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  1. A 'three horse team' ploughing the field'. Charabus Needs no introduction.
  2. My granddaughter loves the 1-1 scale and has been in a few cabs of steam and diesel engines. ------------------------------------------ A couple of Private Owner wagons I have made. The Fiddle Yard. Grandson (number 3) loves to make up trains ready for 'sending down the line'. Some of the wagons in the yard I have made also.
  3. No more bridges for me, John. More from Aln Valley Railway, Alnwick.
  4. Looking good, John. Well done. As for any help? Sorry, but I am learning to use card as well. David
  5. I am not up to doing anything as grand, John. This is my only effort to make a continuous run. I can lift it off to enter the room, but mostly I duck under. David
  6. Hi John. I originally bought a few four wheeled coaches for when my grandchildren arrive (and take over running of trains.) They are much easier for them to handle than coaches with bogies. Then 'like Topsy' things grew and grew. As for the grandchildren; they only want to run 'the big engines' (diesels).. Here is my youngest grandchild (three years old and train daft) in charge. David
  7. In the process of drivers' and firemen added. 'Titan with a cattle train on its way to Barnbow,
  8. Seen at Wensleydale Railway. "I have been brought here and I think I am forgotten" "These three link couplings are a pain in the xxxxxx" Do you like my new livery?
  9. Seam Rules! Anyone fancy modelling this crane?
  10. More pictures from a previous visit.
  11. Three more, Mark. 'Chugging up the hill.' 'With a load' David
  12. It looks like the people on the pier are enjoying it too. lol. David
  13. Crown Point Junction. Ash Farm Fields and lake beyond. The signal box and on the layout.