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  1. Thank you Chris! I will shortly be erecting some clear perspex to the front of the layout for exhibition appearances, to stop any errant fingers touching the scenics and stock. Really looking forward to taking this out on the road often!
  2. April 2017 Fablewood's 2017 exhibition program got underway earlier than scheduled on Saturday 1st April, when it made a last minute appearance at the 009 Society's AGM and Narrow Gauge Model Railway Show in Rainford, Merseyside. Following an emergency call ten days earlier, Fablewood's appearance went down well with visitors, despite minor issues with dirt getting into the pointwork. A few shots taken on the day, are as follows... Fablewood's next scheduled outing, is to the Southport Model Railway Show on Saturday 29th April 2017. Comments welcomed as always.
  3. *Roboteers, stand by... 3... 2... 1... Activate!* Yes, it's the second series of the all-new Robot Wars, and what a way to start proceedings! Kicking off last Sunday (5th March) on BBC2, the new series seems to have had a little bit of tinkering with since we last saw the show in August. Example being, in the arena when you hit the 'tyre', it has a choice of either releasing the dreaded 'pit', or allowing a house robot to come out of it's zone to do battle for a limited amount of time. Other than that, still good to see the arena at it's finest and often deadliest... And so to the competing robots. Nuts 2 was of course slung out of the arena in the first group battle by Matilda (goes to show you don't want to mess with her!). Jellyfish was a bizarre one; tough talk, but not quite enough sting in it's tail. Fair play though; they had a rare chance to get back into the game during the group battle stages, but alas not quite powerful enough to make it to the final. Crank-E was, as per the first time, knocked out in the group battles; a new robot which looked like it could pack a punch with it's vertical spinner, but ultimately proving itself to be quite vulnerable to attack. The Dutch effort TMHWK did quite well in the group stages, but took a right hammering to it's outer shell. Terrorhurtz looked intimidating with it's big axe, but problems with steering and activating it's weapon dogged their progress. And Rapid? Well, for the fact that it's the most expensive competitor to date, it did look to be quite a beast to be reckoned with at first. But ultimately, problems with repair work after sustaining great damage, meant they had to retire early from the competition. Which leaves us with Aftershock. What a contraption; knocking out anything that stood in it's path, and sailing through the battle stages with tremendous ease. Although it's early days, Aftershock already seems to be a contender worthy of the 2017 Robot Wars crown. So what will the next episode bring? We'll find out soon enough... For now, thoughts and comments welcomed. *Cease!*
  4. March 2017 Time for a long overdue update, after four well deserved months off! During a recent visit to Model Rail Scotland 2017, a Minitrains Bagnall 'Wingtank' 0-4-0 was acquired. A sweet little runner and worth the investment! (Incidentally, she is also the first RTR model on Fablewood, the other engines being of 3D printed and kit form.) Also, a trio of the recently released Peco 'FR style' slate wagons were picked up. Again, sweet little runners, and will help Fablewood to start taking on the Welsh narrow gauge theme it is intended to represent. An Oxford Diecast 1950's Massey Ferguson tractor makes an appearance too. Although there is no room for a farm on Fablewood, a little artistic licence is employed here; although the railway doesn't carry regular freight anymore, perhaps a local farmer has requested his new acquisition to be delivered by rail, or maybe the tractor has already been unloaded and is awaiting further collection? Who knows? It looks a good model anyway... Another addition to the motive power front, is another Chris Ward 3D printed 'Fairlie'. I've had the body since last year, but have not got round to doing it up until now. Running on a Kato 106 chassis and turned out in scarlet red with cream lettering, the Fairlie is going for the 'James Spooner' look, with no cab roof (nearly prototypical of the real life machine). There are still a few outstanding bits to be done on her (handrails, more painting and a little sprucing up), but she already looks the part, especially when paired up with the Peco slate wagons! Fablewood will be making it's first 2017 exhibition outing in April, when it is booked to appear at a show hosted by Southport Model Railway Club on Saturday 29th. More details to follow, as and when they are confirmed. More progress to follow, as it unfolds. Comments welcomed as usual.
