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  1. Been to Buffers today and picked up a bargain. Saracen Head pub in N gauge for £4.25

  2. A trip to a toy fair, and picked up a Dapol Collett coach and all i need to do now is get a few more

  3. I am actually looking forward to seeing what the Skaledale range this year and what they will be placing in the Railroad range. But I do believe all regions have been catered for this year albeit no steam for the southern.
  4. At last my Southern region n gauge layout has 2 southern locomotives on it .

  5. At last got a Dapol M7 after 12 months of looking

  6. Yes another 6 more day in Cyprus. Still like the news from Warley

  7. 6 more days in Cyprus with nothing to do except read.

    1. Philip


      Still might be warmer than here!

    2. WindyHale76


      But slightly windy here also

    3. Tim Hale

      Tim Hale

      Keep off the beans