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  1. Not been able to do anything since the update. 😕

  2. Bob Hughes

    Hints from Hornby

    I find the prices quite stunning, there's only one model that caught my interest but I'll not be spending half a week's wages on a tiny four wheeled diesel. The mechanism in this tiny loco is probably on a par with one of the the two power bogies in the original Bachmann HO scale 44 ton GE centre cab, so dodgy to say the least when running on Hornby's own points even if it is coupled to the match wagon. Of course, we all know about Hornby's (optimistic, to say the least) due dates so I reckon there's going to be enough wish-listing and pledges to buy "one each of every available livery" on a certain box-opening forum to keep its members' posting frequency at commercially acceptable levels for the next 18 to 24 months.
  3. Bob Hughes

    Hornby Dublo DCC

    This is true, but difference does not mean improvement. Quite the reverse in most cases I've witnessed at exhibitions.
  4. Bob Hughes

    Gilfach Forgoed

    Did somebody mention Really Useful Boxes?
  5. Bob Hughes


    Thanks for sharing, I was tempted to go but there were only a couple of layouts that I'd have been interested in and I've seen one of them before anyway.
  6. Bob Hughes

    The Crossing

    It's not the only abandoned railway in Sierra Oculta. When I was building this area of the layout my intention was to have a branch terminating in a hidden siding behind Rio Paleta. The idea was abandoned due to difficulties with the gradient changes involved at the junction. EDIT - With hindsight it may be possible to "reopen" the line by paralleling the branch and main lines and moving the junction from Cumbre to Lago Cumbre. The main line levels out at the lake station (it's where banking engines are detached from trains heading to Cuarto) so minor alterations to the baseboard here would permit the installation of a turnout. From there the branch roadbed could be raised slightly to run on the level until it meets the existing formation climbing towards the tunnel.
  7. Bob Hughes

    The Crossing

    Hi John, sorry for not replying sooner but I've not been using this forum for a while and only just dropped in to see what's happening. "Travels with Charlie" would have to be on a disused section if it were included in a larger layout. Not only is it under scale (approx. 1:72) but the track largely buried in drifting sand and the bits that are visible are plastic, and 12mm gauge, so the FCPyF's trains might have a bit of trouble running through this scene!
  8. Bob Hughes

    new year new project

    Using nuts and bolts instead of screws would solve the problem of sharp points sticking out.
  9. Bob Hughes

    Railways and Tramways of the Forest of Dean

    4ft gauge can be modelled fairly accurately in 4mm scale by using OO track and mechanisms, 3'6" is not far off either, certainly no worse than using the same track and scale for standard gauge anyway.
  10. Bob Hughes

    Kamco toy train coach wanted

    I have been looking, without joy, for a reasonably priced (OK, cheap) Kamco carriage to make a two car DMU with the one I already have. It's the red vehicle on the front track. More photos in this slideshow. I have found some, but they're being sold as parts of boxed sets at ridiculous prices.
  11. Bob Hughes

    The Crossing

    Many years ago (too many) I read Travels With Charley... And owned a die cast camper van. As I get older I keep remembering things like this, but forgetting where I left my boots when I took them off yesterday! Anyways, two recent eBay purchases, a couple of pipe cleaners and some sand have resulted in this. I wouldn't advise holding your breath while waiting for a train to turn up on that railroad though!
  12. Bob Hughes

    New Walmington Pier - 2018 Exhibitions

    Rainhill MRC cancelled their show at the weekend, again it's clear here, but the organisers did recognise the fact that other parts of the country have had it a lot worse than what we got in the NW and a lot of their exhibitors and traders would have been unable to make it.
  13. Bob Hughes

    Going round the bend

    Hi Chris, My basket liner is from Handy Household in Sandbach, it is brown as supplied but I use trigger spray bottle (the type that comes with cleaning products in) and diluted poster paint to get it green. Work around Bodjio is on hold while the glue dries on the ballast and weeds so I've diverted my attention to the other end of the garage where the line crosses the doorway to the garden. The existing station at Cumbre has been removed, to be replaced with a new rail/ferry interchange called Lago Cumbre (Summit Lake) on the section which was previously hidden from view. The painted mountains screen has been relocated behind the line to act as a backscene. The water tower from Cumbre is now at Grande and the tower from there has been returned to Rio Paleta. When originally here it cast a shadow on the backscene so its new location is on the near side of the line to prevent this. Structure gauging at Lago Cumbre and Rio Paleta was done using the Peru Rail diesel and Fleischmann coach as these are both slightly larger than the Bachmann trains.
  14. Bob Hughes

    Going round the bend

    The track is now ballasted and the initial soaking with diluted PVA almost dry so I've added some (OK a lot of) weeds and doused the track again with the glue. The result is -