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  1. Hi piermaster That looks like an interesting beast you might need a bigger board?? The Bachmann stuff I have runs well, so I would expect that to be the same after a couple of runs. Rail head treatment isn't that just a different track machine? or is it something completely different? regards John
  2. Hi piermaster Nice little winter project You are joking It will take longer to do properly. The bench work looks interesting I look forward to how this progresses. regards John
  3. buz

    new year new project

    Hi all No work today it was a short play time err I mean testing. No it was play time. So its a bit over crowded regards John
  4. buz

    new year new project

    Hi all Well thank god for that a day in the 20's for the last five days temperatures have been in the low to mid 40's. That has meant I could go into the shed today with the layout and get the nearly last of the wiring done. Not the neatest job I have done still needs another look to see if a can get it a little tidier. Have a scratch on one of the switch plates to fix the tags green is off red is on they where painted' because the on off where upside down with the switch the way round I want it. The green yellow switch is lights ( not installed yet) Will try again later to get them all straight the tags are being a pain not wanting to stay straight. regards John
  5. buz

    new year new project

    With the switch plate I think I will only be part successful The only thing I can think of is a chook pen fence to lock up the chook's at night. That's only going to be a couple of panels and at three or four feet high. I don't think it will hide the switch plate very well. regards John
  6. buz

    buz rail workshops

    Hi all I have never really liked the unusual fixed distant signal I made it wasn't quite right the first time round The concept was good the execution Hmm well yes, but err NO. So I have started making another one. the board is bigger 4' square the mast bigger and taller and the top of the mast has been shaped the first one was not. The back of the board has also been painted black and white like the first one should have been but was not. I still have to find a dummy fixed lamp for it not sure what to use for that as it should have a green lens. And add a thin 1mm wide strip of something wrapped around the top to represent the mast cap "oops" forgot that before painting the mast. This one has an all-round better appearance than the first one and its not even finished yet regards John
  7. buz

    new year new project

    Hi all It is less than elegant and less than perfect but the points switches are now for better or worse green. regards John
  8. buz

    new year new project

    Hi all Chooks done four of them I think that corner can be called scenically complete. Unless some one can see or think of something I have missed. At 38 degrees too hot to do any more today. regards John
  9. buz

    new year new project

    Hi all The scenery around the house is re-done. The troublesome ginkgo tree has been moved, because the edge of the house foundation is where it once nearly stood if it doesn't stay stuck this time its gone. Some flowering shrubs have been added looks pretty good I think. I have seen pictures of Japanese houses where the house really is that close to the track so that bit is all good. Have to see if I have a couple of chooks to have wandering around just to finish it off. regards John
  10. buz

    new year new project

    Hi all The "No House" is completed and in place. The vegetable garden now makes sense with the house in place. The switch plate is also in place the house is in fact the packer for the switch plate Just have to fix the scenery around the "No House" and wire up the switches two for track isolation's and one for lights I wonder is No Space like the E space from Disk world . regards John
  11. buz

    new year new project

    Hi all Given the generally well kept appearance of the the house I decided yesterday a full green roof was not the way to go As indicated by the green paint I spread some Woodland Scenics burnt grass scatter followed by a bit of Noch summer grass That should look OK once dry the combination of the mixed greens and any still exposed paint should give the right effect. Now just the boring grey fascia paint to go on the back which will also be visible in parts once that's done, I can then turn my attention to finishing the small amount of wiring still to be done. regards John
  12. buz

    new year new project

    Hi all The foundation is inked the roof is on and painted Unfortunately the roof looks mostly black in the picture it is in fact mostly grey with a bit of green where the flock will go Not sure about this idea of nylon kitchen scourer for the thatched roof I think I need to refine how I do it over time, but it does at least look organic rather than manufactured. regards John
  13. Hi Piermaster Do you have enough room on the RH end to put an R 6" curve in the back scene where it disappears into the fiddle tracks. A curved back-scene corner always looks better than a square corner. At the other end some sort of city structure can be used to hide the corner. regards John
  14. buz

    new year new project

    Hi all Roof ready that's the end done except may be some ink on the foundation. regards John
  15. Hi Piermaster I think that dolphin needs moving it would look better attached to a very-very fine piece of black painted SS wire at the seaward end of the pier. Where it will look more like it has jumped out of the water and hopefully it will move in any air movement in the hall providing a small free animation. Just something to think about I never noticed it before now. OK where have you hidden the mermaid 🤣 regards John