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  1. Hi piermaster Well that's mucked up all my ideas its too narrow to extend all trams stop here. It seems a little short to be its own layout? and not quite wide enough to get one of those super tight japanese curves on that a tram should still get round to form a balloon loop. What do you propose scenically for the X track plan. regards John
  2. Hi all Can any one fill the gap in this control cct for a twin coil solenoid signal I have unfortunately lost my useful circuit not book in a roof leak lovely blue, black and multicolored pages now which I kept useful notes and cct's in. Can any one fill the gap in the cct which is how to stop the train and also tell me if the diode will do what I want, which is allow the train to come through the back of the signal while still stopping the train which should stop in front of it. This is for a bi directional single line so can't have a signal stopping a train it should not stop. What value and voltage would you recommend for the diode if it will do what I want it to. regards John
  3. Hi invertlogic A very well done layout very nice. You need to revisit some of the signals and paint the back black and once it is thoroughly dry re paint silver I noticed light shining through where it should not be on some of them. It has a very Japanese feel to it do you have any complete Japanese "N" trains to run on it, I did notice a couple of Japanese wagons? and you need a flowering Cherry tree to add?. Wonderful!! regards John
  4. Hi Sarah Have reached the point where its phone a friend 😀 He knows some one who does 3D printing but I won't be letting the one I have out of my sight. Tried the Triang club for a chimney but the site won't A ) let me in and B ) purchase a replica smoke stack for the caboose or the wild west style balcony coaches they do or at least did do those parts as replicas. If the 3D works then it will be lets sort some genuine fake balcony's for the coaches that are missing them The plan for the coaches is to scan them and the caboose balcony's and do a digital cut and shut to get a balcony that has the coach steps and the caboose plates so it is obvious the balcony's are not genuine but the coach still looks complete. regards John
  5. Hi MicroModeller Try if it is still made Games Workshop Terracotta if not have a look at what Vallajo does they do a massive range of paints some with weird names but non the less they should do something suitable. Terracotta that's the color I used on the flower pot, do bear in mind the color of undercoat or surface may affect finished color (as can lighting) in this case a bright red travelers tooth past tube lid regards John
  6. Hi piermaster Already tried him he was the only other thought I have had since posting the question no luck. The thought Kid and sweet shop goes through my mind when trying to sort out what he actually does have and its a lot. The shop is closed but at present on line purchase is still possible but delivery delays may happen depending on Royal Mail Service. regards John
  7. Hi all I have been watching E Bay for years in the faint hope of finding balcony rails for a Triang? / Hornby? Old Time Caboose not sure if it's R449 or 499 the number on the bottom is very hard to read. Being a clip on part this one is the common lost part. My question is Does any one know where I might find a set of balcony rails?? so it is worth my while trying to restore it as a looks complete runner. regards John
  8. Hi piermaster That is starting to look quite impressive for something so simple. Hope you still have a Hong Kong tram stop style beer mat that was a pretty neat touch on the old version. regards John
  9. buz

    buz rail workshops

    Hi all At it again with the Christmas card. sorry for poor picture. regards John
  10. Hi Dave Looks good I think the foot bridges fit well being modern one's Did not realize they are hard to come by as models / toys I did not think they where old enough to be that hard to find. Those that have them must be hanging on to them regards John
  11. Hi NorthBrit Looks fine to me that grand For the first trick lets find that kind of space😧 After that its make piece then repeat until finished, I think I would get bored with the repetition before finished on a massive project like that. regards John
  12. buz

    buz rail workshops

    Hi all Done for the purposes of the experiment in card. I have proved I can work with card a lot of mistakes where made, but the result is usable just don't look at the back It will pass with a big push The detail level is not as good as I would have liked but that is all down to me I forgot to cut and stick on the window sills I also forgot to do the roof space vent on the back. The caboose stack can't be found so I will have to come up with an alternative for that It has been suggested that making the windows separate would have been a good idea I agree with that, I could have improved the detail by making a simple rendition of sash windows. The unintentional roof slippage problem in this case did not matter but will have to find a viable solution to that for next time. Would I use card again yes I would the material is just as viable as it was back in the 1950's Still a lot to learn with this but I am very tempted to do Spook Hill again to at least fix some of the mistakes. Any one wishing to add tips for card modeling please do so I need all the help I can get. Front view with billboard frame next to it Back view with black crow billboard yes the red really does look washed out and pinkish no idea what black crow is it's a pretend Halloween bill board I will tidy up what I can when I get to it the main thing is it is usable all be it in the back ground, and later build a new improved one taking in what I have learned regards John
  13. Hi David Thanks for the pictures When you have a spare 30 something meters and a load of PVC conduit and asst structural shapes you might be able to make a reasonable model of the small bridge in the third picture down. The fourth bridge if memory serves correctly I can't remember the exact measurement for the bridge but I remember scaling it at over thirty meters long for OO scale. I thought about the Glenfinnan viaduct ( I have the Hogwarts Express) and shelved that idea when it became apparent that a horrendous curve for the real railways was actually a ten feet radius in OO scale . But it would have been impressive regards John
  14. Hi NorthBrit You never know later on she could be one of the next ladies published in the model press. Always good to see the young enjoying the trains set as I did when i was young. I was only a year older than your grand daughter when I got my first proper electric train set. Shame it never survived the first one I had now has quite considerable collectors value to it because of the engine that was in it but very first sets rarely survive childhood. I don't really prize collectors value, any way the real value is when they get used as intended. regards John
  15. Hi NorthBrit I see like me you have a load of Hornby's toy 4wh coaches that a brake coach was never made for. Keep an eye out for Hornby's VR Z brake van it may not be easy to find, It was only made for a short time for the Australian market. The prices seem to vary quite considerably from reasonable, to you have to be joking silly collectors prices. But it is the ideal partner for the 4wh coaches as a luggage / brake van it even has a dog box. The bright orange van in the picture is the Z van and it is the right color for a VR Z van. I must find a couple more of them myself. regards John