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  1. 60maniac


    Ok, So not much tangible work has happened however... A shopping list of required baseboard items (timber, alignment dowels and latches) has been created. I have put a lot of work into the final...so far.. track plan. Attached below. The layout will be 32ft in length, comprising of 20 x 1.2m x 0.6m "modules". As it stands at least 10 of these will be scenic. I am currently torn between the idea of having a separate overhead lighting rig or to build each module as a self contained "cube". Over the Xmas break it is my aim to complete the fiddle yard boards. So something tangible will start appearing soon! I will be tearing up my current layout and the space re-utilized to form a work desk (to weather wagons and what not) and a space to keep any 2 boards at a time stood so I can work on them. So hopefully by the end of next week I should have something more to show!
  2. 60maniac


    All caught up, It's looking excellent!
  3. 60maniac


    Cheers, XTrackCad is a little difficult to fathom at the best of times! The mainline will be on a gentle arc from one end to the other, with the collieries main sidings snug beneath it.
  4. 60maniac


    So, I've had a play about with XtrackCad. Attached is a very rough plan of what the track layout will be. The reception road will start about halfway, the plan isn't quite finished yet. I can't seem to get the flex track option to work (keeps coming up with parallel track error? help!) So I have used radius 3 and 4 curves to show the basic shape I want to achieve. In reality it will be smooth curve laid using flexi track. The area to the centre that is quite sparse is where the main colliery buildings and winding gear will sit. The fiddle yard will probably remain unchanged I think there is plenty of track to be filled there and space for brews to sit! The next job is to finalise the front of house design, I am considering a small traction depot to the left hand-side of the layout with perhaps a small 2 track station with buildings similar to those at Longport on the right. Once this is done I will begin the "chunking" process and starting the planning on how best to split it all up. I am considering doing the fiddle yard boards first. In my head I envisage the side panels as 2 1.2m x 1m panels. Lots of boards probably equals more cash to spend but the trade off is a lower weight (I've moved some heavy layouts in the past so want to keep weight down!). The boards will be engineered to stack neatly (same design for each board once I have finished the plan) Any thoughts would be appreciated as always :) Thanks Phil, The plan is to have a number of 1.2m x 1m boards which "interlock" and stack neatly.
  5. 60maniac


