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  1. Cheers mate hoping to get the 7 I have finished during the new year and then decide on the other 11. The Network Rail mk3 has had it's new windows fitted, and the DVT had the first coat of its roof done. Another coat and should be good to go. The DVT will then be handed to the CazRail electricians for new headlights...
  2. A kind of return to a previous project, the Network Rail DVT and mk3. I'll be bringing these back to the workbench for some remedial work. Both the DVT and Mk3 will receive a repaint to the roof, inner black ends and new orange cantrail lines, the DVT will receive headlight upgrade, whilst the Mk3 will receive new Laserglaze windows, kadee-style coupler and rail cleaning pads. I'm toying with the idea of adding an extra mk3 to the formation, or possibly a mk2. This consist, along with a class 67, will form Marshfield Junction's own Railhead Cleaning Train (RHCT), and will serve Marshfield Junction and my other layout, Amlwch branch. The operation cycle will be once a week over all lines. Initially operated by a 67 from the DB Cargo stable, a change of contract is on the horizon... As my Amlwch Branch layout has now taken priority as well as other things in my personal life, the PAB wagon project is now on the back burner, and my plans for further split headcode 37s now scrapped. This project with the DVT/Mk3 'RHCT' is a rare foray into the CazRail workshops...
  3. Some more done tonight on board 4, with the landform sanded with a palm sander, and a field grassed using sheets of static grass. I also used two different sizes to try to create the effect of vehicles using the user-worked crossing.
  4. Latest progress... Bridge 22 The basic superstructure of the bridge is nearly there, I decided to completely re-start the span again, and this was the result... A photo of the real bridge 21 for some direct comparison. Board 4 Materials were delivered yesterday to build the rest of the boards for this layout, much much MUCH cheaper than buying laser-cut boards! Built to the same dimensiond as the Grange & Hodder product, I've made a 45* corner board... I used the same dowel alignment system as the laser-cut boards for continuity. Alignment of the boards tested. The Board now has a layer of polystyrene glued on ready for the cork to go on for the track which of course will give us my alignment for the track. The next steps will be to trim off any surplus, lay the cork, then I can begin to build up or reduce the landform around the layout.
  5. Thanks AJV1. Theres nothing simpler than a single line bi-directional!
  6. Apologies for the lack of updates, my phone is playing silly buggers and keeps corrupting my photos and videos, so live feeds and photos to my Facebook page is my only option at the minute. So the latest... Board 3 had been partly re-landscaped, with the Llangefni end not going into a bit of a cutting ready to enter board 4. (You can see about my technical issues in the 2nd photo!) I've also gone on to create a model of Bridge 21 which is a lattice bridge over a river, and will also create bridge 22 which is similar in construction to bridge 23 (which I've made on the lake) albeit much shorter, less bulky and is an underbridge for a footpath. In other news, the layout had had it's first invite to exhibit, which will be a local modelling exhibition on Anglesey in April 2019.
  7. A bit of progress today, decided to ass to the layout plan by adding a section towards Llangefni to represent the 'Dingle', which is the forrest in llangefni. I started progress on this by begining to scratch build a lattice girder bridge, which in real life crosses a river. On my layout, itll cross a river and footpath. Using styrene sheet cut into strips, i begun to create the sides. Using a jig I used to assist in getting the lattice square and paralel, i worked from the centre and worked outward. Then i made a start on the deck, using plasticard sheet. I used balsawood as strengtheners, which double as the longitudual timbers. I ran out of u-section for the lattice so Ill need to order some more. Once done, Ill cover the plastic sheet base with boarding or styrene strip to make decking. Then itll be a coat of primer and paint!
  8. Update... The wagons have all now been weighed down with Liquid Gravity, and now they run so much better. Each has it's own Symoba NEM coupling pocket system at each end, and currently have on order some buffers from Lanarkshire Modeling Supplies. More to come...
  9. The PAB covhops are taking leaps and bounds now, with the next three taking shape next week once I have materials. The first four are now on the rails, which need painting, decaling, and weighing down. Ive bought some Deluxe Materials Liquid Gravity to add some weight to the wagons, which will improve running quality, which will be fixed in with Roket Card Glue. Ive also bought more Evergreen U-channel to finish the last three wagons. I felt my method of holding the wheels was hit and miss, and I wasnt happy with them, so I took to my CAD software and designed my own wheel holders. I didnt fancy buying the brass kit ones, as ive never worked with brass and i'd probably muck them up. This is what I came up with... With 2mm dia. shouldered Romford bearings fitted. All shoe'd up... Installed on the wagons(simply superglued on. And finally with Cambrian pedestal suspention unit moulding, simply glued on top. These wheel holders are 3D printed via Shapeways. The beauty of it is, you can make any shape of anything. These are a simple solution for any kit or scratchbuild.
  10. CazRail

    CazRail: Fleet

    37057 has been added to CazRail's operational fleet after spending 5 months in the workshops. Stored on 3/12/04 from the WKBN pool, 057 last worked 6D18 Holyhead - Warrington Arpley before being stood down. It has now returned to traffic alongside 37174, 37411 and 37419.
  11. Managed some progress on 37057 today whilst watching Scotland v France in the 6 nations... Now all decal'd up, next up after the varnish dries is fit it out with windows, which will be the original for the time being, and to *possibly* steal the chassis from 37425 (which is out of traffic at the minute as it needs new decals) to get this one running. This will mean the need to wire my replacement LEDs. Onward...
  12. More Cambrian compensation units bought, two more wagons can be made track worthy! The last three wagons of this batch being made now, hopefully more will become available soon. The first one I built is being dropped as im not happy with it's build quality
  13. A little update... The three wagons have now been painted black!
  14. So, whats everyone's thoughts? I quite fance 60077, 67023, Virgin DVT, some seacows, some HEAs and maybe the shark.
  15. Thankyou Chris, seems to be styrene sheets which have been pre-scribed with a machine which ive cut out with a craft knife and glued together. All detailing such as end bracing and ladders are my own work. Tonight ive finished the structure of what will be 12106. Ive also added foot steps each side of 12107.