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  1. Morning as you can see I have changed the original theme to my diorama. The theme I chose now is China clay. The modelling has progressed nicely so I have uploaded a few pictures.
  2. Thanks Dave for pressing the likes button. I have a clay wagon to add to my diorama which hopefully I can order next week.
  3. Dave that’s handy having a model shop 250 yds from the hotel.😉
  4. Nice pictures Dave, I hope you enjoyed your deserved break.
  5. Nice pictures of the trams in Edinburgh Dave.
  6. Hi I hope all have had a nice Christmas. Some work progressed on my little diorama just before Christmas, hopefully I can concentrate on adding more items. A picture of my progress.
  7. Great picture Dave, look forward to seeing more next year.😉
  8. Hello fellow modellers, I have started another 4”x4” plinth diorama build. This will be based around a small section of transporting clay. The items I will use for this diorama are: Peco track Bachmann China clay wagon Disused stone building Stone walling Fencing Ground cover such as grass, ballast and some flowers
  9. Dave again thank you for the pictures, these will help me a great deal.
  10. Great hobby shop Dave, I have called in a few times myself. I’m only about 10 miles from Scotch Corner myself.
  11. Dave these are excellent pictures and something I can use as a reference.😉
  12. Hi Dave all cars stop here looks great on the scale model scenes baseboard, I hope you enjoy your time away in Scotland. It’s a place of beauty. Look forward to seeing your future build.😉
  13. These are great baseboards piermaster, can’t wait to see how your build develops.
  14. Hi piermaster these are really good baseboards to work with.