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  1. It does look like a fantastic model, I keep thinking about pre-ordering one! If you take a look on the Hattons website, they have their prices up already. You're looking at; DC: £124 DCC Fitted: £144 DCC Sound: £248
  2. Wow, it has been a while since I was last on here, so I thought I would do a review on something new that I received a few weeks ago! This year I have taken it easy on model buying and this model, and one other special item I am due to receive at the end of the year, are all I have bought so far! Bachmann '00' London Underground 'S' Stock What caught my eye: Well, thanks to John Polley (the creator of the famous underground layout 'Abbey Road') I knew long before most, that Bachmann would be announcing they would be making an underground train in '00'. John gets a lot of his models 3D printed but did not get the latest 'S' stock printed because he knew they would be bringing it out! Once the first pictures came out though I was instantly hooked on by the idea of owning a model of an Underground train! I myself, love travelling on the underground and like the shapes and colours and the icon symbol the London Underground use! However I wasn't actually planning on get the model because of how expensive it is -£280 for four cars! However the paint work and the detailing are superb and I just couldn't resist such an unusual model! Running: The set is an excellent runner overall in my experience! I haven't had any issues with it what so ever, apart from a slight squeak coming from one of the axles - nothing a drop of oil won't fix though! The two end cars are both powered, so it does have two motors either end of the train, and it does also come with extra wheel sets with traction tyres. I have heard however that some examples of the model were packed incredible tightly in the box, which has pushed the body shells outwards meaning the bogies and under frame drop away from the body shell when going around corners. I have not experienced this and I do hope this is a one of case. Handling: This is one of the first locos I have bought in a long time now that doesn't need such delicate handling. Detailing is very limited, such as the real trains, with no thin handrails or pantographs that pop up randomly! Coupling the train can be a little awkward, I believe it uses the same couplings as the 'Blue Pullman' set and the Windhoff MPV. You simply pushing the couplings together and they clip into place! Uncoupling them couldn't be easier, as you are given a uncoupling tool that you simply slide under the clip, and twist. No need to turn the train upside down or on its side. Fitting a DCC chip couldn't be easier either! Under each motor car there is a small cover with a screw. Simply undo the screw and remove the cover to reveal the DCC chip housing. I have not tried gaining access to the motor, but as I understand it is a matter of undoing three screws and prising the body shell away from the under frame. Features: Honestly, not as many as most peopled hoped to be honest. There is a heading display which lights up rather well and exceptionally bright directional lighting, and with picks along the entire length of the set it works very well. But there is no interior lighting what so ever. You can purchase a kit for £89.99 which provides lights for the interior, spark-arcing effect of the motor coaches and sound sensor which senses when the train has stopped and sounds the door release noise. All very well, but that is an extra £89.99 and you also need four 'flat' batteries, this so it doesn't interfere with running on DC or DCC. When it comes to running DCC, you require two chips because it has a motor in either end of the train. Another downside when you look at it, is the cost, especially when you look into completing the set. The four extra coaches cost £40 each! The total cost for an eight car 'S8' stock is £440! Considering I got and eight car (including a powered engine and dummy car) HST set for less than £250, it is just a ridiculous amount of money! The interior is also a bit bland as well, with it missing the yellow coloured handrails and all the colourful advertisements, but that can be me just being picky! There is also a 'break out' section in the interiors (I am not sure if this is in every coach) which allows for a speaker to be added for sound, which is well thought out though. What also doesn't help is the loading gauge! Although '00' scaled, the standard platform height is too high for this model, meaning I have to do some persuasion to get the platform lowered and get some 4th rail down at the local model club! However bad points aside, the under frame of the train is well modelled and detailed, the windows are fitted nicely and the paint scheme looks absolutely fantastic! The couplers provide a very close coupling system which suits the train very well. The front of the train is also well detailed as well, with a coupler and window wipers. The ultimate reason why I bought the set in the end was because John was able to get me 10% off the retail price, if it wasn't for that, I probably wouldn't have bothered! Pros: Very well modelled set. Very smooth runner and very quiet. Detailing is good. Nice close coupling system/easy to couple and uncouple. Nice but basic lightening. Cons: Way too expensive, even as a four coach set. No interior lighting - extra £90 for a kit. Detailing inside is bland. Packaging was too tight. Two DCC chips are required. I difficult set to include in a layout, due to the nature of the loco's gauging and location in the real world. Overall I am pleased with the set, it is something nice and unusual, but I can only give it a 7/10 simply because of the price, lack of lights, and now that I have it, I don't have a layout that it suits to being run on. It is model for a select few, but I am still well pleased with it! Bachmann '00' London Underground 'S' Stock London Underground Metropolitan S7 stock, which is the 7 car variant of the 'S' stock series.
