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  1. While waiting (still) for the points to arrive, I ordered the required buildings from gaugemaster. Built a few this morning. Here they are prior to weathering. I'll likely paint the corners of the waiting room green also. The smaller of the 2 is a Peco kit, while the larger is a Wills kit, onto which I attached a canopy which is stolen from the Peco kit mentioned above :) This time I painted the parts first then glued. Gives much more defined edges and only requires a little more work scraping a bit of paint for the glue to adhere. Tim, the post may have failed us in delivering your aid kit
  2. Hi :) I highly recommend Tam Valley Depot servo controllers. They are a breeze to setup and operate and work out fairly cheap depending on how many extra things you want to add (frog polarity, led lights etc). I won't be using them on my current layout but have used them in the past and think they are pretty swell
  3. Well I finally own a DCC system I can comment on and then I read the disclaimer 'it isn't NCE' So I shall refrain from posting my thoughts on the very nice NCE Powercab
  4. Some delays in my construction plan due to the local hobby shop being out of stock of the turnouts I need. While waiting for restock I have wired up the DCC bus and dropper ready for connection to the track and point motors. Platform has been cut from 12mm MDF ready for surfacing and plywood trackbed has been cut (including the yard area) ready for ballasting on the mainline, and cinder ballast in the yard area. So in summary, everything is 'ready' :-) I've also been testing a combination of switches to use with my servo controller which allows me to open the level crossing gates in sequence. It's all achieved with a single DPDT switch (open/close the gates) and a couple of micro switches. Very simple and would work with any motor which operates rising toggle switches (stall motors, servo controllers etc) I'll post a wiring and assembly diagram once I get a chance. I don't have the gates yet so can't fully test it, but it works on my test bench! Next post I hope will be more interesting, but will be after Christmas!
  5. Interesting! The diagram explains the movement well. Thanks!
  6. That is a fantastic tree! I'd love to know how it what made, or more specifically which 'organic material' was used for the trunk and branches?
  7. Well there you go :) thanks Tim!
  8. That's a good question :) I'm not great with operations so would be keen to hear from someone more experienced also. Wouldn't surprise me if a bit of hand shunting was required!
  9. Hi Ben, I purchased a sparmax DH-103 and compressor from (no local distributor so had to get it from Taiwan) and it's fantastic for the price :) Nice and smooth dual action and the compressor is remarkably quiet. The internal seals are of a material which won't degrade when in contact with solvents like most other airbrushes in this price bracket. Highly recommended.
  10. So do I! apparently parcels are taking up to 4 weeks to arrive from the UK as we near Christmas!
  11. Hi All, Sorry i've been quiet! Ran out of money you see Anywho, this weekend ill pickup the track and I have ordered a couple of Cobalt point motor's to see how they go. Normally i'd use Tam Valley Octopus controllers and servo's, but seeing as I only have 2 points this seems overkill! (The Octopus controls 8) I've settled on a plan (finally) and have greatly simplified it. Hoping my next lot of photo's show some track!
  12. Trees are wonderful :) There are a couple of nice specimens just behind the crossing in the photo I linked which take care of one exit.
  13. Hi All, Found this interesting little station on the Wells branch line on the SDJR. Polsham station. tells me the platform is only 200ft long (scale 80cm!) and the Wikipedia article reads This would make for a very minimalist layout and could be quite atmospheric :) I overlaid the trackplan with peco track on a 1.5m x 0.5m board to show the size. Anyway, thought this could be a potential subject for my next layout (after Ashcott ) and thought it'd also be an interesting subject to discuss for those with limited space. How many of these size stations are around? and here's a photo to set the scene :)