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  1. Jack

    Hattons Class 66

    I'm all for it. Bachmann's tooling is aging now. And yes, whilst it's still a good model, there are some drawbacks to it that are starting to age considering the other models that are coming out on the model. My main gripe at the moment about them is the headlights. The lack of marker lights on both the 'original' lights with the rectangular markers through to the newer LED-style is quite a major thing. You only need to look at some other models like the Hornby 67 or Bachmann 150 where such things exist, although those models also have their own gripes. The Hattons model is catering for all variants, from cab windows to bodyside differences. Looking forward to the release and seeing how it works out.
  2. Jack

    Merry Christmas everyone!

    Merry Christmas everyone!
  3. Jack

    Facebook links

    Very strange... what operating system and browser are you using just out of interest?
  4. Jack

    Facebook links

    Facebook link is for profiles only not groups if that helps.
  5. Jack

    Gilfach Forgoed

    Unfortunately, this project has gone very cold since, shortly after my last update, I got told I had been successful in getting a new job in York and so up sticked to a much smaller flat and had no room for any modelling whatsoever. Whether I continue I don't know, but afraid it's unlikely.
  6. Jack

    Jack's modern image fleet

    UPDATE 01/12/2018: If anyone would like to let me know where time has gone, please write your answers on a postcard. How it's December already I do not know?! Anyway, the wallet has suffered even more this year and unfortunately as it's easy to get rest day work on the iron road, I've made some 'oops' purchases. Let's not beat around the bush, and start the list 08822 First Group (Hornby) - second hand 08907 DB (Bachmann) - Rails of Sheffield clearout sale 37099 Colas Railfreight (Bachmann) - Hattons wishlist 37429 Regional Railways (Bachmann) - second hand 57603 GWR sleeper (Bachmann, third party sound) - second hand 67004 Caledonian Sleeper (Hornby, TTS sound) - second hand 68006 ScotRail (Dapol) - Hattons 'Sale of the Century' 150236 Arriva Trains Wales (Bachmann) - new, but without chassis (chassis purchased separately) 5x FGW sleeper Mk3 coaches (Hornby) - second hand 1x FGW sleeper buffet Mk3 coach (Hornby) - second hand, pro respray So yeah, the list is quite vast I'm afraid. Some of the items were merely 'ohhh that's a very good deal and I may have a use for that'. Some were things that ended up on my wishlist and have since been released or an opportunity arose to get one at a good price. Others have no excuse but I have no regrets. A perfect example of this is when I purchased the First 08 and Caledonian 67. The seller offered me 3 unused FGW sleeper carriages for a very reasonable price, considering they are going for mega ching on eBay. I said yes, thinking I can sell them on and make a bit of a profit. What did I do? I saw someone selling a GWR sound 57, two more sleepers and a custom respray (very good too) buffet coach. That's pretty much a 'complete' small sleeper rake! So yes, I got my wallet out... Do I need everything? No, of course not. After all, they're only toy trains Since the last update, I've also bought a house on the outskirts of York which, rather annoyingly, comes with a decently sized loft that has no crossbeams. This means there's plenty of space for a layout! Poor wallet...
  7. Jack

    CazRail: Workbench

    Love the work Caz. Managed to miss the wagon updates - and it looks awesome!
  8. Jack

    Jack's modern image fleet

    UPDATE 26/05/2018: Can't wait to get the overtime in soon! I've been a bad boy again. A spell of 7 days where 2 bargains have cropped up. Couldn't resist! First up, Bachmann limited edition 37/4, more importantly 37425 'Pride of the Valleys / Balchder y Cymoedd' in large logo as it was in its final years with EWS and later DB before being transferred to DRS who put it in the house colours. Model came pre-weathered and was immaculate otherwise. Secondly, and still available if you're quick, Kernow Model Centre is shifting their stock of Hornby Class 60s in the silver DB 'Drax' livery. For a steal of £90, it was another deal too hard to miss. Especially considering even 2nd hand tugs go for a few quid. Right, to the photos!
  9. Jack

    Jack's modern image fleet

    UPDATE 05/05/2018: I've been inactive on here for quite a while recently, mainly owing to a new job and having relocated from Manchester to York for it. As a result, I'm now in a smaller flat and have no room for any modelling - not even a boxfile! However, I have made 2 'big' purchases recently and thought I should update you all with them. First up, over Easter I helped out at the Ffestiniog Railway's stand at the York Model Railway, and whilst mooching around I stumbled across the Rails (of Sheffield) stand who were selling Dapol's 2nd batch of Class 68 models at a cheap price! So unfortunately my wallet took a hit as I purchased a DRS 68003 'Astute' DCC ready for a decent price of £105, 15-20 quid cheaper than most shops. Nothing happened since then until today where a mate messaged me saying there was a Hornby DCC sound Colas 56 in his local model shop for £140. Bargain? Considering the models go for £220+ nowadays, it certainly seemed wrong leaving it on there. Closer inspection reveals it's actually a custom respray, but done to a high standard using what appears to be Railtec transfers. A few little things have to be done to the model to bring it up to 'as new' standard, but even under the circumstances, a sound loco at that price is quite a steal going by the current prices. Here's a photo of my 56302 with my mate's factory-finish 56 tucked inside on his layout: Very much looking forward to collecting it at some point. My latest commissioned respray, 67029, can be seen in the background.
  10. Jack

    Gilfach Forgoed

    That's exactly the plan!
  11. Jack

    Gilfach Forgoed

    Snip snip cut cut. Lots of card cutting, glueing, fixing and posing, I have the following.
  12. Jack

    Jack's modern image fleet

    Haha, benefits of being single. It is, but the colour is wrong and it didn't last in it. I've remembered that the real thing is now in plain DB livery, so is a good contender...
  13. Jack

    Jack's modern image fleet

    Facebook group! It's where most of my bargains come from. Can't remember which, but there's a few which have thousands of members, and deals like this go quickly.
  14. Jack

    Jack's modern image fleet

    UPDATE 11/01/2018: Turned my phone on having woken up on Saturday morning, first thing that pops up? For £64 posted, brand new albeit with the sound taken out, I couldn't say no could I? It'll be put into storage and resprayed into DBS at some point in the year. But first, gotta sort out my 150 and 153 projects first.
  15. Jack

    Gilfach Forgoed

    So a recent conversation with a friend has brought a shack to my attention, and a perfect little project to work on until I sort out a bigger layout. Shack, surely not? Absolutely! Check the Wikipedia page out. With platforms only measuring 16m, not even a 153 fits on properly so a local door job for the train crew and passengers. 2 lights on each platform, complete with shelter and platform screens, all of which are recent upgrades/additions. Photo credit to Jamie Spencer Will make a great self-contained diorama/micro layout for my 153 and 143 to utilise. Going to model the station in the dark, and utilising the box from the failed competition entry I did. Here's the plan: One thing that should also be mentioned is, this is apparently the only railway station in the UK on the mainline network that has no station sign identifying where it is. Nothing. It has some timetables at the top of one of the ramps, but that's it. First job will be clearing the light amount of clutter off the old box board and filling in the ballast gaps where the crossing used to be. Then it's onto the platforms and embankment as well as the road bridge. Hope to scratchbuild a lot of stuff using textures printed off my computer. Let the challenge begin.