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  1. buz

    buz rail workshops

    Hi all We all have that modeling project or two that went wrong. This is one of mine a desert house for war-games that was made too small not a big disaster But in terms of what it was supposed to be pretty major it's now a possible model railway building if I ever work out what on earth to do with it. I kept on with the work because it was going OK and except for glue and paint it cost me nothing. walls and roof left over foam core board A bit of polyfilla and some coffee stirrers and a bit of gyp-rock tape for window bars basicaly done Now I just have to work out what to do with it as it really does have a middle eastern look to it. regards John
  2. Hi rogerfarnsworth I would argue "N is a scale for very big scenery and long trains in a reasonable space But also a scale for the younger modellers as you get older things start to go eye sight being one of them. As you reach the senior years OO and O scale become better options. I some times wonder if TT had it taken better than it did, would it have been the happy medium scale easy to work with but still small enough to get a reasonably large layout in a sensible space. regards John
  3. Hi Franco Internal factory railways can get quite big even if not in the chosen gauge I am sure some one used to manufacture a kit for the steam loco at least. regards John
  4. buz

    new year new project

    Works for me the hills are supposed to be background hills. Was caught a bit off guard with it being "N" scale bamboo I expected it to be a bit shorter than it is. The main thing is to hide the sudden and abrupt way the hills stick up at the back so far that part seems to be working. Just hope I have left enough room for a decent tree on the left hand side of the arch apparently there should be one or so I am told. regards John
  5. buz

    new year new project

    Hi all Well the first stand of "N" scale bamboo is done. Doesn't look anything like the picture on the box but it will have to do. Its taller than the background hill as I feared and I still have one more cut down base to do regards John
  6. buz

    Benson Arkansas

    Hi Broadoak This one is not my cup of tea but I appreciate good modeling when I see it and I see it How did you do the road and hard stand area regards John
  7. buz

    new year new project

    Hi all And now the short one in place. It stands out which is what I wanted and should be less obvious when the rest are glued in. ignore the bare one that's just sitting there so I can gauge the effect of the short one. regards John
  8. buz

    new year new project

    Hi all Well the bamboo is slowly moving at about 25% snail pace I am not really sure about the lighter green for the short sapling if that's the right word for bamboo. But then again it's all about different colors and textures the real world isn't monotone green. The short bit will be used in an awkward part hole where the base was cut. regards John
  9. buz

    Willin Ford

    Hi Broadoak I always use Peco track even when its set track nothing I have come across beats it as far as commercially made track goes. The exception that proves the rule is the Japanese micro layout How big is this one and do you have a drawn plan for it. Narrow obviously being a shelf. regards John
  10. buz

    Two Sister's Farm

    Hi Broadoak Now you just have to do a small extension so we can see just how you get such good results . Wake the bloke on the wagon if he has time to sleep he has time to tidy up all the junk. So the mechanics can see what they have to play with to make the new thingamabob the railway or the farm needs regards John
  11. buz

    Two Sister's Farm

    Hi Broadoak It is surprising how many people really think you need a small aircraft hanger to build a decent model railway so valid point. Did not spot any farm cats on the layout pictures Me My OO layout is 4'6" square the 1/80 Japanese narrow gauge one is somewhere around 40cm X50cm and uses not much more track than came in the 1960's Jouef/Eggerbahn train sets which is where the track for that one came from. I do have a frame for a much larger narrow gauge layout done but have been distracted by other modeling projects. Just make sure the natural law of model railways doesn't start to exert its self to much. That states that a model railway will expand to fit all of the available space and more if it can find it regards John
  12. buz

    Two Sister's Farm

    Hi Broadoak Certainly a very interesting and well detailed model. After seeing a video on you tube of real versions of your motive power, just one question where is the Dodgy Brothers passenger coach for the trucks to haul? Any expansion plans for this one? The porter and tippers look OK to me. regards John
  13. buz

    new year new project

    Hi all Well yet again very little to report. Have tried to settle down and get the bamboo done but it's such a boring job it has not got to the put it on layout stage. the line has however gained its first passenger!!?? The picture is a bit washed out due to the need for the flash and a bright light to see into the shelter. The station name for what it is worth is written in Japanese characters above the English translation and would be visible to any passengers on the train. regards John
  14. Hi Peter welcome would love to see pictures of your layouts regards John
  15. Hi Tim Sorry to see you go I was enjoying reading about Beaminster Road good luck with the retirement. regards John