  3. Well, It has been three/four months since I started to project, and things are (very) slowly progressing! Since the last update, I made the decision to scrap working on the motor provided, it is my first project after all! However, waste not want not, Jeff has kindly taken it off my hands and is working on it for his own Novo/Triang Hymek project! Jeff's farther-in-law, Mike, has ever so kindly given me the spare power bogie and spare motor and I can't thank him enough! After an initial test run, it came to my attention that one set of pickups was not good enough for sustaining power to the loco. I also discovered that the plastic axel currently one the loco had too deeper flanges and was in fact running along the sleeps of the track. This plastic axel has now been replaced with a metal one, and some bearings, although they aren't glued in yet. I have also trimmed down the flanges on the powered axels, being made of rubber, I simply used a pair of scissors. I would like to thank Jeff as he kindly made me some pickups to replace the current set of pickups and to place on the other bogie as well, they look great! Luckily I did electrical engineering for my apprenticeship, so wiring up these two 6V motors to run off 12V was relatively simple. Below is a diagram for anyone who is interested. So the good news is that, yes, it is working and running under its own power using both motors! Some members of the local model society where quite shocked, especially as I picked it up and placed it on the track, both a motor and a weight fell out from underneath! Here is some proof for those who don't believe me! After a trip to the local model store as well, I was also able to pick up a proper three link coupling set, so the next part of the project will be to attach them to the front of the loco! It has been able to pull some of the coaches from the local club, (albeit I had to use a paper clip to coupler everything together) but with these extra pickups and proper couplers hopefully it will perform well!
  4. Well, ummh, it has certainly been a while hasn't it! I felt that it was about time I gave this page an update, especially as it was back in October when I last uploaded some of my images! I have to say, before Christmas, I was certainly out a bit more than I have been for the rest of the year, and got back into it again, but the weather has now turned, so don't expect an update for a while East Coast 'Battle of Britain' class 91 110 awaiting departure at Kings Cross. Class 395 'Javelin' sits at London St Pancras. A class 374 Eurostar can be seen here stabling just outside Leyton depot. This Photo was taken from a public road bridge. DBS/EWS Class 66 194 hauls a rake of RHTT wagons and DBS/EWS class 66 116. East Coast Class 82 231 DVT, still with the small '007' vinyl above the left buffer. East Coast class 91 111 'For the Fallen' heads South into London Kings Cross, via the Hertford Loop. Network Rail Class 313 121 arrives at Watton-at-Stone ready for some signal testing along the Hertford loop. A close up the the 'For The Fallen' class 91 111. Colas Class 70 806 heads North out of Watton-at-Stone, working a Hoo Junction Up Yard to Whitemoor Yard. Once again, all criticism is welcome, always looking to find ways to improve my photography! I have no idea when the next update will be, but I hope you enjoy this selection!
  5. Right, it has been over a week now, and if I am completely honest, I haven't done much so far apart from clean it! After taking it down the local Model Railway Society, both myself and Jeff have discovered that a bit more work needs to be done first. - After loosening up the grub screw on the gear for the motor (I simply soaked it in WD40 and once dried, held it over a candle for a few minutes) I was able to place it back on the shaft of the motor tightly so it held in place. However during the process of placing it back together, I realised the other gear was missing a tooth, not good! Once we powered it up we then realised there were still more problems: - The drive axle was incredible loose and moved around quite a bit. - Because the axle moves so much, it looks like the main driving gear has also worn quite a bit. - And lastly, the motor is not sitting tightly enough on the bogie, and it is moving around all over the place. Basically, it doesn't work under its own power! On the brighter side however! Jeff's farther-in-law has a spare power bogie and a spare motor, BUT, they are only 6V motors (form the original model when it was battery powered). This means I need to wire them correctly to run of the 12V track power of '0' gauge. So two options now are to either; - Fix what I have got. Buy replacement parts and try and get them matching, OR - Use the spare parts I have been given, and wire it correctly to run of 12V, which will give me power to both bogies. Hopefully in the next update, a decision will have been made, and perhaps I would have pulled my finger out, and gotten stuck in!
  6. Evening all! I was lucky enough to get the opportunity today to get some photos of 'Havatry' and Jeff has ask me if I would be kind enough to share them, so here they are! Hope you enjoy them!
