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  1. Good progress jack really like this
  2. Nice new unit good choice
  3. Brilliant work these kits make up very nicely
  4. I am liking the farm set up the grass edges will tye this all in nicely
  5. Thanks guys for the feedback ,I agree the back scene does need a bit of weathering and some more detail plus I got another TMD building which will be on the right hand side
  6. blvrace

    Lcut station

    Brilliant work there buddy
  7. Well I started to add some more to the TMD my new berko yard lamp and back scene of some houses which gives my layout that urban feel
  8. Brilliant pictures Dave I never seen inside Cambridge sheds before
  9. Very interesting layout goes to show how much fun you can have shunting great track plain
  10. Wow it's been a real long time since I have updated my layout pictures I have added more to the TMD plus lots of new traction aswell
  11. blvrace

    Breadalbane TMD

    A good choice of traction for your layout