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  1. Regarding the ambulance station - in some locations they sometimes have standby locations, these are small buildings that generally has a crew room and space for one or two trucks outside and maybe a rapid response car (used to have one in Banbury where the main station was out of town 5 minutes away). In other locations the the station maybe be that small, an example is Stratford upon Avon where the ambulance station is on the side of the fire station, if there aren't that many crews out of there. Just some ideas that you could work in perhaps, a bit of modellers license could easily give you a standby location on the other side of town :) HTH Lewis
  2. That looks fantastic! Will look right at home idling away in the platform :)
  3. Have naive of me to think I wouldn't buy more locomotives once starting Uni!!!

  4. Wow... the last time I saw this thread the track was laid and the basic scenery was going down. What a transformation! The scenery is spot on and looks amazing especially now you've started to add the lights. I am very jealous of your 37 collection, would love to see some more photos of those! Keep up the great work, Lewis
  5. Okay so a little update. Progress on the layout has continued a little, I now have all the lights on the layout working (ish), with just one that needs some adjustment. One more point motor is in fully and started on another but in the next month everything will grind to a halt. I will be moving to London! I will be starting a five year medical degree which will take up a lot of my time and more importantly money, so layout progress will be minimal but hopefully it will be incorporated into a larger layout long term.
  6. Won't be more for a while Neil... Got five years of medical school to get through before railways can really take off again!!
  7. If you want a cheap walk around then the Bachmann Dynamis is probably your best bet, can also be extended to have multiple handsets. Does require you to point the handset at the base though so you may have to find the best position for it.
  8. I feel ashamed I haven't updated this in almost a year :/ but that's what A-levels does to you! Now I've had a nice long summer with absolutely nothing to do or worry about (forget results day just forget results day...) I have made some progress. Most of it is under the baseboard in the form of point motors (which I still haven't finished) but over the past few days I completed my entry into the competition this year (topic is over in the Competition area). So many photos have been taken which are all on my Flickr account but I will post some of the better ones here. Although I am (technically) an adult I will be pestering my Dad to help with the remaining five point motors as together we get them sorted so much faster than me slaving away on my own, which usually resorts in stuff magically flying across the loft accompanied by a colourful selection of words... Ah well.... Anyway as soon as they are done then track weathering can be finished then I can move onto the final straight - the embankment at the back of the layout! Thanks for following and sorry for the delay! Lewis
  9. Photo Time!! Went a bit mad with the SLR so have done a photoshoot of all the locos that are wired up for DCC 66722 Sir Edward Watkin - GBRf/Metronet Class 66 (with DCC Sound) 67001 - EWS Class 67 37409 Lord Hinton - DRS Class 37 (with DCC Sound) 66411 Eddie The Engine - DRS/Stobart Rail Class 66 09012 Dick Hardy - Engineers Grey Class 09 66701 Whitmoor - GBRf Class 66 66412 - DRS Class 66 66200 The Heritage Railway Committee - EWS Class 66 60029 Clithroe Castle - EWS Class 60 56125 - GBRf Class 56 (fictitious livery entered into the MRL Competition - 2nd place) Network SouthEast Class 108 DMU
  10. Echoing Chris really, I've followed Basford MkII since the first baseboards were put in so will be sad to see it go, although a new layout and a new challenge is always fun!!
  11. A nice 09 is heading my way, will be replacing the Class 14!

  12. It keeps getting better Will!!! :)
  13. I have to say this is definitely one of my favourite layouts on here :) keep up the good work, I'm very much following with interest!
  14. Knew there was an article somewhere! Model Rail 166 March 2012 Pages 66-69. Names all class 37 locos with the headlight conversion and how to do it for yourself. Good luck!