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  1. Track mock up giving approximate siding lengths and positions of portacabins (left) and site trailers (centre and right). The Kibri 'Forestry Set' (Portacabins and trailers) include a decal sheet containing a lot of railway vehicle transfers like UIC 12-digit numbers for rolling stock and plant, ballast tamper, serial numbers, crane data plates as well as markings and plates for the portacabins and trailers. Knowing of these now gives the layout a possible identity, but the buffer-less track machines will narrow the layout down to either a German or Austrian Metro or Tramway Track Maintenance Depot.
  2. Been in London on business and dropped into Jane’s Trains in Tooting - an amazing Aladdins Cave! Bought some setback straights so I’ll be able to start on the 780mm baseboard this weekend and set out the track. IT’S ALL ABOUT TO HAPPEN!!!!
  3. Thanks Mark, I doubt I'll get anything done before New Year as my wife and I are driving up to Scotland for Christmas just to get away from unhappy memories of this year. The Bachmann RHTT is a really nice runner but it is a bit over-bearing for a 28ins long layout even with only one vehicle operating, so it looks like back to the two H0 Plasser machines.
  4. Welcome Back Mark! I've seen your handiwork on another forum that will remain nameless here, so please share your work around here!!
  5. Not if you split it!!! That's why I asked the question if the power unit can be run independently and StaffsRail answered it for me, if it doesn't work out, then at least I have an appropriate item to run on one of the club's layouts.
  6. Was at the Manchester Model Railway Society Exhibition on 7/12, the first time I've been to this show in over 30 years!! Went a bit mad and bought this new, unused Bachmann Windhoff MPV in Railtrack livery for under £90!! So I might be changing the micro-layout's theme to RHTT (Rail Head Treatment Train) Depot. I'll see how it runs first.
  7. Guess What StaffsRail? I bought one at the Manchester Exhibition today - Brand New Railtrack livery for under £90!!!!
  8. Thanks StaffsRail Only 6.75 inches shorter than my baseboard - it's a no-goer!!!!
  9. The baseboard has arrived!!! Scale Model Scenery Micro Layout laser cut baseboard 730mm x 95mm x 207mm (28.75" long x 3.75" high x 8.14" wide) A nice little indoors winter project and like Sir Rod, I do get boring nights in hotel rooms when on business!!!
  10. Thanks StaffsRail, One more question: What is the overall length of the unit?
  11. Can the powered unit run on its own? The answer is the deal maker/breaker to buying one!!
  12. All Cars Stop Here 請在此站停車 00 Scale Hong Kong Tramways microlayout. Latest News: After seven shows in seven months the layout suffered some what was thought to be irreparable damage to the baseboard, thankfully not as bad as originally thought. half of the track has been taken up and the crossover scrapped with a view to two parallel tracks so there will be always at least one or two cars running at any time! The rebuilt layout will incorporate a footbridge as a vision block to the fiddle tracks. On Friday 22/11 Bachmann Cars 56 and 400 helped out on a friend's layout in Bury St Edmunds as part of the town's Christmas Fayre (4-days event attracting 120,000 across the country)! Both cars suffered superficial body damage and now repaired. It's too cold to work in the garage so not much more will happen until the Spring. Besides, New Walmington Pier's exhibition year starts in February.
  13. Although smaller than the Warners exhibition in Peterborough on the same weekend, it is less commercialised and I will be making the journey from Suffolk, it's been over 30 years since I've visited the MMRS exhibition.
  14. Debbie is finally laid to rest. Part of her ashes are with her father at Chelmsford Crematorium and the remainder is buried with two of her ancestors at Long Stratton, Norfolk