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  1. Welcome to the forum NorthBrit.
  2. A great little layout Dave, hope all goes well on the 14th for you mate.
  3. I so love traction engines, lovely photos David.
  4. A fantastic little layout Dave.
  5. David your layout just gets better every time you post a different selection of pictures.
  6. Wow that is a fantastic collection, I was unable to attend the locomotion😪
  7. David looks like a great time was had, lovely photos BTW.
  8. A lovely looking loco Chris.
  9. I do have a soft spot for the Terrier locos, I’m hoping to purchase the same one this month as her indoors has gave me the nod😉. David as always lovely pictures.
  10. David your Rocket is a lovely piece of kit, I am hoping to get one from Hornby when they unveil them. The DMU looks good at the crossings, again nice pictures thanks for sharing.
  11. Nice work on the barge boards John.
  12. David you can’t ask for a better place to visit, my son loves to go when the model railway exhibitions are on.
  13. The low relief building looks good, look forward to seeing it on the layout.
  14. David that’s a great picture of the class 142, I travel on these nearly everyday. Shildon is only 2 miles from where I live and I’m always visiting the museum.