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  1. No. 3 is quite the quaint little car, Dave. Reminds me of a narrow gauge brake van!
  2. Chris

    Pembroke Haven

    Excellent, in both looks and sound!
  3. Chris

    Chris' workbench

    Wow, it’s been a while since I was able to post, what with the pressure on time an 8-month old causes. However, this weekend I’ve put together the finishing touches on one of the most enjoyable pieces of modelling I’ve ever done. Using the Petite Properties Harper’s Yard kit as a base, I’ve gone far away from Britain, inspired by a photo on a Menorcan Instagram account I follow. This was mentioned in my blog post ‘A little niggle.’ The construction was fairly straightforward and makes use of Wills limewashed stone plastic sheet (sprayed in Halfords white primer which is an excellent paint) and their terracotta pantile tiling too. The doors and fittings are roughly painted to indicate wear and tear, coming from the Petite kit (with hinges made from slithers of painted paper) and the finishing touch on top of the roof was terracotta coloured air dry clay. All that is needed is a very (very) light weathering and I’d love to add a few vivid plants, much like those seen in Binibeca. I’ve really enjoyed this build and am looking forward to creating a layout for it but, for now, attention will turn to a 00 micro whilst I further research and plan a fantasy Menorcan line, using the excellent Rails Through Majorca book as inspiration.
  4. Chris

    Chris' workbench

    The Ratio coal staithes could never be considered the most in-depth or challenging modelling task but it has still been an enjoyable kit to make up over the past few evenings. The beauty of a little kit is that the odd five minutes here or there (which is all I get currently, with a five-month-old) soon leaves you with something that looks good. I wondered about taking step-by-step photos so that I could write a step-by-step blog post about it (Michael Campbell and James Hilton are both particularly good at this) but, in a nutshell, I just glued it together, primed it, sploshed a few different shades of acrylic ‘wood’ colours and then splashed a dark wash over it. Job done.
  5. Chris

    Chris' workbench

    Another 16t wagon built with no modifications except 3 link couplings, my preferred choice. Its primed and has a painted chassis and now just needs the decals adding. Then it’s on to the weathering. Nothing ground breaking, but good fun. And that’s what it’s all about, right?
  6. Chris

    Chris' workbench

    I have a strange thing for 3 link couplings. I hate the standard tension lock and have experimented with Kadees but not particularly got on with them. Once I tried 3 links though, I’ve never looked back. The Cory wagon above is one I’ve had for ages. A Hornby model, I weathered and then promptly forgot it. However, I’ve now dug it out and sorted the couplings so it can join my roster. With the addition of this to the ranks, and taking delivery of the latest Gordon Edgar book yesterday (Industrial Railways of Wales), it looks like I’ll be heading over Offa’s Dyke for the location of my industrial micro.
  7. It's a pig of a job, Dave. I agree with Philip though, imperfections make it. Looking good!
  8. Chris

    Test Tracks

    Thanks, Dave, appreciate the response. The shed at Bennerley disposal point looks like a perfect example to base it on too!
  9. Chris

    Test Tracks

    Hi Dave, hope you are well in these strange times. Quick question for you, I've got the SMS layout in a box baseboard that I want to keep for an 009 layout I think, so do you think this baseboards (or the slightly slimmer version) would work for a steam version of this old chestnut....? Using the shed as the place to switch locos etc? Thanks in advance, Chris
  10. Chris

    Pembroke Haven

    Looks good, but perhaps if you substituted the sidings in the fiddle yard for cassettes you might get another coach in the rake? Cassettes would need to be pretty sturdy though, I guess.
  11. The fork for me, Dave. No way of shunting the kickback on the top one so seems a bit redundant for me and adds clutter in a space where every mm is sacred.
  12. Excellent, Dave. You've really captured the look of the prototype photo. How hard to put together was the lift?
  13. Chris

    Chris's Fleet

    New coaching stock has also arrived.... BR MK1 Tourist E4536 Second Open Coach in Crimson BR MK1 M4363 Second Open Coach in Crimson and Cream
  14. Chris

    Chris's Fleet

    Recent addition to the fleet ahead of a possible new version of Somewhere in Shropshire.
  15. Lovely backscene, Dave. How effective it looks in those last two pics. Quite the place for a holiday! What are the hotel rates like in New Walmington? 🙂