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  1. Hey Buddy hows things??

  2. Hi All Some Cracking photos and YouTube Clips Jamie
  3. 7APT7

    Class 47 Photos...

    Great photos Neil... Jamie
  4. Hi Caz Enjoying your Job...? Great to see its in the Rail Network... Jamie
  5. I see Neil... Your obsession with your 37s is still growing in number... What’s your latest livery you have completed...? Jamie
  6. Great photos Neil... Gresty Bridge open day in July mate, Im already to attend along with speaking to Jay (Freightliner) about the Freightliner walk round across the road to so will be a good day out, hope to catch up with you there mate... Jamie
  7. Hi All All excellent photos, good photos from all of you, keep them coming... Jamie
  8. Great looking MEA's Neil, loads look sick dude... Jamie
  9. Flip me Neil... Talk about moving forward.... photo and your advancing on the layout is brilliant mate... will have to talk to Ray about making a trip over to see you soon and catch up, as it’s been a made few weeks for me hence not been on, until you reminded me last night bud... thanks for the information by the way... you on that job tonight or over the next few days mate... Great work on the Banks Road bud... well done. Jamie
  10. 7APT7


    Hi Caz Glad to hear work is busy and enjoying it... Layout to the back burner hey, money first kid, the spend on railway hobby... Jamie
  11. 7APT7

    303032's photos

    Hi mate Great photos as always love the Cl37 419 with Network Rail coaches... thanks for uploading and sharing with us... Jamie
  12. 7APT7

    Class 56 photos...

    Hi Guys Great photos as always, great to look at... thanks for uploading and sharing with us... Jamie
  13. 7APT7

    Class "20"s...

    Hi Neil Great photos mate... when is the next DRS Open Day ... Jamie
  14. 7APT7

    303032's videos

    Hi Mate Great YouTube Clip mate... Jamie
  15. Great photos mate... nice to see... Jamie