  7. Afternoon all! I thought it might be worth sharing my latest ambitions with you on here! Normally around this time of year, I give myself a project to work on over Christmas and the New year, to give me something to look forward to. Last year I rebuilt my bike, and the year before I built my own gaming PC. This year however will be railway related! With the latest changes down my local model railway societies '00' layout not really taking a shine to my liking, (But we won't go into that! ;) ) I have decide to take an interest in '0' gauge instead. With thanks to Jeff and his eagle eyes, he picked me up a Novo/Triang Hymek model from an '0' gauge show in Reading this weekend for £45. It has already be switched and changed about before I have got my hands on it! The original model runs off of four D size batteries and was remote control. This has been converted to run off of 12 Volt DC '0' gauge track. So I already have a head start! Work that needs to be done is as follows; - Replace/repair grub screw on one of the gears (Then test for other mechanical faults) - Weights added or removed - Make/purchase a fuel tank to fill the gap where the old on/off switch was - Remove the old branding - Replace pick-ups with a firm sprung steel - Replace couplers and buffer beams - Replace windows - Paint (either two-tone green or BR blue with yellow ends) Optional extra work. If I have the time I would like to; - Replace the radiator grills - Put the windows in the side of the loco body - Add coupler detailing and roof detailing - Cab detailing However, less not get ahead of yourselves! I do not intend on going all out with this model, I just want to improve it and have something to mess about with and run when I can. I have already been tempted by some conversion kits on the internet, but as this is the first time I have worked on something like this, I want to keep it simple. I will keep this thread as up to date as I can, and will be working progressively through this project all winter into the spring, it all depends on time and work!
  8. Yeah, it really does look the part!
  9. It's amazing how much free time you lose when you start working Saturdays! It has been a while (once again), but I have managed to round up a couple of shots for you guys :) EWS/DBS class 66 056 sits at the rear of 1Z91 for the Portbury Docker. GBRF class 66 746 passes Watton-at-Stone, heading North to the Doncaster Works Wagon Shop with South Eastern class 465 242. Airbus A319-111 G-EZGN EasyJet approaches runway 26 at London Luton Airport. Gulfstream G650 OE-LZM approaches runway 26 at London Luton Airport. Class 86 259 runs as 5Z57, London Kings Cross to Craigentinny T.&R.S.M.D. British Railway's 4MT 2-6-0 - 76084 at Sheringham, along the North Norfolk Railway. GB Railfreight class 66 728 passes Knebworth with a Gypsum service from Mountfield Sidings to Doncaster. Network Rail Class 313 121 passes Knebworth, returning to Willesden Junction for the night. And as per-usual, all and any criticism is welcome. Snuck a couple of aeroplane pictures in this time, as it is something new that I have got into. Would be nice if I could update this page again before christmas, but I shall wait and see!
  10. Congratulations Colin! It looks amazing, well done!
  11. Good news everyone! On the Bachmann home page they are announcing the release dates for both the Branchline and Farish catalogues. This date will be the 20th July! So, a heads up for those who need to start saving their pennies! This information can be found at;
  12. New month, so here are some new pictures! Been quite again due to work, but I managed to scramble a few up. EWS livery class 31 466 and DBS class 60 074 both seen here at the Nene Valley Railway Diesel Gala. DCR class 56 312 departs Wansford Station for Peterborough Nene Valley. British Rail class 47 402 pulls into Wansford along the Nene Valley Railway. British Rail class 73 departs Wansford, heading towards Ferry Meadows. DBS class 60 074 heads out of Wansford station, heading for Ferry Meadows. EWS class 66 116 heads north through Knebworth hauling a 'rubbish' service from Acton T.C. LNER B12 4-6-0 No. 8572 sits at Sheringham, platform 1, awaiting departure to Holt, calling at Weybourne. Colas Rail class 70 807 passes Watton-at-Stone heading North to Whitemoor Yard. BR Rebuilt Light Pacific 4-6-2 No. 34046 Braunton heads North through Knebworth as 'The White Rose II' to York. As usual, all comments and thoughts are welcome, and more can be found out;
  13. Looks great there Colin, I look forward to seeing it next when it's up at the club. Really does look splendid!
  14. I have a few for this month, it's tough trying to choose! I think this is one of my favourite pictures London Underground '4th rail' (It is Fourth rail, just you can only see three in the shot)
  15. About time we had an update, but unfortunately, it won't be a big one. It has been rather quiet the past few months, and work has picked up once again, so not as many pictures as I could have hoped for. First Capital Connect class 365529 and 317345 pass each other at Welwyn Garden City. Overhauled First Capital Connect class 365 517 heads North through Welwyn Garden City to Cambridge. Network Rail Class 31 223 heads North through Knebworth as a light loco. Arriva Trains Wales class 175 and Virgin Trains class 390 both await departure at Crewe. Europorte GBRF class 92 038 is seen stable at Crewe Station. Virgin Trains class 221 sits at Crewe awaiting passengers, for a departure to Chester. DRS class 20 304 sits alongside DRS class 47 501 at Crewe Heritage Centre. London Midland class 350 261 departs Crewe, heading North. DRS Class 37 402 heads out the short platform whilst dong brake van rides. DRS class 20 304 runs up the short section of track at Crewe Heritage centre, for the DRS open day. LNER A4 Class 4-6-2 no 60007 Sir Nigel Gresley heads North through Knebworth, as 1Z26 London Kings Cross to York. LNER A1 Class 4-6-2 no 60163 Tornado runs as 'The White Rose' as it heads North through Knebworth as a 1Zxx to York. As usual, thoughts and comments are always welcome and more pictures can be found at;