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  1. I use very small and cheap, 10 p each, Super Neo ring Magnets inserted into blind holes and securing with tiny countersunk screws. That way they attract steel strips and hold low relief buildings and walls which sometimes need to be removed for access to tracks etc. Super Neo rod magnets are great for holding things like loading gauges and water cranes, either to steel plates or end to end.
  2. The sound of a loco badly out of synch with the visible movement, or puffing hard when it should be coasting definitely takes away from the realism rather than adding to it. In time DCC sound might evolve into a realistic adjunct to the visuals but that will need a sea change in decoders, chassis "Chufff generator triggers on the locos and most important our controls as we learn to drive the sound and have the loco speed follow, just like the real thing