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  1. The budget TTS sound locos are quite interesting, particularly the class 40 seeing as the Railroad 40 isn't too bad a model.
  2. Wabtec is Brush Traction though...
  3. The Lima Class 92's are quite good aswell, and in my opinion look better then Hornby's, with a better pantograph for a start.
  4. Lima models look good, but beware of their motors as in my experience they are extremely temperamental. If you can get a good working one then you will be fine though.
  5. Yes this shed is a brand new one, I think its tall in order to install a crane to lift the 68s.
  6. dc_western


    Yes as Langley Town TMD said above, S and J is a really good model shop, and I recommend it. The website I find is actually slightly more expensive than in the shop itself, plus they often give discounts if you buy multiple items together, so I recommend going in and seeing what there is, its like a haven really :)
  7. Some good pictures there, how long ago was that one at Crewe Electric taken? Just because it doesn't really look like the Electric depot to me, particularly because of the top photo where I can see two large yard lights, one on the right and one in the background behind the trees which it make it look more like the LNWR depot, with the lights being on Basford Hall Yard. Although saying that I could be wrong, and the lights could be at Crewe Works which is next to the EMD, although I didnt think the works had had lights like that.
  8. Trestles would work well, but using them to support the modules would work out extremely expensive as each layout would need one twin pack, which is £25 from B&Q.
  9. I will be attending tomorrow with Craven Mills, anybody bringing locos is welcome to run them (if they are DCC) on the layout.
  10. I'll be there Chris with Craven Mills, running two wonderful ex-locos of yours in the Arriva 153 and unbranded 66612.
  11. The Pendolinos may have Italian technology but the original 53 were built by Alstom in Washwood Heath in Birmingham (where the Colas depot is now). Only the latest 4 and the additional coaches to extend the Pendolinos to 11 cars were built in Italy.
  12. Well, it should let you change the decoder address as many times as you want, mine used to allow me to do that. Regarding the Bachmann 21 pin, that could be a compatibility issue between the Select and the Bachmann decoder which wont let it change. Even though they should both work with each other due the NRMA standards etc, I used to find that Bachmann decoders sometimes played up when operating but would always let me renumber them. Thanks Danny
  13. What do you mean when you say that the Select can't change addresses? Do you mean if you've got a loco on the track but you dont know what its address is, then the select can't change the address? It can change the address, as it will change the address of anything thats on the track at that moment regardless of the number.
  14. Your layouts coming on well, is your shunting loco and Class 14 in loadhaul livery?
  15. Hi all, here is a list of Clifton's current motive power fleet: Heljan D0280 Lion, Bachmann Dp1 Deltic x2 Heljan DP2 in two tone green Heljan HS400 Kestrel Heljan D1200 Falcon BR weathered blue Bachmann A4 4498 Sir Nigel Gresley LNER Garter blue with DCC Sound Hornby Bullied light pacific 34030 Watersmeet, BR Green Bachmann 4MT 75074 BR Black Airfix Royal Scot, Royal Scot Fusilier, BR Black Bachmann Class 08 08653 RFD European Hornby Class 08 08844 EWS DCC Sound Heljan Class 14 D9500 BR Green Heljan Class 15 D8229 BR Green with arrows Heljan Class 17 D8507 BR blue weathered Bachmann Class 20 20023 Railfreight red stripe Dapol Class 22 D6318 BR Blue Bachmann Class 24 24035 BR Blue Bachmann Class 25 25245 BR Blue weathered Heljan Class 26 26029 Br Blue Hornby Class 31 31111 BR Blue Weathered Heljan Class 33 33116 Hertfordshire Railtours BR Blue Heljan Class 35 D7035 BR Blue Bachmann Class 37 37049 BR Blue DCC sound Vitrains Class 37 37405 EWS Vitrains Class 37 37422 Cardiff Canton EWS Bachmann Class 37 37428 Railfreight petroleum Vitrains Class 37 37682 DRS Vitrains Class 37 37709 Mainline Grey Vitrains Class 97/3 97304 Network Rail Bachmann Class 42 D809 Champion BR maroon Bachmann Class 45 45120 BR Blue Bachmann Class 47 47148 BR Blue Vitrains Class 47 47237 Advenza Vitrains Class 47 47501 Craftsman DRS Heljan Class 47 47787 Windsor Castle EWS Hornby Class 50 50037 Illustrious BR Blue Hornby Class 50 50045 Ajax NSE Weathered Trix Class 52 D1000 Western Enterprise BR Blue Heljan Class 52 D1004 Western Crusader BR Green Heljan Class 52 D1015 Western Champion Golden Ochre Hornby Class 52 D1035 Western Yeoman BR Green Hornby Class 52 D1062 Western Courier BR Maroon half yellow Lima Class 52 D1071 Western Bulwark BR Blue Bachmann Class 55 D9002 BR two tone green no yellow Bachmann Class 55 D9017 Durham Light Infantry BR two tone green yellow panel Bachmann Class 55 55001 St Paddy BR Blue DCC sound Hornby Class 56 56059 EWS Hornby Class 56 56095 Haworth Collier Railfreight Coal DCC sound Bachmann Class 57 57307 Lady Penelope Virgin Bachmann Class 57 57602 Restormel Castle FGW Green Heljan Class 58 58024 EWS Hornby Class 59 59206 John F Yeoman Rail Pioneer DB Schenker Hornby Class 60 60026 EWS Hornby Class 60 60078 Mainline blue Bachmann Class 66 66068 EWS Bachmann Class 66 66301 Fastline x2 (one DCC sound) Bachmann Class 66 66405 Malcolm Logistics Bachmann Class 66 66407 DRS Bachmann Class 66 66522 Freightliner Shanks DCC sound Bachmann Class 66 66610 Freightliner Green Bachmann Class 66 66612 Forth Raider Freightliner Green unbranded weathered Hornby Class 67 67014 Thomas Telford Wrexham and Shropshire Hornby Class 67 67018 Rapid EWS Bachmann Class 70 70003 Freightliner Powerhaul Bachmann Windhoff MPV Railtrack/ Network Rail Hornby Class 101 BR Blue/ Grey Bachmann Class 105 BR Blue Bachmann Class 108 BR Blue/Grey Hornby Class 110 BR Blue Heljan Class 128 BR Blue with white cab roof Bachmann Class 150 150144 First North Western Bachmann Class 150 150148 Regional Railways Hornby Class 153 153359 First North Western Hornby Class 153 153367 Arriva Trains Wales Bachmann Class 350 350111 Apollo Silverlink/ Central Trains Hornby Class 390 390012 Virgin Star Bachmann Class 411 4-CEP BR Blue/ Grey Hornby Class 423 4-VEP BR Blue Hornby Class 5-Bel Brighton Belle BR Blue/ Grey I'm sure there's a few I've missed off but they will have to wait. Thanks Danny