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  1. Just a matter of time and we'll get to this
  2. Franco

    buz rail workshops

    Nothing bad at all
  3. Franco

    buz rail workshops

    For all those who may interest ....
  4. Franco

    buz rail workshops

    I hate making late remarks, but once laid the lowest row of tiles, the second and all the others have to be scaled of half tile (no matter if at left or at right) so that rain won't penetrate between
  5. Franco

    buz rail workshops

    For being an absolute beginner you're dealing very well with the material I'd just say that perhaps a sharper blade would be advisable, but judging from pictures is always difficult so you can even not consider this part of the answer
  6. Franco

    new year new project

    Well, painting the plate in green/brownish tones would do a lot too and putting some vertical object as the ones you mentioned will do the rest. In a small layout in which building I took a little part, we simply got the effect putting a cow in a point where otherwise the "sightline" would have been badly interrupted .... and it worked
  7. Franco

    new year new project

    Well, I'll just put something (a fence or similar) to take visitors' eyes away from the metal plate and look for a way to hide points' motors, for the rest it's all very nice
  8. Franco

    new year new project

    What about masking them under a "hump" or something similar leaving the lever outside ?
  9. Franco

    new year new project

    Well, just tell the wiewers that your railway is set in a zoo park or something similar
  10. I know it will sound quite strange, but in Trieste there still is a beach where men and women are divided by a wall .... and it seems that everyone is happy that way.
  11. Thanks for the explanation, I must confess that aviation isn't really my field, I thought that Wright's flyers were already obsolete after the '10s and I thought to Bleriot's one as he was the first to fly over the Channel. I agreee with you that "A magnificent man in his flying machine" was a really fun movie
  12. Now it looks completely different and much better, the final touch would be replacing the Wright brothers' flyer with a Bleriot's one