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  1. And while I'm on here, I thought I'd post another video from a couple of weeks ago. Enjoy, Phil
  2. While I was away last week a couple of sound chips turned up - one for the Lafarge class 20 who features below and another class 37 one that can be heard /seen in the background. Fitting wasn't quite as easy as I'd hoped, with the main problem being the length (or rather lack) of the wired between the chip and speaker, which was helpfully about 1cm too short to fit the speaker using the pre supplied bracket, so I've improvised for now with some electrical tape. As you can glimpse in the final few seconds, there has been no progress on shed #2 and I'm away next week again... Anyway, enjoy. Phil
  3. I got the LED lights that are stuck underneath the layout to light the fiddle yard on eBay. They come as a strip with peel off sticky backing. I think I bought a 5m roll of blue/bright white and they came with a transformer for about £10-£20 from memory. Just search for "12v LED STRIP LIGHT". If you need more info let me know and I'll dig out exactly what I have. I know that there are slightly different numbers which indicate the brightness. Phil
  4. Evening Another quick video of 66101 Phil
  5. Thanks - I should have that somwhere - all I've got to do now is find it!
  6. Thanks - yours aren't too bad either :)
  7. An update on the new additions: 66101 in DB Schenker 37521 in EWS 37034 in BR Blue I had spotted 37324 at Alresford Station on the Watercress Line over Christmas and it got me thinking. (not sure how I'm going to add that extra light in the middle) And finally for now, some extra wagons have arrived at the yard: Some EWS OCAs and some Railfreight OBAs Off to re-paint the shed! Phil
  8. Here we go - first an update on shed # 2 seen here in EWS maroon, although on reflection it might be getting painted into the coroporate blue colour like the other shed, and the bricks changed from the engineers blue to standard red ones. It also needs the roof adding on, and securing onto the wall once it's complete. You can also see the new track work that has been connected up to the main line and will form the extended loco works. Phil
  9. Here we go... First 20168 pops in to refuel after delivering some cement tanks from Tidworth cement works to Beresford Yard. And some views of the finished and painted 'long shed' in the Railfreight era. Enjoy. Phil
  10. Afternoon all, A couple of new arrivals at the ever expanding Network Rail yard Phil
  11. After a fair bit of inactivity, I've added some roofing to the 'big' shed. Phil
  12. Thanks Sean My current project is the building of a pseudo building, and a new (unpowered track) depot. Here is what was there before, i.e. a bit of wall sticking out And this is in context Oh and looks like GBRf have decided to move into the new depot... Regards Phil
  13. Thanks - I'll try to do some side shots, but it would need to be super-super widescreen. The last clip was taken with my camera, so that I could mount it on the tripod, however I think the quality of the pictures/video from my phone is better, so may use that in future. Phil
  14. A bit of Sunday shunting, down at the yard...