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  1. Melton Man

    Ashton Road TMD

    Looks fantastic so far!
  2. Melton Man

    SLT or SLD?

    Does 'SLD' mean Single Line Depot? I may be wrong.
  3. Hi everyone, Been a while since I posted a topic here on MRL, been busy and I came back from holiday recently too. These future releases by Hornby of their new 'TTS sound' locomotives are very interesting, the prices seem to good to be true. I have no idea of what TTS sound will entail. According to Hornby, the locos fitted with it will have "dedicated sounds associated with the locomotives that have been installed with this new sound decoder." Somehow, I think the decoders will be generalised for both steam and diesel locomotives. Or in other words, no specific sounds for specific locomotives. That's what I fear will happen given the low price of these locos. Here's one of the new TTS sound locomotives: Of course, a range of both Steam and Diesel locomotives will be available. Here's the entire TTS sound range: What does everyone else think of these new releases by Hornby? Is DCC TTS sound something to avoid or invest in?
  4. Melton Man

    Lindleymoor Yard

    Lindleymoor yard is certainly impressive
  5. It's not my layout, Philip. ;) but i will be creating a micro layout very soon!
  6. Hello Richard! Welcome to the forums. From your YouTube videos of your micro layout (if this is one of them: ) i really like the design of it, really well detailed! :) You could post some pics of it in the 'Your Layouts' forum here on MRL.
  7. There's certainly more potential in freight SLTs. Personally, it's more appealing. That's not to say SLT Railcar layouts are dull or are limited, because there not. There are some really good ones, like Esselty for example. For me however, i don't have a lot of railcars, so freight is the best option for myself. And I've always liked shunting locomotives, both Steam and Diesel.
  8. I've been thinking of doing a freight SLT for some time now. I have limited passenger stock, and DMUs. But I have a fair amount of freight stock. This certainly is a great little layout! :)
  9. I do love the Midland Railway designed Signal Box there. :) It looks very similar to a MR Type 4C or 4E design. But whatever design of Signal Box it is, it still looks great
  10. There is more of my railway photography, and a lot of it these days is much higher resolution than you see in the pic of the HNRC Choppers working Anti-Non-Bi-Directional Running (if that's the correct term to use, as the Melton line is normally, and strictly non bi-directional) on the Melton Line up to Old Dalby. Only problem is, the higher res photos taken on my Nikon Bridge L810 are 3-4MB in size, and I have tried uploading some, but the MRL site seems like it cannot cope with that file size, as the photos don't upload when I post. The photo you just saw of the Choppers was taken on my Windows Phone, which is only 5MP, and also records stuff in a lower amount of MB. A link to my Flickr account will have to do for now for the higher res photos:
  11. Ah thanks, I shall take a look at both
  12. That is also very similar at my location as well in Melton Mowbray (where I live). Melton signal box (MN) controls a fairly large amount of infrastructure. On the Western side of the box it is mainly modified BR/LMS semaphores, and also the Old Dalby Ground Frame which MN overlooks and shadows control of it. On the Eastern side, it is mainly BR Two Aspect colour light signals, though MN53 (two aspect stop signal) is repeated by the Three Aspect platform starter, MN22 on the UP MAIN. On the DOWN MAIN it's a similar layout as you come into MMO, although before the station on the DM side there is the stop signal (Semaphore type) MN30 which is partially repeated by the Three Aspect signal MN31. MN31 Also repeats the stop signal on the DOWN GOODS MN45 with the use of position light indicator sitting on MN31s post, 41 signal. (I love my signalling too much I think...)
  13. Good Morning, Afternoon, Or good evening! I am currently looking for services or people who are able to respray locomotives. I am not really confident in respraying stuff myself as i don't have the equipment, nor the courage as for me it seems a huge undertaking, and i don't want to ruin a model. This thought came about as i was looking at the new Hornby 4WDM Sentinel Shunters, as not really any of the liveries Hornby produce on the Sentinels catch my eye. Most Sentinels i have seen are in plain blue colours, or plain yellows or oranges, depending on who owned and operated the locomotive in real life. I have seen on the Internet some resprayed Hornby Sentinels in these colours. If anyone can recomend me a service that can respray 00 locos, then that would be most appreciated. :) Enjoy the rest of your day :)