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  1. Another question, why is it impossible to delete our posts?

    1. Philip


      I dont think it has ever been requested, i think most people make edits.

      What is the requirement to delete a whole post?

    2. Tim Hale

      Tim Hale

      Because, some posts go unanswered and become irrelevant. 

  2. Hi,

    Any chance of updating the image gallery or is it a self-do task?


    1. Philip


      Do you mean the 5 images on the homepage?

      I have changed it to show 5 random images that will change periodically.

  3. Many thanks to those responsible for fixing the forum, well done.


    1. Philip


      Sorry it took so long!

  4. Can we have an update on the problem, please?

    Thank you.

  5. Why do I always end up cheering for the Germans when watching the Sound of Music? 

  6. Just wondering if there is a forum or FB group for those modelling steam outline? I suppose those who have an interest in pre-67 railways are a minority, its a shame.  

  7. I have just sold my friend's collection of models, very sad.

  8. Finally located a N&W M-class