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  1. Making some progress in a break between work assignments , and a new addition to the fleet arrived yesterday - a lovely model and my first 57.
  2. Thanks Neil, here is a link to some of the last running before demolition and I hope to post an update video or some pics during the week. Happy New Year!
  3. I saw them at the Perth show in the summer and had to have the DRS coaches and then followed up with the sleepers. here is the web page and they can also be found on Face-thingy with a link form his site. The service from John and the team has been outstanding.
  4. Yes, R3sprays was the source of the MK2 coach but the Class 67 and the MK3's came from JDM Models, which is where I got my rake of DRS coaches from too. JDM use the actual paint colour from the Caledonian fleet, it's stunning, the donor coaches were FGW Night Riviera sleepers which means that I have all of my 16 purple Caledonia Sleeper MK3's for mixing with the new in typical prototypical fashion I like the idea of tarting up the MK3 bogies, sounds like a plan in the making
  5. Hi Jack, cheers, good to be back doing something enjoyable! Yes, the MK 3 coaches are professional resprays and the MK 2 coach 'lounge car' is from another supplier. I had the 67 custom sprayed to the correct colour as well (Hornby do a very poor colour match). It's a cracking livery and I did London-Inverness back in March for the first time in 10 years so I'm looking forward to seeing the new real coaching stock appear in 2018 on what is an iconic service. I just need to knuckle down over the next few weeks and get on with it.
  6. So, progress to report... yes, seriously, I have progress. Where possible I salvaged the old baseboards and added new to form the next generation layout which at measuring this week gives me a running length of roughly 65 feet on each of the two mainlines and almost the same on the freight/branch line. a branchlike station is planned to come out from one side on a peninsula board being connected to the line by a 'wye' which will need an autoreverser unit fitted (already gotten) The dual mainlines run at a level above that of the freight/branch line for most of the circuit and there is a passing loop in each direction of almost 10 feet in length so that I can fit a full Sleeper set or my GNER HST sets or rail tour charter hauled by the West Coast locos or preservation 37's. The lower level branch will be served by my fleet of Scotrail 170's, 158's and 150 in addition to various freight diagrams powered by the 60's 66's 67's and 37's. I'm mounting the track on to ply sections and wiring them etc before putting them on to their respective supports (I have found that this makes dealing with the point motors a great deal easier) and foam boards will be used all around to give depth and contouring for the scenery etc. Work being quiet over the Christmas should enable me to get quite a bit of the track and wiring done - I'm desperate to get some stuff running again - it's been way too long. I'm happy with the huge amount of space that running around the edge of the loft provides me with now, and the plan is to have a couple of armchairs in that space with a mini fridge under the boards, my projector is already mounted on the roof beams and sound system installed - the 'man cave' will be my bolt hole :)
  7. Major news/update... Loch Garry is no more - disassembly is very well advanced. Mad? perhaps, yes, but I wasn't feeling warm and fuzzy with where it was going and I felt that I could do better with the space I have available, so it's out with the old. I hope to have a quiet-isn time at work over the coming weeks and will post updates as I progress. I had reason to be in Cardiff last week and took the chance to pop in to see Lord & Buttler - purchased one of their limited edition 66's with Legoman Biffo sound, and a few bits 'n' bobs that are a challenge to find in Ireland.
  8. Hi Toto, I got my 43's back from Bif and they are stunning, the thrash on driving away from a stop is unbelievable, some 37's are up next and then a conversion for my 158 and 170 units (complete with Scotrail destination announcements). The service, attention to detail and turnaround was superb.
  9. Get well soon, and don't water down any medication
  10. About to ask the very same question... I would like some of those
  11. Got to work on my first ever control panel today, MDF construction with A3 size schematic, the Perspex is due to arrive on Monday so we'll see how that goes when I have to drill all the holes... The intent is to construct scenery around it now rather than have the box stand out on its own.
  12. Thanks Matt - yes, I have a bit of a '37' thing... Childhood nostalgia I think, I like some of the modern traction but 37's and 26's were my 'first love' so to speak. The 37 does suit the West Coast livery particularly well although Heljan did a nicer replication of it I think on the 33's. Thanks Caz, it's a mighty slow affair - work and other stuff are the main distraction, and because it's in the loft above my garage I tend to rely upon the weather not being too rough either (getting soft) although I did put a space heater up there this winter. I like the video you did with the class 67 - I have four of the type (2 older and 2 of the latest tooling) and I've my 43's off to Legoman for re-blowing from the shockingly poor Olivia's so the 67's may follow shortly based on your sound.
  13. I love my 37's, I grew up with them - that noise bouncing off the sides of the glens asa the powered up north towards Inverness.... Ah those were the days of my summer holidays back home... Yikes, getting all misty eyed and nostalgic . Have you taken a look at what's on offer here http://www.marksmodels.com/?cid=433 the Pound is strong against the lowly Euro right now and they might prevent reasonable value?
  14. Time to inspect some of the fleet whilst the ballast glue sets... For some reason the 47's and a few others didn't make the photo shoot.
  15. Thanks for the positive comments, they help a lot when things/inspiration are not what they should be. A bit of a fiddle, but I managed to complete one set of platform lights and buffer stop lights last night...