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  1. Visited the show today, once again it was a great exhibition. Also took a short video from my visit this morning https://youtu.be/S0UchARpbeo
  2. 37425

    Class 47 Photos...

    47790 in Glasgow Central yesterday with the Northern Belle 47790, Glasgow Central 25/10/14 by Gavin37425, on Flickr And on the other end was 47330, now known as 57312 which is showing of its new Northern Belle livery 57312, Glasgow Central 25/10/14 by Gavin37425, on Flickr
  3. The first 37/4 I have saw for a few months, 37419 & Caroline making some noise through Cumbernauld not that long ago, will share the video later 37419 5Z02, Cumbernauld 9/10/14 by Gavin37425, on Flickr
  4. 37425

    First looses ScotRail

    I think because Transport for Scotland work a bit close with the franchise compared to others it might be a bit harder for things to go wrong. Hard to see what they will be doing with the current fleet in a few years when they get HSTs as well as the new EMUs for the Edinburgh - Glasgow line when it gets electrified
  5. 37668 making its return to Scotland today, seen crossing the Forth with 37685 (leading) on the Royal Scotsman 37668 Returns to Scotland by Gavin37425, on Flickr
  6. 37425

    Class 68s

    68014 on 4D47 today and yesterday 68014 4D47, Greenfaulds 25/9/14 by Gavin37425, on Flickr 68014 4D47, Gain Road 24/9/14 by Gavin37425, on Flickr
  7. 37425

    Class 68s

    The first Class 68 passenger working was also yesterday with 68006 + 68005 on 1Z25 Glasgow Central - Gleneagles as an extra service for the Ryder Cup
  8. My video of attempt from 37703's running evening at Bo'ness yesterday
  9. 37425

    Class "20"s...

    20305 & 20303 working the Hunterston flasks today, first time I have seen a Class 20 on a mainline freight http://youtu.be/yCCDF-9duPo
  10. 37601 & 37603 waiting for a crew member to arrive at Cumbernauld last night on 1Q13 37601 & 37603 1Q13, Cumbernauld 22/8/14 by Gavin37425, on Flickr 37601 & 37603 1Q13, Cumbernauld 22/8/14 by Gavin37425, on Flickr
  11. 37425

    Class 68s

    68003 had a shot on these working today as well which is its first Scottish freight working 68003 4D47, Gain Road 1/8/14 by Gavin37425, on Flickr
  12. 37425

    Class 68s

    68005 worked 4H47 Mossend - Inverness yesterday which is the first Class 68 to work a revenue earning train in Scotland and I filmed it at 0545 in the morning And then I filmed it again this time returning back to Mossend Also managed to get a picture as the light was better 68005 4D47, Greenfoot LC 29/7/14 by Gavin37425, on Flickr And I filmed it once again today on 4D47, this time at Bannockburn and unlike the first 2 the LED headlights on the 68 decided to confuse the camera slightly which they seem to be doing to a lot of others Meanwhile my other camera was unaffected by this so I got a picture as well 68005 4D47, Bannockburn Station Road 30/7/14 by Gavin37425, on Flickr
  13. 37518 with Jacobite stock 37518 5Z00, Castlecary 21/7/14 by Gavin37425, on Flickr 37602 + 37259 on a ballast 37602/37259 6K16, Greenfoot 8/7/14 by Gavin37425, on Flickr 37401 at Bo'ness 37401, Bo'ness 5/7/14 by Gavin37425, on Flickr
  14. 37401's final running evening at Bo'ness before heading back to DRS, its final service on the railway was the next day. Note how they have painted the headcode box black to make it more like it was in the days it was based at Eastfield depot, was only done halfway through the day in between 2 services
  15. 3 videos of 37s making a bit of noise over the past few days 37610 + 37259 passing Holytown on 6K41 yesterday and then the same 37s on 6K40 a few days before 37516 starting from a stand half way up a hill on Monday morning