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  1. Hi Dave, Thanks for the heads up on these models. I am probably going to embarrass myself here saying this, but I always thought that resin was a "posh" word for plastic kits mate. I see where you are coming from in terms of some of the designs of the older buildings looking more Germanic (they would stick out like a sore thumb so to speak, so that is a no-no on my layout :)). Although thankfully my Vollmer station is mainly a modern image box type of buildings (yellow tiles and lots of glazing), so with a lick of paint (or some suitable decals/furniture), I might be able to make it look "closer to home" as a generic station building ;). Best Regards Ash.
  2. Hey everyone, I hope you are all keeping well. So I thought I would shine some light on these European building kits that are made of resin from Faller, Kibri and Vollmer. I have recently introduced a Vollmer station kit (which funny enough dates from 1973!) to my station and its quite a modern image building (something that Hornby and Bachmann seem to overlook for the modern image OO gauge layout) and I have just added a Vollmer gantry type signal box which goes over the tracks on the layout as well. So I would like to ask if anyone else here has ever tried these resin building kits on their layouts and what would their opinion be on these models? :). I have just bought a Burger King kit (come on, just about every city in Britain has a Burger King and/or a McDonalds somewhere) and yes Vollmer also make a McDonalds kit as well (including the McCafe on another variant). I realise that Bachmann do the scenecraft range and also Hornby do the "Skaledale" range which are okay if you are not confident in building kits yourself, but seriously both makers need to "up" their game with the European makers as they have not made any real life supermarkets as of present (I am sure some of us would love a Morrison's, Tesco, ASDA etc on the layout :)). But for those of you that shop at Aldi would be happy to know that Vollmer make a model kit of their supermarket if you fancy one. Well I don't have any images of my buildings yet (I just need to add some people into the station first and add more workers in the signalling tower to make them look more convincing), So I will post photos as soon as I have completed the kits.
  3. Thanks guys. I have always liked the Class 60's as I grew up with them during the 90's when I saw them at Grantham regularly in the BR days ;)..
  4. OpenRails improves a few things that MS overlooked in their original game engine (the graphics were based on 16bit I think) and uses the CPU RAM rather than the RAM on the Graphics Card that most modern games take for granted (GTA, Minecraft etc.). OpenRails rectify's this error as OR uses the RAM off the graphics card, so if you have a content heavy route (Great Eastern, West Coast Express are prime examples), you will need a decent card for it to render appropiately without lag or else it may look like a slideshow on some older cards :). Here is a video of OpenRails which includes the latest build. Best Regards Ash.
  5. I know I am very late replying here, so I shall ask for forgiveness on this... I use: Microsoft Train Simulator/OpenRails BVE4/OpenBVE Non Railway Simulations. Emergency 4 (LA Mod, London Mod and New York mods are awesome) Euro Truck Simulator OMSI Bus Simulator I cannot use the latter two simulators until I get my new rocket PC to handle them like a boss, but I shall be opening a brand new gaming channel on YouTube when I do get my new PC and a Happauge to record the gameplay as a replacement for Fraps.
  6. Hi everyone, I am just navigating through the site and as I am a big fan of MSTS (I used to post many videos of my gameplay on my old video games channel before I closed it in 2009 due to a certain company throwing up a fit! ). However I have just recently discovered OpenRails which is a bit similar to OpenBVE in someway's but unlike MSTS. OR uses the memory from the video card rather than the RAM which (if the graphics card can handle it). The route loads faster and seems less likely to lock up. However the PC I am using has a 4GB ram but the Intel graphics card on my bucket of bolts is a bit on the laggy side of things. So later this year, I do plan to build a proper gaming PC from the ground up with one of those Nvidia block type graphics (yes I am a rookie on this jargon ;)) card which I am hoping to get a 2-4GB graphics card so I can max everything out on the settings and enjoy full HD train simming. I am sure that many of you will agree that MSTS boasts the most amount of freeware available on any train simulator, be it routes, trains, scenics etc. The list makes the mind boggle on the quantity of stuff. But my favourite routes are: Cajon Pass V4.2 Surfliner V2.0 (Jeff Farquhar) West Coast Express Midland Mainline Great Eastern Irish Enterprise (North & South) So I know MSTS is retro when compared with Railworks and even in some cases OpenBVE. But its a classic that I still play even now since I got it some years ago and I still enjoy the amount of stuff that is available freeware. So I was wondering if I was the only one that feels this way about the sim.
