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  1. Adam If I remember correctly the outside frames just pull off, then you can remove the two cross head screws that secure the bottom plate to the loco. Once off all three pairs of wheel lift out together complete with the coupling rods. The two wires you can see connect to the corresponding wires from the original pickups which I left in place, there is just enough of a gap to feed them up into the main chassis block. Just make sure you connect each to the correct pickup for the same side of the loco otherwise you will have a short circuit. All in all a very simple and straightforward modification that makes a world of difference to the running, good luck! Cheers Ian
  2. Adam Bachmann 08's are notoriously bad for collecting dirt/crud under the pickups because the pickup wipers contact the wheel treads rather than the back of the wheels. If you remove the cover on the underside and lift the wheelsets out it will reveal the pickups (and a load of dirt I expect) clean it all up and try it again. This will probably fix it short term but the best idea is to modify it. The photo below shows the mod I did to both my locos and they now run faultlessly. As you can see I superglued a piece of Veroboard to the underside and made pickups from brass wire so that the 08 picks up from all 6 wheels and the contact is on the back of the wheel so it is far less prone to dirt build and poor running. HTH
  3. Mine started as '048 but I modified the cab upsweeps a little and renumbered to '037. Enjoy. Side view after modifying the livery at the cab sides. Most recent photo, Illustrious now has been weathered and sound fitted.
  4. Cheers Fearless, all the 50s are Hornby, the 33s & 47s are all Heljans and the 37s from Bachmann.
  5. Evening all, newbie here! Just a few pics of where my layout is at so far, some of you may be familiar with it already. I'm about 2 years down the road progress wise since my move into the loft from the garage, so its still a work in progress. The layout is based in the Exeter area and the junction is the split for the LSWR route to Waterloo, (Exeter St Davids has been moved a few miles further North in my world) and the stabling point replaces the facilities at St Davids station. View looking West with the Waterloo route curving to the left and the GWR route to Plymouth entrering the tunnel. View East over the stabling point to the scenic break overbridge beyond which is Exeter St Davids. Lower level view across the fuelling points. All three of the above were taken in May 2011, since when I have added a few inches of baseboard to the front edge. View from the bridge down the layout with the new addition visible at the lefthand side. View from behind the main shed showing the LSWR route curving away to Exford Park station. Closer view of the station. This end of the layout has yet to be scenically treated and detailed. There thats a taster I will add photos of loco stud etc as we go along.
  6. Evening all, Stumbled across this forum the other night thought I might as well sign up, already recognise a few of you 'from the other side'! Cheers Ian