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  1. I'm sure many others are like me. We enjoy seeing what others are doing, but don't have anything useful to add.
  2. Welcome looking forward to seeing your work!
  3. Googling has found this video Which shows the pair of GBRF hoovers
  4. Might it have been this? Not sure what is on it though.
  5. samw


    Wow looking fantastic
  6. samw

    Gilfach Forgoed

    Looking good Jack. There's just something about micros!
  7. Found out on Facebook that former forum layout Essellty is currently for sale on eBay
  8. Those Facebook groups are lethal for the bank account... Luckily everything is gone before I get to it!
  9. samw

    Old Layout New Home

    Blimey didn't realise it had been so long since I had posted an update. Been on paternity for a couple weeks ago between waiting on mother and daughter have been doing a few jobs. First off the pub/house has gone the way of many others. It has been fenced off, boarded up and left to be covered in undergrowth. In reality several parts had fallen off with the previous owner and I didn't want to spend anything on replacing it. The current station had been removed and will be replaced with a Metcalfe red brick platform and a shelter. Copious amounts of static grass have been added between the lines. Have touched up the ballast (which will be blended once dry as it had only just been done) and the green scatter patched. An up to date poster will be added once I find something that fits. The church spire was broken so the current tower roof is just a mock up to see what looks ok. Don't want a tall spire as it will just get broken again. Tidieded up the tunnel portals patching the scatter. Soldered on some PCB strips to help join to the fiddle yard when made. Had to solder a couple of tiny bits of rail on as the previous owner hadn't laid out to the edge of the board.
  10. samw

    Old Layout New Home

    Worked on a couple of areas today. Toned down the ballast with light grey paint dry brushed on. Also toned down the viaduct with orange paint dry brushed on and white, green, yellow and graphine pencils used to add detailing. Next job is to add a roadbed to the top.
  11. samw

    Old Layout New Home

    Sounds like the best option didn't think of that!
  12. samw

    Old Layout New Home

    Had some stock out to measure up. 2 cars don't quite fit. Debating whether to move the point down the board or to swap it so you can run from top line to station to bottom line. Thoughts chaps?