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Status Updates posted by class66

  1. Nice to get back on here,banks road stil going strong....


  2. Hope you guys are well on here,

    not been on for while...

  3. Ive got Banks road going to our model railway exhibition this weekend...

    At Mossland high school in Wallasey...

  4. Looking forward to Lee surtherland sending out my Colas 37,its been long time coming.

    1. class66


      Looks like mr lee surtherland hasn't kept to his word.

      no loco,no message...

      this guy is joke...

  5. East lancs railway Gala this weekend,who wil be going??

    I'll be there on the Saturday...

    1. class66


      both elr and the DRS open days have been great this year...

      also nice to here that Llangollen has its ex-dutch 37240 back up and running...

  6. Hows things my mate??

  7. Happy New year to all mrl fellow frends...

  8. Good start to the morning!! my EWS 66200 has gone up in smoke...

    1. CazRail


      What happened there then, Neil?


    2. class66


      Something went wrong with the motherboard,melting the 21 pin decoder to it...

  9. Hi Carl,have you done any new youtube videos my mate...


    thanks neil.

  10. Seems very quite on here!!


  11. Had another awesome weekend blasting up and down the ELR diesel gala on

    Scottish 37025 and 37418...

  12. Like the new website layout...

  13. Sending spare "hornby 60" body off to Hammer73 (chris)

  14. Nice to see few more Rmweb members on here now...

    1. class66


      Nice to see Jaz has joined us now...

  15. Just paired up my two 37/4 Biffo sound locos!!!

  16. Im very very pleased today with how my project de-icer wagon is going!!!!

  17. Happy new year to all...

    1. blvrace


      Happy new year neil

    2. class66


      Cheers blvrace...

  18. Hey Buddy hows things??

  19. Hey Tom hows things?? any new locos for xmas?

    1. 47832


      Hi Neil, just the man I was after!

      I received 47790 and 833 sound fitted, but 832s chip is crackling so any ideas?

      I also recieved 47810 in DRS new livery and bought myself 47813/853


  20. Ive got few more good modellers joining on here day by day...

    1. Philip
    2. class66


      Your very welcome my mate...

    3. 47832


      It was me amd 7APT7 who told you to join on here I'm the first place :P

  21. Ive tonight posted up two new youtube vids...

    1. blvrace
    2. class66


      Cheers blvrace,glad you like it...

  22. Any new updates my mate??

  23. May have few more modeling chaps joining on here shortly...

    1. Jack


      Top stuff Neil! Hope you have a great Christmas too.

    2. class66


      Thanks Jack,

      Merry Xmas my mate!!

  24. Were is everyone?? its ded on here...

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    2. StaffsRail


      Ditto with the working!

    3. class66


      I keep putting the good word out about this website,for new members to join...

    4. class66


      Seems busy tonight...

  25. Warley show this weekend!!! hope to see few of you chaps there.

    1. class66


      Im skint now from Warley