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  1. There should be a layout inspired at the Guinness' railway in the site of the late Carl Arendt but I'd never imagined it was so big
  2. Franco

    new year new project

    Well, you could always tell wiewers that bamboos are in foreground while hills are far away .... a matter of perspective
  3. Franco

    Two Sister's Farm

    Really no enough words in my vocabulary to express how much I like your layout, just a little question: when in exhibition, do you turn your lorry based engines once they get at the end of the track or send them back in reverse? and it you turn them how do you do it .... the "big hand from the sky" method?
  4. Franco

    Two Sister's Farm

    Foresaid that you did a fantastic job (I'm going to copy some of your ideas ) In a outburst of realism I just feel that four wheeled chassis would look better under trucks bodies, maybe a trailing bogie at the front just to have a better current pick up, otherwise a really charming layout For the cats in 1/35, it seems to me that there must be something in the Tamiya's range
  5. Franco

    new year new project

    Well, if things are this way it will be all right
  6. Franco

    new year new project

    .... pandas are more a Chinese stuff .... unless your one is a zoo railway
  7. Hi Dave, though there's no rule in it, it sounds always strange when someone younger than you passes away, but that's the way life is. Think at all the beautiful moments you spent togheter, will be the best way to remember her. Take care of yourself Franco
  8. Where's the problem? That's why FCPyF abandoned it
  9. Franco

    new year new project

    Well, I'm pretty sure that, even if very small, when finished it will offer many different points of interest for close-up photographers
  10. Happy anniversary, !!
  11. Well, the one on the WC cover is surely the most unusual I've ever seen, congratulations to the one who had the idea
  12. Franco

    new year new project

    Well, the picture in itself is not the best I've seen ... but the wagon looks OK
  13. Well, I suppose everyone will be happy to see what a japanese model shop looks like ... or at least I am !
  14. Well, first of all I don't know what your model should look like then it's quite difficult to judge from the picture you put, maybe seen from a different angle would help, but the essential is that you're satisfied.