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  1. Hey all, It's been a while since I updated this thread...but alot has happened since, Causeway junction is gone unfortunately, a house move meant it had to go! On the plus I now have a large garage for mk2 and I hope to start construction this winter! More updates too follow..... Bondy
  2. Looking good Jon, i am hoping to see a couple of sheds on here very soon mate! any progress?
  3. Cheers, not much has happened for the last couple of weeks due to work commitments, hopefully this weekend will see the final couple of baseboards built for the scenic side. bondy
  4. Looking good chris I like the new area, coming along nicely! bondy
  5. NIce set of pictures matey, two of my fav tugs on show, 045 and 039! bondy
  6. 66623 is looking good matey, and very good price from Freightliner direct, makes you wonder why people pay high prices on ebay!! :) bondy
  7. Superb livery 66623 one of my favourites as well, but they do command a high fee on ebay, I just kept an eye and got one eventually. See the vid below which should wet your appetite...
  8. Have to agree with Phil, perhaps a fence and can the rail section be shortened a bit? If not it looks fine as is matey, something different or you could make it a disused football ground. bondy
  9. Cheers matey, at the minute I have no where for the layout to go , but hopefully i will be getting a garage/shed built for it but not until next year at the earliest, for now though it will be stored and built when ever I want to use it, and with it being in sections I can work on a couple at a time at home, for track laying etc. I will just be building it in my dads yard as per yesterday, doing this means that I can make it very big!!! bondy
  10. Hey all Bit of progress with the layout again today, becoming a habit now! Managed to get 4 of the scenic boards bolted together for the first time, and also fitted the backscene boards on 3 of them, see pictures below. Backscene boards are 300mm high and made of 9mm plywood.
  11. Yeah I did indeed get the Metronet shed, from model rail stand, this year lets hope the 67 makes it, although i doubt it will some how. Are you going Jack?
  12. Sounds good matey, I would love a trip myself sometime I could probably send hours there. I do need pictures of the bridges at both ends of the layout, Peak forest and Great Rocks junction, these will be the first scenic items that i put on the layout. Hopefully they build a shed to cover the wagons when working at them, this would be an interesting scene for the layout. bondy
  13. You have a good memory alright Jack, I did indeed a couple of locos last year!! And this year I hope that Hornby might have the new 67 for release at the show, fingers crossed!! bondy
  14. Not sooo much hellfire as actually ON fire in Pilning loop........... should have bought some class 60's from DBS!