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  1. Yes, recycled from the previous layout.
  2. The low relief warehouse is now painted to complete the row of three. Just needs a suitable photo to go inside the open doorway. Also fastened the platform in place.
  3. Not done too much on the layout over the last couple of months other than building the fiddle yard board ready to be connected. I picked up this low relief building last week at the Stafford show and have been working on painting this and completing the platform today.
  4. Not tried mine without being coupled together but the connection is only for the lights on the non-power car so no reason the power unit shouldn't run on it's own.
  5. I wasn't expecting to see Stobart Rail at the Churnet Valley Railway when I passed through today but they must have some work on there, possibly the track extension towards Leek at a guess.
  6. A Pendolino heading south through Stoke whilst I waited for the RHTT.
  7. Another tanker that came today.
  8. The first item specifically bought for the new layout is this Hornby Murco tanker.
  9. Managed to progress the corner scene quickly. Just need another low relief building to fill the gap and glue the fencing together.
  10. All the boards were finished in terms of painting yesterday.
  11. Introducing my new layout to replace Aberforth and incorporating elements of one I had planned but never built due to space limitations - Railtech. As with the preceeding layout, it is a modern image (2014) Welsh terminus station, being an amalgamation of the real life Pembroke and Milford Haven stations and featuring a small T&RSMD to serve the various freight flows originating from the nearby oil refineries. As can be seen below construction is well underway with the scenic board measuring 6ft long by 1ft 2 inches. The line enters from a single portal tunnel on the right with the platfrom line located along the front and two depot sidings behind this. The fiddle yard will be 4x1 foot in size. Passenger trains will consist of Class 150 & 153 DMU's on local stopping services and a 67/Mk3/DVT set on the twice daily working to Manchester Piccadily. The depot will be home to Class 60 and 66 locos plus the residents 08 shunter that assists at the refinery sidings. Tanker wagons will also come and go for maintenance. The industrial units in the back right hand corner will be elevated slighlty to blend in with the raised ground for the tunnel.
  12. StaffsRail


    The layout is currently being dismantled to be replaced with a smaller, but fairly similar one. The reason being that I actually had reason to need the spare bedroom last xmas, which got me thinking that it perhaps takes up a bit too much space, both when set up and stored away, plus I fancied a change anyway.
  13. I recently found out about a freight flow in Stoke where used ballast is taken to a facility in Longport for recycling. I was passing by where I thought the sidings were today so nipped in for a look and luckily a couple of Class 20's were parked up.