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  1. Here are a few more pics.........
  2. Well progress is at last being made, the baseboard has been cut and I'm trial fitting bits and bobs to see how they fit / look!
  3. I was raised on episodes of Blue Peter, so it was a bit of spare foam board and marker pens time!
  4. Here's the track plan for Number 3 mine and I've made a small scale mock up of what the mine will look like with mine shaft modelled below ground. Here are links to the pictures.
  5. Well here's the first iteration of the "cunning plan"! On the upper level there is a mine with a dump trestle down to the lower branch line. Next week I'll make a mock up to check clearences and ensure the tight curve on the lower branch doesn't cause problems for the Bachmann On30 Porter 0-4-0 & 0-4-2's. A happy New Year to you all. Nigel
  6. Well over the last few days I've been thinking about the 2ft challenge and have come up with a cunning plan as Baldrick would say! I will be doing something in On30 with a coal mining theme, I'll post a track plan in the next few days. Regards, Nigel
  7. Here's a link I found on the Small Layout Design forum to a YouTube video of a layout shown at the recent Glossop exhibition... the design concept is interesting to say the least! Happy modelling Nigel
  8. Here's the track plan - found it on!
  9. Well I have just taken delivery of a couple of N scale articulated steamers a Challenger 4-6-6-4 (with sound) and a Cab Forward 4-8-8-2. I have set myself the challenge of reproducing heavy duty triple track mainline working in a space of 5 feet x 3 feet! I have a track plan which will provide double track mainline coal hauling with a relief track for the helper service (American speak for double heading). The locos appear happy on a minimum of 14 inch radius curves.I will post the track plan once I have a presentable version! Nigel
  10. Regrettably due to family illness I was unable to attend the members day and bring 50something Street with me so I've posted three photos on the model railways gallery of the finished thing. I've had a lot of fun working in OO9 so I've decided to extend the boxfile by adding a continuous run, the track plan is one I found on the Small Layout website and takes up a lot of room, it's all of 24” x 18”! In addition I am abandoning the realistic hook & link couplers in favour of standard BEMO narrow gauge couplers, at least shunting will now be a viable option! So over the coming months I'll post updates on progress & the inevitable mistakes!!!! Happy modelling Nigel
  11. Yes I'm planning to be there, I'm keen to see all the Boxfiles, I've enjoyed the challenge, its good fun to make something small to a deadline! Nigel
  12. And here's the warehouse and platform area - needs people adding!
  13. Here's a view towards the fiddle yard, still lots of finishing to be done!