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  1. Turning to the cylinders, SEF supply a fold-up etch with all the holes correctly located, and cast cylinders that push on to the ends. Crossheads and slidebars are beautifully (and solidly) cast in nickel-silver. A trial assembly revealed a hitch, the cylnders stick out much to far, almost a scale foot outside the footplate! As hollowing out the whitemetal was a non-starter, I filed back the etching. The left hand cylinder is about right, the right hand as supplied Rather than a plain hole, I soldered a piece of tube in place for the piston rod to run in; the square hole above it takes the slidebar. Putting it all together: (but nothing fixed yet) Bye for now, Dave.
  2. Detailing around the front end included a new smokebox wrapper; the cast version had no riviting and was slightly flared, being wider at the front than the rear. It was however nice and round in section. Front bufferbeam was built from the DJH etchings with a a bit more riviting added. Footsteps are pure DJH. More soon, Dave.
  3. Turning to the SEF chassis, this too needed a bit of surgery to make it fit the new footplate. Again it appears to be designed to fit all variations of the mogul (U, U1, N, N1, W) but in terms of detail and fidelity its well ahead of the DJH offering Motor chosen was a Mashima 1424 Flat Can, and HighLevel 54:1 SlimlinerPlus gearbox Adding a set of Romford/Markits 24mm wheels leaves it looking loke this My pickup preferences are ultra-conventional, a strip of PCB mounted on the underside of the chassis, with nickel-silver wire wipers on the backs of the wheel flanges.
  4. One of my main areas of interest is the Southern in the West Country, and in recent years I've built quite a few SR locos in 4mm scale. My current project is a Maunsell U-Class, based around the old DJH kit, but with the addition of the more recent chassis kit from S.E.Finecast, and a Hornby tender. As this loco is destined to run on Beaminster Road, we needed a West Country based loco. 31610 filled the bill, it having been photographed at Exmouth Junction with a 3500gallon tender. I'll give a quick precis of the work to date, and more detailed description from then on. Firstly, the DJH body kit, and some pretty good castings considering its age. Lowered the boiler slightly as it was too high in relation to the footplate. Some of the DJH etchings The SEF Chassis kit Putting it all together showed some of the compromises in the DJH castings; the cab floor is too high, (should match the tender) the main drop sections of the footplate should be deeper, as everything is 3 inches higher than on the N-Class, leading me to think that the same footplate castings are used in the two kits. The solution was to saw through the drop sections of the footplate, insert a spacer and solder it all together again. Result, a deeper drop and matching footplate levels. The difference can be seen by the gap below the cab sides, these needing to have the front section filed down to seat on the new footplate. More to follow, Cheers, Dave.
  5. Hello Everyone, Just joined the Forum, I expect quite a few people will already know me. I have two specific areas of interest, Narrow gauge in 7mm scale and the Southern in the West Country. I will certainly describe some of my 4mm scale Southern loco building on here, once I get a Workbench thread started. Meantime, I'm exploring the forum. All the best, Dave.
  6. Is the complete set available in Britain, or do I need to buy from Europe? The handset is available, but I can't find the set listed over here. Happy New Year, Dave.
  7. Had a most enjoyable visit to Beaminster Road. The layout is looking very nice indeed, and we had a good time examining the various locos, watching trains and discussing Southern modelling. Those new trees are absolutey stunning. Tea and mince pies were most refreshing, thanks very much for your hospitality Tim. Happy New Year, Dave.