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  1. Considering withdrawing Heashford, so I can work on it without deadlines or rules to abide to.
  2. An obvious one: 91110 at Railfest on 2.6.12
  3. That's not relevant, he wants a loco or two with a few wagons, there we go The regular passenger would also not really be able to tell the difference between the two, even less so tourists on a preserved railway.
  4. Just clocked: the RHTT! The Rail Head Treatment Train is usually top and tailed by Class 66 'Sheds', and only two of the wagons or so. Not quite sure about the details, but you could look it up somewhere.
  5. Trains of nuclear containers are pretty small, they only require one/two wagons (available from Bachmann), and two locos of whatever class you want (As it would have to be DRS, I would recomend 37s, as they are easily available from ViTrains at cheap prices)
  6. No one is going up on the 2nd You're all missing out on Royal Scots Grey action!
  7. TheCatapultTV

    Freight Hopping

    Use the embedded link on the forum post, I got the same warning when I went onto YouTube but it worked fine on the forum post.
  8. You guessed correctly! Yeah, we've known each other for a long time, first time we met was at the last 1967 stock on the Victoria Line!
  9. I require no introduction to you mate
  10. The Wombats - Techno Fan Thanks to TopTrackOfficial for getting me addicted to that song
  11. The route map for the branch line that Heashford is on. It is entirely fictional, and I imagine it runs south from Exeter. The diorama itself is between Heashford and Ackington Central stations, obviously much closer to the former.