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  1. Thank you by far one of my favorite shooting locations
  2. DBS red 60079 passing Alsager on the 21st May 2013 :)
  3. I'll just leave this here :) DRS 37405 passing Alsager on 8th July 2013
  4. I'm back. Its been awhile but i'm getting into model railways again!

    1. Philip


      Welcome back :D

    2. class66


      Sounds good to me!!!

  5. Loving this layout Jack can't wait to see it
  6. Its been awhile since I entered so here is my entry this month A pair EMT class 153's pick up passengers at Alsager with a service to Crewe Class 155 Relived by InterCity Photography, on Flickr
  7. As I've said the layouts frame has now been completed and I have now started work on the legs which will hopefully be complete by Monday. Picture Time: Above: This is the underside of board one, in each corner is the leg holes. Below: A close up of the leg holes. Which in theory should allow the legs to slot in easily! Right now I'm waiting for the glue to dry and will hopeful be uploading some more photos later today. :) Alistair
  8. InterCity427


    I'm @InterCity427
  9. Right the layouts frame is complete, just the legs to do now! And I'll have some pictures up tomorrow.
  10. Its been along time now but I have finally begun assembling the frame around the boards. Therefore I hope to finish off its assembly over the weekend and will post some pictures soon! Regards Alistair P.S. If one of the moderators/admins could move this topic to WIP & Built Layouts thread it would be very helpful.
  11. 60163 Tornado arrives at Shrewsbury Station on the 26th November 2011