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  1. You have probably had a busy year, there seems to be more exhibitions popping up now and they are becoming bigger.
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    Marks workbench

    Afternoon fellow members from Mark. This will be my first model railway diorama build. The theme is to capture a small 16 ton slope side mineral fisheries wagon standing alone in a siding, waiting to be picked up. The plinth I am using for this diorama is made from Oak and will measure 101.6mm x 101.6mm. The diorama will have a fence, scenery and trackside items and rubbish. I have to some pictures of a few items I have received for my diorama build. Hi I have added a few more pictures of my diorama as the build is progressing nicely.
  3. Hello I’m Mark and I live in Shildon, County Durham. My main passion is modelling small railway diorama. I can’t wait to start looking at some of the threads on the forum.😉