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  1. Did you get away without Anne emptying your entire wallet? 😂
  2. You're very much welcome. It's amazing how something so small and simple can be so stunning.
  3. MNR has one too now Dave
  4. samw

    Old Layout New Home

    I haven't updated the thread here in a while (or done that much work). I have added a back scene with low relief industrial units and generally tidied up around 18 months ago. Recently I have had some free time to do some work on the layout (like most!). The station track was bent, it may have always been like that, so up it came. It's just waiting for ballast to be added now. The church has gone and will be replaced with a SMS stable kit and fencing. Industrial fending will be installed behind the platform. Then plenty of little jobs that I haven't quite decided on.
  5. Is each loop wired the same way (e.g. both trains travel the same way) or opposite?
  6. Joys of forum management and web hosts! On the bus forum I manage the host changed something which meant the SMF error log table filled up so they did the same to me!
  7. Get to see this layout in the flesh next March it seems! That's March 2021! 7 March 2020 it will be at the Midarc Exhibition at Wombourne Civic Hall, Wombourne, Wolverhampton.
  8. I'm sure many others are like me. We enjoy seeing what others are doing, but don't have anything useful to add.
  9. Welcome looking forward to seeing your work!
  10. Googling has found this video Which shows the pair of GBRF hoovers
  11. Might it have been this? Not sure what is on it though.
  12. samw


    Wow looking fantastic
  13. samw

    Gilfach Forgoed

    Looking good Jack. There's just something about micros!