    So a new layout dawns! I will soon be starting construction of "Etruton". The name being a mix of Etruria and Wolstanton. The layout will be built to a modern image specification however, allowing operation from 1960s onwards as by this point the local mainline had been electrified. Based upon the pits of the North Staffordshire coal field I intend to take the best features of particular mines in the area and combine them in to a 4mm scale model. The layout will feature a working pit and I will be engineering a workable cage that will bring tubs out of the ground.This will form part of a perspex fronted display case I am aware that traditional Staffordshire collieries were very deep pits. Mine will be a scale 230ft. The story being that due to the local pottery industry, the land is not available to open cast and the resources unworkable from other mines in the area due to geographical faults. It is my intention to build the layout to exhibition standard and will be DCC in operation. This will be my first step into scratch building buildings for the layout as in my opinion there is nothing "ready to plonk" available. For rough dimensions, the layout will be 9 meters long or 30ft in old money. The boards will be constructed in such a way that they stack into the smallest possible space. I will have nowhere at home to erect the layout in its entirety so will be building the layout in "chunks" and testing in a spare building at work (subject to allowance!). The boards will be constructed out of 9mm ply for rigidity. The basic overview of the track plan will be a 2 track mainline to the rear of the layout curving through the scene with the colliery complex and exchange sidings to the front. I don't intend on having masses of track Rolling stock in use will primarily be HAA hoppers but I am intending on purchasing a number of 16t steel mineral wagons as I believe these were still in use until the late 80s before HEAs took over house coal. I am going to have a play around later on XTrckCad and produce a track plan which hopefully I will be uploading later. Progress will be slow over the next month or so with the run up to Xmas but I plan on starting the buildings as soon as possible.
  6. Merry Christmas everyone! Finally got round to uploading those pics to Flickr... Planted some overheads and I think it creates a nice atmosphere! Obviously needs a clean up with the hoover but otherwise all is well! Fettled with the track plan ever so slightly just to allow smoother running over. I've been waiting for the blasted rain to stop so I can move some boxes around and get some pointwork out/put some back but it's been relentless! The ramp on the left is only there because I don't currently have a safe place to hide it! The back board will have as suggested a small industrial park. Finally managed to get a Sentinel and chip so that will go nicely I reckon! Thanks again!
  7. Thanks for you comments! Certainly got my brain buzzing away! Apologies for lack of photos, been rather busy week! Will pop them up as soon as I can :)
  8. It's me again! I'll pop some pictures up this afternoon, The weather has been so poor I've not managed to dig out all the track I needed (which was minimal anyway) I've managed to complete the circuits and my trusty Railfreight 37 at first stalled around but after a few laps it ran sweetly over all lines. I need to get some fluids to clean the track properly all the way round but I'm happy that it all seems to be working ok! With regards to the upper level, I might make it a small shunting yard. I've been tempted by one of the Hornby Sentinels and that would work quite well I think as a small goods yard. I don't intend to have a set 'period of time' but most of my stock is modern image so, perhaps a small wagon works would look good. Regards,
  9. Hi John, Thanks for the comments. I had built up the corners at the base of the grade but the sheer weight of the stock kept causing the couplings to ride over each other. I suspect with N Gauge it wouldn't be an issue because the grade would be halved as such. Will be down the shed today once I've done the final bits of Xmas shopping! Going to tidy the track up, wire it up make sure it all works properly. Still not properly thought about the top board and the track configuration. I'll have a play and see what I can fathom! Thanks again for the positive comments.
  10. So progress ( kinda!) The saggy boards were annoying me a little, I had a bit of a think and due to the grade the risers are at, I'd experiment without the top layer. Everything kept derailing anyway so we now have this: I've kept 2 "upper" boards and uno ramp. Mainly because I think they make good scenic breaks ( I intend to only detail one side ) The side which has track everywhere will be a storage area mainly to save me having to pack everything away all the time. With this design (when its fully laid) will allow 2 complete loops. I haven't planted it yet but on the far right will be a two lane diesel shed . The theory being, a train comes off the main through the "inner" loop and can run round. Thus the loco can return the depot. That's the theory anyway! I do have somewhere in the shed the complete Skaledale gas works and this will sit on the far higher board, the ramp will allow rail access to this .. What down at the moment is only to place things, got to test it all and shorten some bits of track around what will be the "portals". I'll keep you posted!
  11. The floor the shed sits on isn't at a true level ( which is great ! ) but the bottom boards are still true when I checked earlier. Like I said before, it was merely a test to see whether I could work with it all and it's becoming a bit of a pain as the ramps are causing everything to come flying off! ( even at gentle speeds) So I might put them to better use with another idea I've had :)
  12. I've used 6mm MDF so far, I've used 9mm marine ply before and it kept splintering when drilled and was a bit brittle for my liking. I think the only reason it's bowing like it is, is because I've not properly battened it down. It's something I will rectify but not until the climate changes! The top boards pictured were really a test to see if I could get it all to work properly, still not quite happy with the ramps and might look at other ways of using them... I've used Anyrail before and found it quite intuitive once I'd worked it all out . I think I'll treat myself for Christmas the full version and work out a plan from what I've seen on other layouts. As a side note, Toto ( the band!) are awesome
  13. Cheers guys! Yeah, I'm a bit of an OCD nut and everything has to have a place The weathers turning now but I have been down the shed today to try some new locos I got at Warley yesterday! I haven't been to the exhibitions for over 10 years. It was enjoyable and certainly got some inspiration from the layouts there. I've noticed since I put up the second layer some of the MDF is bowing slightly ( probably the temperature changing) and my lack of underpinning! So for now I'm going to leave it as a blank canvas and in the spring look at toughing it all up. It's all screwed together so it'll all come apart easily. Over this cold patch I'm going to devise a thorough plan of how I want it to be like and what kind of scenery I want to develop, I may also look at the possibility of making it removable for the purposes of exhibition! For now, 60maniac
  14. So, I'm back again! I started work on this on the back end of last year, Based in a 12'x 6' shed, I insulated it all and sealed it from pesky wasps. Then set about fitting some lights I then built the lower frame out of 2"x2" timber, topped off with the back of some old shelving units and then some 6mm MDF on top of that to finish the job. I've popped another level on and splashed out on some new track, some foam ramps and some track pins.. which leaves us with this... Off to Warley next weekend for some scenery inspiration and some bargains! Should be posting more regularly now ( he says ha ha) Keep on chuffin'!