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  1. hornby0729

    Basford Parkway

    Or if you want to avoid paying the express models postage and have a maplin nearby then try these: http://www.maplin.co.uk/dc-12-v-led-strip-218015
  2. mmm the fact that it has both overground and underground makes this entry very interesting!
  3. Thanks for sharing this, i don't often rail magazines but this is defiantly a good excuse. :)
  4. hornby0729

    Basford Parkway

    Another thought for the narrow board is maybe just keep it with some lengths of track to store locos when they are not needed on the layout. So just use it like a shelf.
  5. hornby0729

    2012 wishlist

    Sorry to bring them up... :S
  6. hornby0729

    2012 wishlist

    Ditto... Maybe a 313 could be another one with its reasonably unique smaller body.
  7. hornby0729

    Snow scene

    Wow that is a really good photo, definatly a contender for the MPOTM!
  8. That is some really good scenery, I especially like the 4th photo.
  9. Some great progress there!!
  10. hornby0729

    Basford Parkway

    Well at least I am not the only one! Great progress here.
  11. Sounds like a nice little layout