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  1. yesterday i went to run a couple of locos yesterday and i went to knock on my controller, and i went straight to the OL screen, could someone help me. FYI- i got the hornby DCC select.
  2. i do dirt most of the time but sometimes if im lucky, the skatepark. my best trick i can do on a ramp that me and my friend's make is a tailwip, but on a pro built ramp i can do a Kan-Kan. what do you ride and what is you best trick?
  3. well when i post this i will have 200 posts and red!! any way i have emailed hornby but i may phone them Wednesday if thy don't get back to me.
  4. well i think you put allot of effort in to that layout, but the new one may be better.
  5. thanks, i will contact hornby but still check the tracks and the locos. thank you
  6. just started watching CM from the start when you first had the board
  7. well i have some more:- BMXing downhill races on my MTB hardstyle dance like shuffling, jumpstyle and tectonik dune buggy racing. thats about it.
  8. well i am a DJ and i do party's for my friends for £20 a hour
  9. have you got any other hobbies if you have post them?
  10. i went up my nans to do a bit of scenery work on my station, once i had done that i went to test my pendo on that track but when i knocked on the controller it done the first safety check ''11'' but after that it went ''OL'' (over load) and i tryd it again still ''OL'', so what should i do.
  11. well i like it bit it is a bit bigger than planed because of express points but make them to the smaller ones if you want but here it is the pink bit is a shed and the orange lines are entrance and exit to the exchange sidings . hope you like this
  12. well jack i have got one just made it now just putting on stations and all that now PS. how do i upload pics now then?