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  1. Those silver bullets do look decent weathered, better than the plain plasticy silver. Nice progress as well on your layout mate ;D
  2. Hi Trevor, May I say after looking through this thread I am very impressed with your layout and the buildings that accompany it.. Well Done on getting your layout to a very advanced stage in the space of a few months :)
  3. 37409 YES!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      next time i see cheap one I'll grab it for you my mate...

    3. Craigie444


      ahh thank you very much really kind of you cheers mate :D

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      Yer no worries my mate...

  4. Very impressive layout that is, well done!! Especially love the DRS depot complete with some tractors and choppers.... Look forward to more pictures ;)
  5. For me it was when I got a Hornby Freightmaster class 37 train set when I was 4,I was amazed by it and have been into the hobby ever since... And I still have the set as well :)
  6. Hi all, I do apologize for my long absence from being here on the MRL and I look forward to catching up on what I've missed over the past months that I've been away :) Thanks everyone, Craig
  7. I couldn't agree more! Over-priced, Quite badly detailed (few exceptions) and under packaged. As said Hornby need to pull their act together about this. Otherwise, well, doesn't need saying.
  8. Craigie444


    Neither can I, but I like Rugby and Cricket.
  9. Great progress Jack, that primed MK3 body looks good with all those windows having added filler in them. Looking forward to even more progress!
  10. Well guys, as most of you know, it's coming to that time of year where we have a mini migration to the NEC at Birmingham for the biggest model rail show of the year and according to Warley's website, it's the biggest ever, with the people at the Warley model rail club celebrating their 25th year of hosting the show at the NEC. So here's the info for the people who don't know about it. -Saturday 24th November & Sunday 25th November 2012 -Birmingham NEC (Next to Birmingham International Station and Airport) -Over 95 model railway Layouts in gauges Z to 1 and bigger -Over 150 specialist Trade stands Website here Cheers, Craig
  11. Well here it goes! PC: Railworks 3 Batman Arkham City Xbox 360: Call of Duty MW2/MW3 Battlefield 3 Batman Arkham City Portal 2 Just Cause 2 Kinect Adventures Umm and something else
  12. For your'e first proper conversion that is really really good Jack, better than my 1st conversion that competley ruined a 37. ;)