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  1. Welcome back Mark, Just one thing.... ... The pictures???
  2. Update 19/01/2020 - It's too bloody cold to work in the garage!!!
  3. The start of another year with this well-travelled time-served microlayout! The layout gets a once fortnightly test prior to its first exhibition in February. The 4ft long Christmas Tree box for transporting the layout didn't work as I nearly dropped it! So the box went to Stowmarket Railway Club for transporting G scale track. So back to normal car boot loading for New Walmington Pier!
  4. Absolutely nothing has happened yet other than selling the Bachmann MPV as it would be too cumbersome for a micro layout, but I was in Worksop today visiting a small (and I mean small) exhibition! Took these on my travels: Plasser 08-16 4x4C-RT Tamper at Ely 18/01/2020. DR 97505 at one end of 69.70 Robel Mobile Maintenance Train at Retford 18/01/2020 DR 97805 at other end of 69.70 Robel Mobile Maintenance Train at Retford 18/01/2020.
  5. Between Christmas and New Year and today in the garage: First stage ground build up to sleeper level on New Year's Eve. Electrics completed and tested on 05/01/20. Because I am so ham-fisted with electrics, even simple electrics I usually have a eureka moment when something I wired up works!! Now realised that because of 28.75ins board length I can only run one tram on each track! Therefore will re-design tram stop set-up to staggered shelters.
  6. New Walmington Pier009 Edwardian seaside pier tramwayLayout website has been reinstalled as:www.walmingtonpier.webs.com
  7. Lunchtime visit to Harburn Hobbies - only 250 yards from my hotel and bought these to complete my electrics for the new 'All Cars Stop Here 請在此站停車'
  8. Last photos of Edinburgh Trams at York Place terminus before I head for an overnight stop in Lichfield before home on Saturday 28/12.
  9. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all. We’re in Edinburgh for Christmas. Edinburgh Trams in Princes Street and York Place:
  10. My modelling achievements (?) if you can call them that for 2019 were: 'All Cars Stop Here 請在此站停車' Layout completed, exhibited seven times and it suffered badly, dismantled, replacement has commenced. 'New Walmington Pier' Now 18 years old, revamped, exhibited five times, has a very busy 2020 ahead with nine shows, the layout is strong enough to take it. 'OTPD - On Track Plant Depot' Acquired all rolling stock, structures and track. Baseboard to be ordered in 2020 and work starts. Exhibitions attended: Stowmarket Mini Exhibition, Cambridge, Beamish Museum, Watford, National Piers Society Clacton, Blackpool, Braintree, Hoddesdon, Haverhill, Milton Keynes, and Aylsham. Both layouts are now out of the garage and stored in the house over Christmas. Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!
  11. Tracklaying and adding under-board wiring connections.
  12. Hi Mark, Feel free to use them and here's some more! The gantries over the electric loco in one of the above photos is the fall arrest system for Working at Heights, the electric loco is shunted into that siding by a Class 66 and left there for overhead pantograph inspection, replacing pantograph contact strips, checking breakers and other roof mounted equipment, replacing small components, and cleaning this equipment. The class 66s and 70s get refuelled, axleboxes checked and lubricant top up, windscreen wiper blades checked and replaced if required, windscreens washed and windscreen washers topped up, head and tail lights also get washed. 66415 is in the new Freightliner livery and was named at Ipswich on 21/11/19 'You Are Never Alone' in honour of Samaritans and in honour of a young Ipswich Freightliner Driver who took his own life.
  13. Hi Mark, My nearest refuelling point is Ipswich, any help to you?
  14. Thanks Mark. Even in its raw state the new All Cars Stop Here looks pretty good!! I’m Scots born (from Aberdeen but grew up in Essex) so this Christmas ‘back home’ is my first Scottish Christmas since childhood. We’re driving from Suffolk via West Midlands to visit a cousin, then overnight at Scotch Corner, and Edinburgh on the Monday afternoon for five days before driving home. Most shops in Scotland are open on Boxing Day (always have done so)! So Harburn Hobbies model shop in Edinburgh will be open!!