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  1. buz

    buz rail workshops

    Hi all Roof under way what a PITA doing individual tiles. The tiles are 8 mm X 4mm, 2mm square graph paper was stuck on the card to make the tiles easy to cut. Hopefully it won't look too rustic once the roof is done and painted the one slipped tile is deliberate. Being only a very small section of roof any more than one slipped tile would be over doing it. I can probably add two more slipped tiles on the larger section of roof without over doing it. regards John
  2. buz

    buz rail workshops

    Hi all Where I am at now with the card experiment Sorry about poor mobile phone picture regards John
  3. buz

    buz rail workshops

    Hi all l A little bit further have had issues with miss matched download sizes so have to resolve that some how I may have to re-draw the second section myself The green glazing looks a lot darker than it is. As this is just an experiment in card the KISS principle works for me. The Railway Employees don't like this place strange things happen and have been seen here. Trains don't stop here anymore, they just get passed the place as fast as the legal speed limit will allow regards John
  4. buz

    buz rail workshops

    Hi Franco Don't think the blade edge is the problem (Brand new blades) just the nut at the controls 😀 All a learning experience, but I do think a longer slimmer blade might be more helpful than the shorter fatter blade I am using. regards John
  5. Yes there is a high risk of the train magnet picking up the pin and as a result the pin jamming and possibly chewing up the gears Noting your not an electrician comment, I would suggest getting a second hand wiring your layout book as I assume from your comment that the layout is DC and not DCC So an older DC only wiring book will help you no end. If however I am wrong and your layout is DCC then a new up to the minute wiring book would be helpful. Given your description of the problem I would think wiring an on off switch across the gap would perhaps be a better solution Are you able to up load a picture so I can see what the track layout looks like. wiring a layout properly is not the scary thing it seems once you know how it works and how to wire it up properly. Most railway modelers are not electricians so they had to learn how to as well that where a forum comes in handy to find out what you don't know so you can then do. regards John
  6. buz

    buz rail workshops

    Hi all progress is deliberately slow as I am not familiar with card as a model material I have found the windows and outer frames particularly hard. As to what scale call it tin scale as it is a just over halved "O" scale toy train building Regards John
  7. buz

    buz rail workshops

    Hi all Well what do you do with the left over Christmas cards don't throw them out. Turn them into buildings or at least like me experiment with card buildings. Don't know if this one will get finished or not have made a couple that had to be scraped and only have a few cards. But have discovered it can be a bit fiddly to get relief, I lost a couple due to destroyed windows door looks OK Have threatened for years to have a go now I am, window frames are fun NOT regards John
  8. buz

    The MSLR in OO scale

    Hi all Well its been a long time since I did anything for the MSLR I have started painting speed signs just need flat finish now but its just to HOT at the moment we have had three weeks of high thirty's low forties temperatures So just gluing the arrow on and painting the arrow and numbers was a bit of a problem in its self. These are the only signs in the pack that I can use. I would have preferred lower speeds say about 15 mph but since they are the max speed permitted by the Light Railways Act I can get away with them. regards John
  9. Hi piermaster That looks like an interesting beast you might need a bigger board?? The Bachmann stuff I have runs well, so I would expect that to be the same after a couple of runs. Rail head treatment isn't that just a different track machine? or is it something completely different? regards John
  10. Hi piermaster Nice little winter project You are joking It will take longer to do properly. The bench work looks interesting I look forward to how this progresses. regards John
  11. buz

    new year new project

    Hi all No work today it was a short play time err I mean testing. No it was play time. So its a bit over crowded regards John
  12. buz

    new year new project

    Hi all Well thank god for that a day in the 20's for the last five days temperatures have been in the low to mid 40's. That has meant I could go into the shed today with the layout and get the nearly last of the wiring done. Not the neatest job I have done still needs another look to see if a can get it a little tidier. Have a scratch on one of the switch plates to fix the tags green is off red is on they where painted' because the on off where upside down with the switch the way round I want it. The green yellow switch is lights ( not installed yet) Will try again later to get them all straight the tags are being a pain not wanting to stay straight. regards John
  13. buz

    new year new project

    With the switch plate I think I will only be part successful The only thing I can think of is a chook pen fence to lock up the chook's at night. That's only going to be a couple of panels and at three or four feet high. I don't think it will hide the switch plate very well. regards John
  14. buz

    buz rail workshops

    Hi all I have never really liked the unusual fixed distant signal I made it wasn't quite right the first time round The concept was good the execution Hmm well yes, but err NO. So I have started making another one. the board is bigger 4' square the mast bigger and taller and the top of the mast has been shaped the first one was not. The back of the board has also been painted black and white like the first one should have been but was not. I still have to find a dummy fixed lamp for it not sure what to use for that as it should have a green lens. And add a thin 1mm wide strip of something wrapped around the top to represent the mast cap "oops" forgot that before painting the mast. This one has an all-round better appearance than the first one and its not even finished yet regards John
  15. buz

    new year new project

    Hi all It is less than elegant and less than perfect but the points switches are now for better or worse green. regards John