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  1. Peakdaleworks

    PeakDaleWorks Bench

    Few more!
  2. Peakdaleworks

    PeakDaleWorks Bench

    Hi matey and cheers yeh there done now just gota add custom decals to the pair. Cheers, Jon.
  3. Peakdaleworks

    PeakDaleWorks Bench
  4. Peakdaleworks

    PeakDaleWorks Bench

    Also went Chinley & Peak Forest yesterday rained heavy all day but heres some vids an pics.
  5. Peakdaleworks

    PeakDaleWorks Bench

    Hi all, Heres a few more done, there should be something here for everyone, also the Colas 56's are almost finished two both different numbers.
  6. Peakdaleworks

    [Under Construction] Layout in Yorkshire

    Hi Nik, Superb mate looking top and nice and neat my version on my last front boards wasn't so flat and ready to go again me an a mate chizzeled the ***** out of all the remaining ballast wat a nightmare that was! New boards now like them ones are the sheds floor now The pics really show how much space you have and i'm looking forward to the Wigan depot been a north west man that place was one we visited/sneaked round a few times back in br days, following with interest anyways ;) :) Cheers, Jon.
  7. Peakdaleworks

    PeakDaleWorks Bench

    Heres a few more pics from the other week, still not happy with how the pics show on the topic want normal big pics again but wat ever?
  8. Peakdaleworks

    PeakDaleWorks Bench

    Heres 66027 EWS, a bachmann shed re-number.
  9. Peakdaleworks

    PeakDaleWorks Bench

    Hi, My mates selling his 66722 METRONET RENEWING THE TUBE LTD Edition shed model its as new boxed un run if anyones interested PM me all offers considered guys :)
  10. Peakdaleworks

    PeakDaleWorks Bench

    Couple more, These two are in proper liverys not the modern day garb
  11. Peakdaleworks

    PeakDaleWorks Bench

    Yes those beautys two! 510 is already dumped awaiting stripping thou shes @ kingmoor so will probably be dragged to barrow hill the other two well i saw 229 on gresty last week and 087 is still working for now! Heres a couple more tuglets finished, i've now done the complete north west coal fleet barring 099 in the last few weeks!
  12. Peakdaleworks

    PeakDaleWorks Bench

    I see 37218 has already been robbed of some parts as her component recovery days set in @ Barrow Hill! RIP 218 its only a matter of time till the other unlucky 37's follow her trend poor things!
  13. Peakdaleworks

    Peak Dale

    Evenin all, Couple of pics for you lads, sorry there all 37's ;)
  14. Peakdaleworks

    PeakDaleWorks Bench

    Yes mate some shops and other sprayers can charge hell of a lot and the majority charge more than me and don't do a proper job or as good a job! The usual thing with others i've noticed is they weather loco's up but don't clean the wheels afterwards! So the loco won't work when placed on the track! Anyways heres a tank i've bin working on, its a bachmann bogie tank i've re-worked and labelled up as a TOTAL north east TEA tank, i've added S-kits Y25 clasp braked bogies & white metal parts under the chassis aswell as white painted brass brake wheels to make her look a bit more like the ones that ran thru Barnetby in the 80's/90's.+ another 60011 re-spray enjoy chaps :) Cheers, Jon.