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  1. Just been catching up on this thread - I've just realised, I recognise this layout from a Facebook group we're both in! The Modern Image modelling one. Thought the extensive range of 37s looked familiar
  2. This looks awesome! Really simple but so effective, the locos just sitting on the bridge look great. Just been reading through the thread and catching up.
  3. Yeah, that's what I'm thinking. If it's hollowed out it should be easy to drill through, but then it becomes an issue of how big does the space need to be to fit them in.
  4. So, I've recently come across the idea of building layouts using a door as the main baseboard. I've seen some articles in model railway magazines of veteran modelers who swear by it - obviously not a fire door, but a lighter hollow construction door which is a nice size (6ft x 2ft6'' generally) and light enough to handle whilst also being structurally strong and unlikely to bow. HOWEVER, an issue I did think about was possibly wiring the layout. Wiring in general is the one area I'm very much dark on in modelling, my knowledge just isn't there, but if I am to build a DCC layout on a door, what would be the best way to wire it - if it's even possible? I'm planning it to be an N gauge loop layout, with the front half of the door as the scenic area and the back half as a fiddle yard, but the track running in one continuous loop.
  5. How they look won't matter to me as the sharp curves will be hidden in tunnels/off-scene. :) Everything on-scene will be prototypical-looking.
  6. Interesting! 18 inches is TINY. I'm wondering how much more it would have to be to fit full-size locos and Mk2/3 coaches?
  7. So, I asked a similar question to this before, but I'll open it up more generally now - mainly as I'm in a total dilemma as to which scale to model in! Basically, I want to know what - roughly - the minimum diameter curve would be to build a loop of track on a baseboard, splitting the front half of the baseboard into the layout itself and the back half as fiddle yard area. This will basically tell me the smallest possible baseboard depth I can run in either scale. Ideally I'd love to run a 'roundy-roundy' kinda layout, but I don't have much room - particularly depth - to play with so I'm curious as to what I have to work with in either scale. I've heard varying estimates about N gauge, that around 18-20 inches is probably the very smallest one can go. Was curious to know what the corrosponding figure would be for OO too. It might help finally make my mind up!
  8. AJV1

    Gilfach Forgoed

    Ideal! I've been considering a terminus/little through station in Norfolk layout, and tree masses make for quite a nice but not very obvious scenic break.
  9. Discovered this yesterday, constant source of chilled beats and jazzy vibes - intended for soundtrack to help studying, but is nice to have on in general. :)
  10. AJV1


    Just dived into this thead, and I LOVE this idea. Sounds fantastic! I can't wait to see how this progresses. :) One question - what are the dimensions of the revised track plan? Is it built to fit on just one of the 2ft x 6ft boards you talked about in the OP?
  11. AJV1

    Chris's Fleet

    Oooh...*is curious*
  12. AJV1

    Gilfach Forgoed

    What's the plan for scenic breaks? I like the footbridge added at one end, is the other going to be hidden behind thick trees/foliage? :)
  13. AJV1

    Gilfach Forgoed

    Yup! I came across it watching the All The Stations series :)
  14. AJV1

    Gilfach Forgoed

    That's amazing! I really must explore the Welsh railways some day, they seem fascinating in a very small and atmospheric kind of way. I love the short platforms - reminds me of Beauly, which I believe has platforms only 15.06m long! Looking forward to seeing how this progresses. :)
  15. Been drawing up a little inventory of potential rolling stock for the layout, and even at the work in progress stage it's pretty impressive thus far... Some thoughts: - Wow, N gauge doesn't have that much in the way of RTR EMUs or even DMUs does it? The Graham Farish 4-CEP seems VERY rare too, so if I can find one in BR Blue that'll be the holy grail of this layout. - It's fascinating how, through modelling heritage railtours, just how many of my favourite locomotives of all time I can feature on the layout without them being period correct at all? Look at all those steamers! Who'd have thought you could easily run an LNER A4, LMS Duchess or Class 52 Western diesel locomotive on a layout set in the late-1980s onwards, theoretically decades after all those locomotives went out of mainline service! - Definitely most looking forward to the 1987-1997 NSE era. The range of locomotives and liveries is my favourite of them all - although the nice mix of 66s, 68s and 37s should mean things will still get interesting with freight workings in more modern-era running days.