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  1. 56303

    PeakDaleWorks Bench

    Hi Jon, Yeah, I figured as much you lot were getting them all - I've seen them for that price at a few places but not going to get one at the moment anyway as got other things to spend cash on at home first. Shame about Hornby doing the 60's for ya as well but hopefully they'll be up to scratch ;) Already got the TaTa one from you but may get the DB one if it's a reasonable price. Although, might need to review my stock level & sell a couple of things first to make way. Cheers Tim
  2. 56303

    PeakDaleWorks Bench

    Very nice bud, need to try and get a donor loco for a reasonable price but it ain't happening at the moment ( Have you gone for a darker grey on the roof or is just the lighting when you took the pic as the pics I've seen show the roof a lighter grey? Cheers Tim
  3. 56303

    PeakDaleWorks Bench

    Nice work as usual fela ;) You done one of the Network Rail 57's yet ? Cheers
  4. 56303

    Peak forest (almost)....

    Great idea for a layout, watching with interest :) What are your baseboards made from ? Cheers Tim
  5. 56303

    Causeway Junction

    Nice vid, what sound chip is that ?
  6. 56303

    Bachmann / Model Rail Ltd Edition DRS 37409

    Quite agree with you on both points ! I expect there will be some who buy them and put them on a well known auction site to make a profit.
  7. 56303

    PeakDaleWorks Bench

    Excellent news, look forward to seeing them back soon Hopefully be boxing up the wagons to send up towards the end of the month after I get paid. Nice Thunderbird there as well, I got 57307, the standard Bachy release version but maybe another could be on the list in future ;)
  8. 56303

    PeakDaleWorks Bench

    Hi Jon, Sorry to hear your bad news matey, know how much she meant to you & the family. Nice grids by the way !
  9. 56303

    Horton Road TMD

    Hi Lewis, The side of the rails was painted using "Rusty Rails" paint, it comes with it's own bottle and little roller to brush direct onto the rails but I found it better to just use a normal small brush. I don't own an airbrush so the rest of the weathering was done using a combination of Railmatch aerosols - sleeper grime, frame dirt and a bit of roof dirt. Hope that helps.
  10. 56303

    Horton Road TMD

    Just a quick note to says thanks to those that voted for me in the MPOTM competition B-)
  11. Noticed that the Bachmann / Model Rail Ltd Edition DRS 37409 is now available to preorder on the website Prices are £85.00 for non-sound version and £179.99 for sound version. Links below :- Non-sound version Sound version Looks good and an even better price when you apply the subscribers discount Anyone else getting one ?
  12. Haven't entered for a while so here's my entry DB Schenker Tug's 60011 and 60099 are pictured on shed 1 at Horton Road TMD resting in between duties on 27/07/2011.
  13. 56303

    Horton Road TMD

    Evening all ! Thought it was about time to resurrect this topic No real progress yet on the layout and proposed extension although I have bought enough plywood and planed timber for the baseboards. Work and other commitments have gotten in the way along with a period of redrawing plan after plan to try to get the current layout to work with the extension. Think I'm nearly there .....(until I change my mind again ). I did add some further weathering to the fuel area the other night which seems better :- A couple of new arrivals have appeared via Peakdale Works where they've been overhauled but not stayed on shed long for any pics yet.
  14. 56303

    PeakDaleWorks Bench

    Blimey, you have been busy Liking the DRS choppers and filthy EWS 66 but the numbers are a bit light - down to the transfers I guess (?) Can't they reproduce them with the correct colour or is it a legal thing that they can't ? Cracked open the box of loco's back from you the other day and had a session on the layout which was the first for a while. Maybe get some pics at the weekend and resurrect my topic lol
  15. 56303

    PeakDaleWorks Bench

    Afternoon Jon, Looking forward to seeing her return home to Horton Road with the other loco's, let's hope she starts first time after being stored at Peak Dale for a while Got any finished pics of Artemis 56 as well ? Might be after one of them sometime, already got a possible donor as I've managed to get one of the REX Fastline 56's so might get one of the resprayed ones I got resprayed into Artemis. Or I might sell that one and get another donor loco, not decided yet ! Latest work looks superb as usual fela and hope you have a good holiday :)