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  1. As well as the bird on the fence another bird has landed on the signal. Will it remain when a train passes? A train is due it is safe to cross the road. The postman is waiting for someone to answer his knock on the door. Two dog that have joined him on the walk wait patiently.
  2. Class 52 D1000 Western Enterprise on a diverted Newcastle to Liverpool Pullman service passing Sovereign Street. Class 26 26015 on a York to Leeds Central local service. A child's eye view 1-76 style -- Seeing Class 52 D1008 Western Harrier from Roseville School.
  3. A view from the control area. Class 55 55001 'St Paddy' with a diverted West Riding Ltd Pullman Service. Crown Point Yard
  4. Calder Railway train on its way to Sovereign Street. Another Calder Railway Goods Train passing Wyndham Farm Kirkstall & East Seacroft passenger train passing Canal Corner and Wyndham Farm
  5. The newness of the warehouses has been removed.
  6. Whilst researching Royal Ordnance Factories (R.O.F.) I came across R.O.F. Number 8 at Thorp Arch and its railway. Due to the large number of workers at the site a six and a half mile circular railway was built round the complex. Trains ran one way (clockwise) and staff were dropped off or picked up at four stations. This allowed workers easy access to their work area The line was fitted with colour light automatic signals, so more than one train could run at once. The four stations were - River Station Platform. Ranges Platform. Roman Road Platform. Walton Platform Anyone thinks they could make a layout of it? David
  7. A lovely layout that is unusual to see. Many thanks for your posts, Dave.
  8. D9008 Green Howards Overall view of Crown Point Yard from the control area.
  9. 'Bon Accord' Old Signs The Ticket Office
  10. At the Port of Tyne. Azamara Journey 19th August 2019 Fred Olsen cruise ship 'Balmoral' 25th August 2019 # Cunard cruise ship 'Queen Victoria'. 13th August 2019
  11. I came across this whilst researching railways in Leeds. David
  12. Class 47 47404 'Hadrian' with a northbound oil train. has just crossed the bridge and is entering Sovereign Street.
  13. New coal barge arrived. A Craftline kit. Not the easiest to assemble. The Engineers Dept wagon is a new addition to the fleet. Bought from 'Medway Queen Preservation Society'.
  14. I must not let Mrs NorthBrit see your answer, she might get ideas. I am trying to get her on board more cruise ships -- June is booked to go to Norway.