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  1. Aycliffe

    Hornby Class 43 cab section

    Hi all - I am currently on the lookout for a cab section of an early Hornby HST, ideally Intercity Swallow livery for an ongoing project. Please let me know if anyone can find one :)
  2. Aycliffe

    Project 150

    Just restarted the project with a new interior making... I would have posted pictures but my phone isn't playing ball.
  3. Aycliffe

    Project 150

    Looks really quite nice actually :) I actually have some Kadee's hanging around somewhere I might mount to the front of the unit, now you've reminded me! In other related news, I have fully re-wheeled the unit, with power going through the Heljan gears through the new wheels. Getting there slowly!
  4. Aycliffe

    Project 150

    Please, if you wouldn't mind ;) Also, the 12mm wheels have arrived, I only ordered them Thursday and they arrived Friday. How bout that for service! I have replaced the wheels on the trailing motor bogey, and to be frank 12mm on the model is more than good enough - any smaller it would bottom out on the track. I stuck some Heljan 47 wheels in it before and it made a massive improvement over the stock items.
  5. Aycliffe

    Project 150

    Haha, it is bad. I compared it to my Bachy 150 the other week, the bogies are too big and they fall apart easily, windows are too big, interior's wrong... Ill soon get over it!
  6. Aycliffe

    Project 150

    I'm not particularly into realism, so I'm not really fussed. 12 was the smallest I could get from the web anyhow.
  7. Aycliffe

    Project 150

    Good news! Now got some 12mm wheels on order, the rewheeling (part 2) can soon commence!
  8. Aycliffe

    August 2013 MPOTM Entries

    Probably won't get anything for this but its worth a try. My little shelf of Leylands.
  9. Aycliffe

    OpenRails & MSTS

    Ive never got OpenRails to work properly. Yeah, graphics are better than MSTS but the physics of OR over MSTS has got worse. Some locos just stall before even starting off!
  10. Should have seen this sooner really...
  11. Aycliffe

    Project 150

    Done some work again tonight, also as an example to Jack for the use of Tamiya masking tape. /\ A new partition created for the making of the drivers cab fitted to the body. /\ Before front end repaint /\ After using masking tape! New yellow panel and new black areas above the wipers for dest equipment, etc. Chip in top right of window was inadvertantly caused by me and since repaired. Hoping to change front end black bellow connectors soon/
  12. Aycliffe

    Jack's Workbench

    Get a refill roll first of of Fleabay before you go manic on getting the casette and everything, it can be costly.
  13. Aycliffe

    Jack's Workbench

    You could always get some Tamiya masking tape for those fiddly bits!!
  14. Aycliffe

    Project 150

    Added a convenience to the Dapol 150.
  15. Aycliffe

    Project 150

    Now, as in the previous topic, for those that know I have a Dapol 150, and now a Bachy ATW 150. Very nice train. I need a detailing pack for it, with snowplough and BSI coupler for both cars. Unfortunately looking in the obvious places have gone to ground. If anyone could help, it'd be appreciated. Abd to the Dapol version - not much different from the Bachy, same overall length, but different ends, roof and bodyside, as well as chassis. I need pictures of the inside when first introduced so I can modify the inside and detail it a bit. Again, if anybody could help, it will be grand. Hopefully, sometime soon, I will add lights and people, and maybe overhaul the classis and engine. More soon.