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  1. 37401

    Basford Parkway

    Nice to see Basford coming along! Particularly like the two W&S DVT's side by side, albeit on an Arriva service! Some great pictures there too Dave
  2. 37401

    Basford Parkway

    Cracking bit of CAD work there, what program is this? All you need now is a 3D printer
  3. 37401

    Milton Yard

    Thanks Chaps Haha yeah, I probably should have thought about that before hand!
  4. 37401

    Milton Yard

    As I said, I have completely rewired Milton yard to tidy the wiring up, to make it a little easier to find faults should they occur. I'm sure Jack (Javelin395) and Richard (60 maniac) would be pleased to hear this, after the exhibition at MRL'S members day didnt go all that smoothly. Here are a few shots of the electrics for Milton Yard Since these photos were taken I have added the relay bank and Hornby point decoders to the underside of the baseboard, the layout is now fully operational and hopefully will stay that way Cheers Dave
  5. 37401

    Basford Parkway

    The plans look very good jack, I like the idea of the viaduct, will make good photo opportunities! Love the shots, especially the ones of those skips there and W&S Dave
  6. Really good work there Caz! The dirt lines down the side of the body look top notch! Happy Birthday as well!
  7. 37401

    Milton Yard

    Thanks Caz, They're glue together kits, pretty simple to make, but quite a fair bit of detail on them! Definitely worth a £10
  8. 37401

    Milton Yard

    Hello all, Not much has happened on Milton yard since the exhibition at the MRL members day, however due to opertional 'issues' after the layout having been transported, I have completely rewired the layout and tidied it up some what. I have also decided to make a kit of an 0-6-0 class 04 Drewry Shunter kit which I got from Dapol a few years back, I also purchased a spare 0-6-0 underfram and motor for a different model with the intention of fitting it in the plastic kit. After a few years of laying about, I finally assembled the kit, and modified it to fit the chassis and motor in. It was a very tight squeeze and needed a lot of the plastic kit being cut away however I manged to finish it and it runs pretty smooth, albeit rather noisy. This is probably due to the engine housing plastic acting as an acoustic amplifier as the mother touches the enclosure on both size. All in all it cost me around £15, next job is to get some paint on it, any livery suggestions? From this... To this... Along side the resident class 08 A few General shots Dave
  9. 37401

    Wrexham General

    From what I understand ATW have sold their ex-wag MK2's to Riviera Trains and they were moved from Canton to Crewe last month, and the rest of the MK2's have been scrapped. A bit of a waste as they definitely should invest in some loco haulage. As for a 175 model, that would be a very nice addition to my fleet, they definitely better than the 158's Arriva have. Are they 175's going to receive the premier livery as they were only overhauled a few years ago, and repainted at the same time, it wasnt all that long ago they were still running round in first colours! I know Arriva had a 'ghost' livery for them at one time, i wonder if these liveries would be included if a model was to be released? As Caz said they are predominantly Welsh units, and go to Manchester Piccadilly both via Warrington or Crewe, occasionally Birmingham, however Arriva keep those duties to 158's probably because a lot of Holyhead/Chester trains going to Birmingham join with Aberystwyth to Birmingham units as 158's are the only units allowed over the Cambrian lines. As for liveries, I can think of a few: -First NW -First livery with Arriva Branding -Arriva 'ghost' -Arriva (current) there may have been more so please add to the list Dave
  10. 37401

    Wrexham General

    Yeah most of the Ruggex's went via crewe, just the odd one would find itself down Wrexham way, probably to eliminate the use of two loco's, at least you get the wag set down your way either way Caz!
  11. 37401

    Wrexham General

    Tom and Caz, a 57 and Mk2 set was indeed routed via Wrexham on a ruggex to Cardiff on the 12th February last year, I might be wrong but I think It had been through at least prior to this, however it would have to t'n't due to reversal at Chester. 57313 by 37401Photos, on Flickr On this occasion it was 57313 and 315 seen just approaching Wrexham, if tom is correct then it looks like all 4 Arriva 57's have made it through Wrexham over the years, I know they certainly made it through on the 6J37 log train when Colas hired 57's from virgin Regards Dave
  12. On Friday/Saturday the 27/28th of October a First Great Western 158 made its way up to Llandudno from Exeter. The Association of Community Rail Partnerships conference was held at Venue Cymru in Llandudno. ATW were this years hosts, so FGW ran a train for people to attend. It's not everyday you see a FGW train up in North Wales! Here 158763 leads the 1Z14 Llandudno - Exeter SD passed Johnstown, just south of Wrexham FGW 158763 by 37401Photos, on Flickr I know Jack (Javelin395) has a few shots of this train, does anyone else? Regards, Dave
  13. Looks like a very interesting plan Tom! Cant wait to see the results, sounds like there will be a lot of variation in traction and stock lots of space to play with aswell! I will follow with interest! Dave
  14. 37401

    Milton Yard

    Milton Yard has its first exhibition on the Saturday of the MRL members day this weekend! (Saturday 13th July) The exhibition will be at the Crewe Heritage centre along with Many other layouts. Jack (javelin395) will be there with his layouts, plus many other exhibitors. So if you would like to see Milton Yard and many other layouts, come down to Crewe for the day, more information can be found in the news section on this forum. With regards to the layout itself, there have been a few changes and updates to it, which you will be able to see at Crewe on Saturday! If you fancy a go at some shunting operations, why not have a go yourself? See you there! Dave