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  1. Hi All Thanks for all your comments but not done anything for a little while as been ill again with a severe dose of bronchitis and prostrate problem which am waiting for specialist appointment for now, hopefully nothing serious. Peter
  2. Hi All Thanks for all your comments but not done anything for a little while as been ill again with a severe dose of bronchitis and prostrate problem which am waiting for specialist appointment for now, hopefully nothing serious. Peter
  3. Hi Jamie Will have to check on mags but the following are ones which I need to find out dates for Railway Modeller April 1964 Augur Valley Note When article came out I owned the layout but when article done 2 years before David Lloyd wrote it I had done all the scenery Nov.? 1993 Buxworth Sidings & Peak Jct. Model Railway News Two articles in the mid 1960s on 009 and the crossing at Port Penrhyn Model Rail 2005 June Porth Eithin 2006 Nov Porth Eithin Model Rail Videos,CDs No 15 & 16? Narrow Gauge World N087 May June 2013 Porth Penrhyn Hornby Mag 2013 ? Glen Gillie Loch Inch Will route out the mags and let you know the actual issues and dates. There are photos and other bits in variuos mags over the last few years Peter
  4. Hi All Well just arrived 5 new engines for the layout. 3 x class 27's and 2 x class 26's. Have been needing these for some time so have taken the plunge and obtained. Peter
  5. Hi All This is a plea for help. One of the operators has dropped out of a show and we need some help to operate Glen Gillie & Loch Inch. The show is the exhibition at Quorn & Woodhouse on the Great Central Railway in association with The Soar Valley Model Railway Club. It is a long show going down on the Thursday the 19th June and coming back on Monday the 23rd June. We have accommodation booked for the four nights. The transport down will be in a van already hired. If any one can help I would be most grateful so just PM me. Thank you Peter.
  6. Hi all I forgot to post these three shots after the last show at Gaydon of the damage to the main hopper building after it became dislodged on the way home in the van. also there was some minor damage to the small lime works building. This will be put right in the next few weeks. Pete
  7. Hi All Well apart from the weather on the last two days had a great time at Llanberis. Below a couple of shots of the buildings for the new extension Bridge of Muir. Note my guard protecting the stands. Peter
  8. Hi All Spent most of the day making trees for the layout on the Demo stand. Carwyn was operating the layout. Sods law the bulb blow in the River side Tea Rooms so no one could see inside and see the table and chairs and people as well as the upstairs stained glass windows. Taking a new one down tomorrow to refit it. I also left my camera at home silly me. Peter
  9. Hi Jamie Hope you can make it. Almost completed but still detailing. Had a few problems this last fortnight which has delayed things but if you want to come and play trains would be glad of some help. Peter
  10. Hi All Well the layout is all packed ready for the Welsh Slate Museum show on Thursday - Sunday. If anyone is around it is well worth the visit and it is free admission so please make your self known. Peter
  11. The backscene is Gaugemaster and is now in place (see shots Below) most of the main buildings have not yet been place in permanite.but now the backscene is in place these will be completed in the next few days. It is now most of the small detail work to be done , which really is never complete you always find something else to add to the layout. At present am making the hanging baskets for around the hotel. The fiddle yard boards are now in hand but have run out of backflap hinges and casement clips so cannot aline them to the main layout. Any way here are a few shots as of last night. Peter Attached Thumbnails
  12. Hi All Below are a few shots of the state of play as of this morning. There will be two more buildings that I am going to make for the layout. Don't know if these will be finished in time for the show . Will most likely end up making them at the show. Hoping this week -end to finish the legs and the fiddle boards. Then fit the back sheets and finish the flocking. Next major job is the construction of the trees. Then the finish fitting of the Kadee's to the stock. The start of the garage Nearly finished The hotel and tea house In placed on the layout by the bridge. It has inside the people sitting at tables, just needs the light fitting and the hanging signs and baskets. These will be made from the outside of the Acid containers by merit. The water intake for the water tower. cheers Peter
  13. Hi All Well only a little work has been done on GG due to work on Water Mill Halt... It is going to be converted to DCC and the list of items needed for this event is growing . In the mean time the bridge for The Bridge of Muir section has been joined together and is now ready for the bridge decking to be made and fitted to it. Will keep you all informed. Peter
  14. Hi all Well the track has all been sprayed now and the whole layout has been working under DCC control. Most of the painting has been completed on both the buildings and the scenery. The tar works has sofar taken about 8 hours to paint it. Next time I will paint it has I build it. Anyway here are a few shots.
  15. trains12


    Hi All The Railways of Anglesey by Bill Rear Published by Foxline shows the branch in detail, and with many of the station layouts. We may have a few second hand copies in stock at the shop. It has been used by a number of modellers whom have made layouts of the lines on the island. Also I belive that in the record office at Caernarfon there are a full set of layout plans for the whole island. but I have not checked this out and is based on information when I was doing typesetting for Foxline in Manchester some 15-16 years ago. Peter