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  1. Stafford cancelled a few weeks ago.
  2. A short video showing a 66 starting up and heading off to one of the nearby refineries to collect it's rake for the day, with a 150 arriving in and departing again as well.
  3. Finished off boxing in the tunnel now and have adjusted the raised industrial area to suit. I'm probably going with cassettes rather than a fiddle yard but I've attached a board and some track as a temporary measure.
  4. Some shots of the DMU out of the box. Sound quality seems good with lots of effects. Also been working on the tunnel area today cutting some pieces of wood down for the sides and fixing a point motor in place.
  5. It comes with passengers pre-fitted although not drivers for some reason.
  6. An exciting new arrival this week in the form of the latest Bacmann Class 150 with sound. I've been keeping an eye out for one on ebay for several months now and bagged this barely used one at a good price.
  7. I was back at the airport yesterday evening and caught one snaking it's way out of the terminal.
  8. I was at East Midlands Airport this afternoon so took a look at the new container terminal operated by Maritime. Fairly simple layout with one siding for loading/unloading with reach stackers and two other sidings to store another rake and allow the loco to run-round.
  9. Was in the Electro-motive Longport depot on Thursday. Not allowed to take photos inside site but it has been significantly upgraded as a result of the Clas 56 project.

  10. There were a coupe of these road-railers at Stone this morning plus some trailers.
  11. I hope there are no cars in them! The wagons are there for maintenance.
  12. Car carriers seem to be the order of the day at the moment.
  13. Just deciding how to tackle the tunnel - I might have to lose the parking bays to blend the scenery through because of the height difference.
  14. I've seen plenty of cassette systems on exhibition layouts but never attempted them myself. It could offer a few advantages though so I'll look into it.
  15. I've been having a look at what length and quantity of sidings will fit onto the 4 x 1 foot fiddle yard board today. I already knew that the 67/Mk3/DVT wouldn't fit without an extension but it turns out it would need quite a long one so I'm considering having a shorter 2 coach set as pictured. Everything else should fit in more or less.