: option 3 cannot be carried out without option 2 being used. Doing the complete conversion provides the best electrical connection through the Electrofrog point and prevents any metal wheels shorting to the adjacent switch rail which without conversion is at opposing polarity to its stock rail.
  4. Hi The hyperlink doesn't seem to be working! When clicked on I'm taken back to the same article as I started from!!
  5. Hi Unless your budget is limited, I would suggest you look at a better DCC system The NCE PowerCab starter set does far more than the Select can do, it is NMRA compliant which the Select isn't and has more power to track than the Select as sold. NCE PowerCab is available for around £130.. from suppliers like Coastal DCC (No connection) I have yet to read bad review of the PowerCab. Of course if you really want a Select then... BNIB ones from around £60.00
  6. Brian

    Elmswood Central

    A "OO" layout set in the time span 1955 to 1965. Based on the LNER in BR days.
  7. Nasty! Does look very much like one component has been able to short to something else or is being seriously overloaded. But at least Bachmann are replacing the failed ones. Typo edit.
  8. Hi I think its the other way around! The Select is not NMRA Conformant and has one of the worse DCC signal levels. What is the issue exactly? Is it possible to fit bus filters to help improve the DCC data?
  9. Hi Bachmann have moved away from the rebadged ESU basic decoder and are now using SoundTrax Decoders. Their first ones I believe we're fitted to the six car Blue Pullman sets. The 6 pin and 21 pin Bachmann non sound Decoders are now both SoundTrax rebadged units. Apparently (untried by myself) they offer better dc operation plus more CVs to tweak!
  10. Well at least thats good news that Bachmann will replace the defective locos. :)
  11. Hi This is the first I have heard of this? Both Hornby and Bachmann use the ESU LokSound V4 sound decoder in all their sound fitted locos. If the two locos fried their decoders its seems there is a common issue here. But whether its a decoder defect, a loco defect or a layout issue I cant elaborate upon. Have they returned them to Bachmann for replacement, as you say they were new? Edited to correct typo.
  12. Hi Thank you all for the welcomes. I look forward to reading the posts and perhaps even contributing to the forum.
  13. Hi I use IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol) 99.9% variety. But keep it off of plastics wherever possible. I buy mine from ebay suppliers...Example . You can immerse a complete motor in IPA once its been removed from its chassis, remove and allow it to dry and then lubricate it. But normally there is no need to do anything other than clean the motors Comm. segments with the fibre brush, scrape out the segment insulation, check carbon brushes and lightly lubricate the two bearing on the casing where the shaft emerges. That is on motors that are accessible internally - not Can motors.
  14. Hi I have been using the pen type oiler. As supplied by Expo to many model shops Woodland Scenics also supply a lubrication range under the brand name of Hob-E a full range of of oil and grease is for example shown here. Labelle is also excellent 107 or 108. All these oils lubricate the whole locos moving parts including motor bearings and any other pivots etc.
  15. Hi Unless when you switch to DCC you install a lot more rail feeds after the point, your point power switching problem will remain and could become even worse with DCC, especially where the DCC unit can provide higher current power than the existing dc controller does (Which is so in most DCC cases). It has been known, where DCC power is used, for high resistance contact point blades to start to smoke and melt under fault conditions. Which is why its best to use ample rail feeds and a DCC bus pair of wires. Obtain a fibre pencil like this example.... and use it to lightly scrub clean both the inside faces of the fixed stock rail and the moving switch rail blade on both sides of the point. Cleaning the two areas where the blade touches onto the fixed stock rail of the point.