  7. That's cool to see that mate. It makes the models look so much better as for me. I have seen some surperbly weathered locomotives which look very lifelike only to be ruined by weathered bare metal buffers which sadly kills off the realism from that point as most modellers unfortunately have overlooked painting the buffers beforehand prior to using their weathering skills. But to be fair, Hornby supplying their premium models with unpainted buffers is a good thing in a way because this gives us "the modeller" the space and leeway to personalise our models to our own tastes ;).
  8. Thanks mate. I have a couple of EWS tugs that are weathered but I wasn't happy with the final finish on the buffers which 60500 is one and a soon to be revealed second one. So I have patched the buffers in black using the Humbrol Matt Black and as soon I get my weather palette, the buffer grease on the black coloured buffers should bring them back in line with the rest of weathering ;). Meanwhile I hope my tweaks will inspire others with ideas on how to improve their locomotives. Best Regards Ash.
  9. Thanks for the warm welcome Phil. I will be making a dedicated topic to my layout as soon as I have ordered, built and added atleast three more Vollmer, Faller and Kibri kits to make the layout look better :). Thanks for the warm welcome mate. I have to say that the forum is well presented with a positive personality and outlook which is what made me decide to join in the fun and close community. Keep up the great work folks :). Best Regards Ash
  10. Hey everyone. As some of you may know that I like to paint the metal buffers on my locomotives and stock that also has these metal buffers that follow my YouTube channel. I thought it would be time for me to share some of my tips for adding tweaks to your models to enhance them. Now if you have seen my 60081 that I have also done that is shown in my review of DB Schenker 60011, it looks much better with grey buffers I think ;). I know the extreme collectors would probably scream at me for doing that! . But oh well, it is modelling ;). I have also patched up my 67018,,,,,,, Not to forget the brand new Hornby DB Schenker 60007 "Bond...James Bond!"..... I just need to get a palette of weathering powders and some cottonbuds so I can smear on some buffer grease and also light weather those exhaust pods up a abit as well as they are a bit "too clean" ;).
  11. Thanks for the info on this Jack :). Its a big help as I have made some videos with my tweaks in them which can show the tweaks better than relying on text input where I am prone to typo's haha! ;). Hi Ash. My layout which is known as the "Phase 1" layout is just a basic 6 feet by 4 feet that uses 3rd and 4th radius curves to allow the newer stuff to negotiate the corners easier with fewer problems. As I have noticed that some of the locomotives with the close couplers can "jam" up on the tighter bends. Best Regards Ash.
  12. Thanks for the warm welcome folks! ;). Once I have done some clear images of my modelling tweaks. I will share my ideas and hopefully post a couple of tutorials here to help others tweak their models for a bit of realism ;). I appreciate all the positive feedback on my YouTube channel and I am pleased that my videos are helpful for those that are deciding if to purchase a certain railway item as although my reviews are unofficial. I tend to keep them truthful and unbiased :). I have a great sense of humour overall (I know I may sound serious on my videos) and Jack, you are welcome to use my introductions mate :). I hope the moderators and admin won't mind me asking a question regarding posting YouTube videos. Is there an embed function that allows YouTube videos to be embedded into the topics when the url is pasted into the topic post similar to how the smilies are displayed? Best Regards Ash.
  13. I got my first "real" trainset in the summer of 1986 which was a Lima HST in the (then) latest Intercity Executive livery which inspired me to build my first layout which was around 1991/2 when I finally got enough trains, stock and track to make a convincing layout. Before that, it was mainly portable with lego road mats and lego buildings which kept the track off the carpet floor :).
  14. Hello Richard, Thanks for the warm welcome bud :). I am pleased to hear that as this forum has some very cool modelling projects which has sparked some influence on some of my upcoming projects I am undertaking on my fleet and layout. To answer your question on my favourite livery on the Class 92. Number one is the sporty looking DB Schenker red livery, followed closely with Bart (alias 92017 :)). In general, my favourite liveries are: East Midlands Trains DB Schenker Cross Country Trains Freightliner (Phase 1 & 2) Arriva Trains Wales Iarnrod Eireann (Intercity and Orange/Black) Best Regards Ash.