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  1. Thanks for the comments guys Well not much of a update just to say im going to collect the layout (from west yorkshire i think) tommorow. more pics to follow.
  2. simonF

    DCC Sound

    Hello everyone I am soon to be purchasing a Dcc sound loco (66209)But at the moment i want to know which would have the better sound quality or could you please tell me if there is a difference,so my option is to have 66209 from olivias trains or the 66209 at my local model shop that has been fitted with a sound decoder. thanks
  3. Thanks jack im really stoked about it and i im replacing all my old stock for newer hornby and bachmannones so i should be ok:)
  4. cheers jack its been a while but im glad to be back
  5. simonF

    Fen Quarry

    please may this be locked
  6. Hello Here are some pictures of my new layout:) I purchased the layout on ebay for £55.00!!.The track is code 75 is wired to DCC and also comes with a Bachmann EZ DCC controller.You can guess see from the pictures its going to be a TMD of some sort but im not 100% sure at the moment,the layout measures 6ft by 3ft. more updates soon
  7. Hello again, You may remember me as 60054SIMON60011 but im now under the name simonF(bit simpler) Anyway since then i havent done alot model wise but i have have recently acquired a layout that im very pleased with and i hope will be succsesful and will keep me busy for the next year or more. thanks for having me again simon :)