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  1. Hi all just remembered this forum tbh Andy well I am back not been on for about 3 years I reckon . james
  2. is back and doing NER/GER steam

    1. North East Steam

      North East Steam

      Bet you can't wait for the NER Q6, I know I can't :)

    2. beestie


      ahh if it was shaped like toby i would

  3. ooooooooohhhhhhhhh nice , piko by any chance?
  4. hi simon , oo gauge or the better one? but welcome to ;mrl
  5. i hate to say this but in june an explosion destroyed most of the hafenbahn , i think someone let a steam loco go through and a spark ignited something ? so the line was closed . in truth the railway was scraped and most of it will be used again on an other hafenbahn mkII . james head of hafenbahn ,port railway
  6. beestie


    HI will looks great , fancy building some code 55 point work for me also is it your dad who is making a model of toton? on rmweb? anyway looks great , now a follower
  7. 90 046 all the Malcom 66's and all the 86's ,
  8. welcome ash , now if you like DBS red then you will love what i model!
  9. no its the old hornby B12 with chuff , or a triang princess that smokes , well it shouldn't do anyway
  10. still £143 for a loco you can pick up for £50 . Its another gimmick .
  11. beestie

    Billington Yard

    short freight's in the 90's were very common ,thanks to speed link . sounds like a nice layout .
  12. i do belive that your fiddle stick (thank god someone else calls them that) was a piece of set track supported but two blocks of polystyrene (carn't spell i know )
  13. would one of these look out of place on there?