  5. The 51st annual Model Rail Scotland event will once more be taking place at Glasgow's Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre, on the weekend of Friday 24th, Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th February 2017. 50+ layouts are expected to be in attendance, supported by the usual mix of top name traders, suppliers, demonstrators and societies. The 2017 layout list can be found here: http://www.modelrail-scotland.co.uk/ex2017layouts.html Tickets are as follows: Adult (on the door): £12 Adult (advance): £11 Child (on the door): £6 Child (advance): £5 Family (on the door): £27 Family (advance): £26 Advance tickets are available from the show's website (link coming up). A free guidebook is issued upon entry. The SECC is located off the A814 road; postcode to the venue is G3 8YW. Alternatively, a railway station serves the venue, with a frequent service operated by Scotrail (If arriving from the WCML, change trains at Glasgow Central, go to the 'low level', and catch trains going towards Partick). More show details at http://www.modelrail-scotland.co.uk/index.html
  6. Can one side of the box be cut away (aside from the top/bottom that opens up anyway), or does it all have to be exactly intact?
  7. And if you fancy a chance to see it again, albeit without the commentary, then New Year's Day (Sunday 1st January 2017) is the time to do it... http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b087k5rf
  8. Thanks for that John. Shall have to look out for that... Aye, not so often you get to see my mug up on here! Thanks for commenting gentlemen!
  9. Trust me Matt, it was a fantastic surprise! Thanks!
  10. 11th and 12th November 2016 On Friday 11th and Saturday 12th November 2016, Fablewood made a surprise public outing. Only it wasn't to an exhibition somewhere in the North West, but a very unlikely location... The store of Hatton's Model Railways! (The one relocated from it's old base at Smithdown Road in Liverpool, to the present base on Montague Road near Widnes) The shop was marking it's 70th anniversary, and contacted me three days earlier to ask if I wouldn't mind bringing Fablewood down, to form a small display as part of the festivities. Well, this was one offer too good to refuse, and I was only too happy to oblige (not to mention being honoured to help mark a very special milestone for the former Liverpool-based business)! Fablewood performed very well as usual, and shop customers showed great interest and left very kind comments. Below, is a selection of pictures taken over the two days of operation... Yours truly, in his element! (For those wondering what the 00 is on the left, it's the shop's 00 scale DCC layout called Atlantic Road TMD. This was on display alongside my own setup, and had a variety of DCC chipped locos in action). A great few days out, and as mentioned earlier, it was a real honour to be part of a very special occasion for Hatton's. Comments welcomed as always.
  11. Thank you John. Regarding the 'broken' bit of fence, it has since been replaced... I tried fitting a 'Bachmann' engine crew in the cab of the red locomotive, but it was a bit awkward.
  12. October 2016 Time for a rather overdue update with progress... Since May 2016 when Fablewood was last out, yours truly has taken a break from working on it, while figuring out what needs to be done next. But with another recent exhibition appearance on the cards, a few minor things had to be put in order. We'll take a look at a few small examples. First off, the field beside the cottages now boasts some grazing sheep and a gentleman out for a stroll along the footpath. However, there are one or two rebels in this flock; one is eating the flowers out of one of the cottage gardens... ...and another is wandering up the road towards the level crossing, where the Peco fencing also received some attention, and one of the trees which had been knocked down, was glued back into position with more scatter laid down around it... The goods yard has also been seen to as well. The platform now boasts a Ratio goods crane (painted brown), and a few items have been added. A porter is moving milk churns over to the road loading area, and a few oil drums are awaiting collection. Meanwhile, the coal bunker now has a load of it's own; pink foam material cut to shape, painted black twice, and real crushed coal scattered over a layer of PVA glue. Not sure if I got the size of the coal pile correct, but I'll let you decide. Five months back, I bolstered the steam fleet by taking delivery of a Peco 'Glyn Valley Tramway' style tram locomotive, which was purchased from the 009 Society's sales department. She's currently running in the livery it came in (though some slight touching up had to be done), but a repaint may be on the cards in the not too distant future. Here she is, with a passenger service at Fablewood station. A few more passengers have been added to the station platforms, and a postman has turned up to do his usual near-daily collection of the local mail (passengers travelling on the trains and the cottage occupants often post letters/postcards into the letterbox outside the station, hence the post van coming out on an almost daily basis). Fablewood enjoyed it's third and final exhibition outing for 2016, when it attended the Stephenson Model Railway Group's third annual one-day show, on Saturday 22nd October 2016. The layout performed very well, and was met with more positive comments from the public. Here are a few scenes taken during this exhibition appearance. So what's next, you might ask? One of the next tasks is to have some of the permanent way weathered (namely oil spillage and used ballast; if anyone has any tips on how to go about this task, feel free to speak up), and to fit some perspex in front of the layout. However, it won't be permanent; it would only be fitted for exhibition outings, and removed at home for photography purposes. For now though, comments welcomed as always.