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  1. StaffsRail


    Although not entirely finished, it should be close enough for getting some decent photos.
  2. StaffsRail

    Staffs Rail General Photos

    The other Class 08 was visible yesterday. I think it was in EWS colours before so may have been recently repainted judging by how clean it was. It was certainly packed out with wagons as well.
  3. StaffsRail

    Hints from Hornby

    2019 range now announced.
  4. StaffsRail


    Look what just arrived in the post.
  5. StaffsRail

    Hattons Class 66

    I would have preferred them to produce something entirely new, like a Class 175 .
  6. StaffsRail

    Hattons Class 66 What are your thoughts on Hatton producing a new 66? I would have said Bachmann already had it well covered.
  7. StaffsRail

    Staffs Rail General Photos

    Another late running wagon movement back to Warrington.
  8. StaffsRail

    StaffsRail's Workbench

    A little project adding a Bedford and two trailers to the MOD train.
  9. StaffsRail

    Staffs Rail General Photos

    A quick grab shot of 'Armistice 100' heading South.
  10. Just seen the banana train heading north through Stoke.

  11. StaffsRail

    An introduction

    Welcome to the forum.
  12. StaffsRail


    Ballasting is nearing completion along with the platform fencing and grassed areas.
  13. StaffsRail

    StaffsRail's Workbench

    I found some 3D printed ballast bags on ebay and have just finished painting and glueing them.
  14. StaffsRail

    Llyn Cefni: A section of the Amlwch Branch

    Good effect with the grass.
  15. StaffsRail

    Staffs Rail General Photos

    The return working to Warrington was very late yesterday, still being in Stoke after 17:00