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  1. buz

    new year new project

    Hi all Lunch time its just about visible the panda is eating the bamboo. One more stem to do then it can go on the layout. regards John
  2. buz

    new year new project

    Hi all Well after much delay waiting for pandas with apologies for the lousy picture taken on a mobile phone The tedious job of the next stand of bamboo has started. I know Japan does not have pandas in the wild but I could not resist temptation. regards John
  3. Hi piermaster Was not aware that the Wright plane was built under license out side the USA. I think your tram might be a bit small to land a plane on 🀣 regards John
  4. Hi piermaster That is going to be a big improvement. I see the police haven't been called yet to deal with the shocking mixed bathing I tend to agree with Franco with regard to the early airoplane When did you add the lift? regards John
  5. Hi piermaster But wasn't the crossover supposed to be an eyesore of dug up road and track? Perhaps revisit and refresh the whole thing including the dug up road and track Perhaps also have a sneaky hidden electric points operating system a well. Just a thought. Regards John
  6. Hi piermaster I have a spare 5t Jap container if you want it I only needed one and annoyingly they come packed in threes good for wagon loads But not if you just want a store shed like I did. Be aware Japanese HO is 1/80 but should still be OK as a store shed. Knackered flat car sounds more like a convert to end loading ramp to me as even per-way engineering stock has to be in good running order it just might not look the greatest Hmm tough call one or two points for the layout I am greedy I would go for two . Out here at least a mechanics / refueling truck and a bus or crew cab truck is usually not to far away from where the tamper or other machine's are working So possibility for other details but road vehicles tend to identify where your supposed to be you could also get a cheapo Tyco hopper car and convert it to and icicle breaker if you want something a bit different in the yard you already have a USA flat car. On track machines are pretty universal but everything else tends to Identify a place and time. regards John
  7. Hi piermaster Sounds interesting are you going to have an 04 class and engineers ballast hopper for variety? looks like you need a Jap 5t container. https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10429222 I don't know if you can get it in the UK but nylon fly screen would do for the fence in your picture. regards John
  8. buz


    Hi Chris If your just having a bit of a play with OO9. This would be a good one requires only one point (make it a properly wired live frog) one maybe two lengths of flex track Bachmann Skarloey and upgrade kit from Narrow Planet I could not find a reference for the Corris coach but I am sure some one made a kit for one, could be interesting to run the coach with a four wheel open wagon with the mail Corris did once have a Royal mail contract Way back when it was a full running railway and used a steel ?? four wheeled wagon for the mail. A download of the plan for Corris station is available from the Corris railway on line shop the cost is one pound sixty seven pence. OO9 Locos and rolling stock can be pricey but on a small layout like this where what is needed is such a small quantity should not be an issue. I Personally think keep it straightish and perhaps do a series of interconnected small modules with a Welsh theme something like this?? its worth a read if you can get to it. http://ngrm-online.com/forums/index.php?/topic/13113-waldbahn-eusserthal-updates-and-news-from-my-forestry-layout-in-009/ There are some nice video's of small narrow gauge layouts on YouTube You could even have a look at Minitrains Track and see if you can fit a loop in that space but it will be tight and Minitrains field railway track is not compatible with Peco track the rails are 002" different in size not sure which way. http://www.minitrains.eu/sources/Gleisplanung-10-2016.pdf No the church is not Corris, its a dead ringer for somewhere else I forget where but it is a model of a particular church it would look good though. regards John
  9. buz

    buz rail workshops

    Hi all We all have that modeling project or two that went wrong. This is one of mine a desert house for war-games that was made too small not a big disaster But in terms of what it was supposed to be pretty major it's now a possible model railway building if I ever work out what on earth to do with it. I kept on with the work because it was going OK and except for glue and paint it cost me nothing. walls and roof left over foam core board A bit of polyfilla and some coffee stirrers and a bit of gyp-rock tape for window bars basicaly done Now I just have to work out what to do with it as it really does have a middle eastern look to it. regards John
  10. Hi rogerfarnsworth I would argue "N is a scale for very big scenery and long trains in a reasonable space But also a scale for the younger modellers as you get older things start to go eye sight being one of them. As you reach the senior years OO and O scale become better options. I some times wonder if TT had it taken better than it did, would it have been the happy medium scale easy to work with but still small enough to get a reasonably large layout in a sensible space. regards John
  11. Hi Franco Internal factory railways can get quite big even if not in the chosen gauge I am sure some one used to manufacture a kit for the steam loco at least. regards John
  12. buz

    new year new project

    Works for me the hills are supposed to be background hills. Was caught a bit off guard with it being "N" scale bamboo I expected it to be a bit shorter than it is. The main thing is to hide the sudden and abrupt way the hills stick up at the back so far that part seems to be working. Just hope I have left enough room for a decent tree on the left hand side of the arch apparently there should be one or so I am told. regards John
  13. buz

    new year new project

    Hi all Well the first stand of "N" scale bamboo is done. Doesn't look anything like the picture on the box but it will have to do. Its taller than the background hill as I feared and I still have one more cut down base to do regards John
  14. buz

    Benson Arkansas

    Hi Broadoak This one is not my cup of tea but I appreciate good modeling when I see it and I see it How did you do the road and hard stand area regards John
  15. buz

    new year new project

    Hi all And now the short one in place. It stands out which is what I wanted and should be less obvious when the rest are glued in. ignore the bare one that's just sitting there so I can gauge the effect of the short one. regards John