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  1. I went on a quarry tour around Dove Holes today, which included a quick look at the loading sidings (no activity today due to the tunnel being flooded) and a ride in one of the huge dumpers.
  2. Blimey! That's a large collection.
  3. A pair of 158's heading past RAF Cosford this afternoon.
  4. Lots of inbound steel wagons today courtesy of 66119 with a mixed set of ballast and hoppers outbound.
  5. A pair of cats heading north past Searchlight Lane Junction with a single nuclear waste container just. And not far behind was the Felixstowe to Trafford Park intermodal service. And this body snatcher nearly caught me off guard.
  6. Lucky catch of a truck mounted cherry picker trundling north on the wcml freight line.
  7. No bank holiday at the wagon works. 06.05.19 #1.mp4
  8. They need some more sidings!
  9. Busy scene at Longport in the week.
  10. Todays working departed for Warrington at 17:01
  11. StaffsRail


    A 67 passes the signal box on the way into the station.
  12. StaffsRail


    The Network Rail depot.
  13. StaffsRail


    More DMU action, this time a 158 on a working from Birmingham New Street.