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  1. Trainsrgr8

    Basford Parkway

    Its coming on great that Jack!! Big difference from the last time I saw Basford! Will have to arrange a train day sometime, with my layout in storage back at home I havn't played trains for too long now!! And we both know how nice 425 would look rescuing a failed 67 set ;) Drop us a fb message at some point mate, would be good to catch up!! Danny
  2. Trainsrgr8


    Why do I allways say that? Back home now for a few weeks so have been trying to get the motivation to do some more on the layout. Finding it hard I must say! Been tinkering with some LED's today and drawing up a vague sketch of how I want the starter signal to look... Hopefully if I don't get sidetracked again I'll get that knocked together in a week or so. Couple of big jobs on the cards with Westbrook I think, nothing to exciting unfortunately, maybe thats why I can't really be bothered touching it at the mo... Could do with fitting some sort of legs to the layout so it is free-standing, and with this I think I'll need to rebuild the fiddle yard board as it was just knocked together with offcuts originally, don't think it would stand up securely with legs... Don't suppose anyone can suggest a cheap and relatively easy solution to removable legs? I'll make some progress soon... maybe! We'll see! Danny
  3. Sounds promising Neil... Hopefully will give me a chance to try out the list of locations I've been meaning to try along the coast! Danny
  4. Looks good Simon! Try Express Models for the lighting kit, I got one for a class 92 a while back and was really impressed! It should say what type of decoder you need to work with the kit on their site, then its just a case of shopping around and getting one that meets the specification! Danny
  5. Rumoured that the 3 at Liverpool are due to move on Thursday... Only a Rumour! Don't shoot me down if it doesn't happen! Danny
  6. Location Reports Welcome to the new location reports section to the forums. Basically it’s an area where we encourage you all to post a little write up and some pictures of locations you have used for photography or videoing trains. Please feel free to post info on workings and the kind of thing that can be expected by anyone wishing to try it out for themselves. As a keen railway photographer myself (When work allows) I am always wanting to try new locations but find it sometimes difficult to obtain much information on such location as sites such as the popular “Trainspots” can sometimes be out of date and lack the ability to ask questions. I hope this area will become a great resource for everyone and over time will grow and grow. Please note: This area of the forum is not for plugging your railway photography, the use of images is strongly encouraged but don’t go overboard, there are other sections of the forum already available for that! If you are posting “gen” or WTT timings then please make sure you have permission from the original poster before adding it to the forums. Please treat others with respect and try to answer questions where possible, the whole idea about this is to share people’s experiences and knowledge. Any further questions please ask away! Other than that, enjoy and I hope that people share the same enthusiasm to this idea that I do! Danny
  7. Lack of paperwork to move on UK rails aparently
  8. One from me... 60054 by DB37425, on Flickr Danny
  9. Trainsrgr8

    Basford Parkway

    Top work Jack, really good to see the layout coming on! Danny
  10. Colas have a growing number of coal flows, taking some off DB I think. They are also getting more and more departmental stuff, lots of ballast workings aparently. Rumours are that the 2 70's currently at Seaforth are to move early next week after they were held up last week due to insufficient papers... Time will tell! They are deffinately moving by rail. Danny
  11. Trainsrgr8


    Well Westbrook is now back in storage, I was hoping to get more done over the week but I got sidetracked and went and took photo's of real trains!! I did however build a low releif unit for the back of the layout, though not really happy with it after looking at it for a couple of days in situe so back to the drawing board I think... Made a start on the signal too and the LED's have arrived so that little project is good to carry on with when I get a chance. Hopefully I won't leave it as long untill the next update! All the best, Danny
  12. Really like that last shot of the 20's Phil! Can't wait to see a similar shot with more scenics! Keep up the good work Danny
  13. Spot on Neil! Really am getting jealous of your 37 collection!! Look forward to seeing the /6 progress! Danny
  14. Hi Andy, Welcome aboard! One or two of the video's on this thread should help you with uploading images! I look forward to seeing how you get on! Danny
  15. Might be worth a look re motorising... Danny