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  1. I do know that some MK2 rakes ran with a MK3 buffet on the west coast, but other than that I have never really seen a mixed rake, but shows it can be done :)
  2. The Class 90 does not seem to have working lights, No Its really no different to the old ones if am honest, still got that plastic look and a massive metal pantograph on top. I haven't had chance to open her up just yet, But when I do I'll upload the pictures Heres the video as well: Pretendolino Video
  3. Hello to all After a long wait for Hornby to release the Virgin Trains Pretendolino pack which has 82126 and 90029 in. The Prendolino was introduced onto the WCML after 390 033 City of Glasgow derailed at Lambrigg in Cumbria. So something did come good out of the crash, because we were able to then see a return of a push pull set back on the West Coast Main Line and more importantly it was with Virgin and not an open access operator. So back to the model, she arrived this morning from Hattons. First impressions is that she is amazing, well the Virgin DVT is anyway. In my opinion the only thing that lets this set down is that it has to be brought with the EWS engine, which allows Hornby to make some money. Where the RRP of £129.99 comes from, I will never know... still Hattons price of £104 is a little expensive, but thats how they are now I would much preferred to have been given the choice to buy the DVT on its own, like the old livery DVT released last year. As a avid Virgin fan I am, I would prefer to run with my Virgin locos and not have to buy the EWS. Anyway let take a look at some shots, Jack you should recognise two of them Firstly we have the Box: Now here are both sides of the DVT: The Class 90, Still looking like the standard Plastic Hornby version The two together: Some more of 82126 Some Close up shots: And now with the 'Virgin Trains' teddy free from Facebook I have been asked for some images of the Class 90 without the body one, I shall post these when I have taken those picturs I have also created a YouTube video which is being uploaded now on Virgintrainsuk, I will post the link once uploaded I hope you liked the shots Bradley
  4. The do look good Jack I do look forward to seeing this layout take shape... I can just see a full length Virgin Hst on on here running along the coast :)
  5. Thanks mate 777 is just a little longer, but yeahh I guess they do kinda :)
  6. Okay... a little of topic (Hence other transports), But I thought I would show you guys what I've been up to this week end. As a Virgin fan not only in railways, but aircraft as well. I was at Manchester to see the first passenger flight for Virgins new aircraft the Airbus A330-300 G-VSXY. Heres the shots Hope you like the pics :)
  7. Thats awesome Jack Good luck with this...
  8. Am liking the look of your plans thier Jack Can't wait to see progress shots.
  9. Virgin Trains Class 221111 'Roald Amundsen' Arrving in to Prestons Platform four with a service to B'Ham New Set, Passing a TPX 185106 (11th March)
  10. I really like the flask wagon, I think I will have to get one or two of these. Also liking the look of the Class 350, soem cracking detail on that ;)
  11. It seems that there is nothing for me this year from Bachmann :(
  12. I would be right to say the East Coast is a custom, but the finish just looks like a standard model, great work :)
  13. Look great Jack Great to get close to famous people, I have only seen a few cabinet ministers leaving downing street, nothing to this. I bet you really enjoyed it jack, something to remember anyway :)
  14. Sounds like you had a really good day, your luckly there was a thunderbird in as there not always there, but over the far side of the station. The royal train pictures look very good, shamed I miseed this one Great to see the Bombadier Voyager, at a station to get some shots, I caught it the once wizzing pass to Preston not really any good for pictures.